Glassfish JDK path problem solved

Glassfish JDK path problem: Some time ago I downloaded Glassfish, and then got away from it for a while. Today when I tried to run this command

C:\glassfish\bin> asadmin start-domain domain1

I got this error message from Glassfish:

The system cannot find the path specified.

Glassfish/Java path problem solved

It turns out that when I first installed Glassfish on my Windows system I had JDK 6 installed, and recently I had to downgrade to JDK 5 to compile some code for another project. (This was for a Swing application, where the users only had Java 5 installed.)

Apparently when Glassfish is installed it hard-codes its reference to your JDK location, so to fix this problem I ended up having to edit a file named asenv.bat. In short, I edited this file:


and I commented out the reference to JDK 6 and added a new reference to JDK 5, like this:

REM set AS_JAVA=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_04\jre/..
set AS_JAVA=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16

This solved the problem, and Glassfish started right up after this change.


Hi Alvin,

Thanks to your post, my problem is solved!!!

It is really helpful! :)


It helped. Thanks

It helped. Thanks


It helped me.
Thank you!

Bull's eye

Thanks works great....

PWC6345: There is an error in

PWC6345: There is an error in invoking javac. A full JDK (not just JRE) is required

Many are suggesting this page for the error I just posted. This isn't helpful for that error, it's for another altogether.

Anyone has a solution for the javac error?

Glassfish and the JDK

That error message sounds like you just have the JRE installed, and not the JDK, is that correct? Glassfish needs the javac command (and therefore the JDK) to work.

If you only have the JRE installed, you can download the JDK from the Java downloads page.

If that's not the problem, let me know, and I'll see if I can help (though I don't have a Windows system to work on at the moment).

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help.



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