“A lack of humility is the greatest killer of potential.” ~ Rick Pitino

This is a nice article on time.com about why Apple didn’t use sapphire in the iPhone 6 or upcoming Apple Watch.

This is a good article on which, as it states, lets us “explore a beautiful idea that straddles the line between mathematics and computer science.” And here’s a link to De Morgan’s Law on Wikipedia.

“I don’t mind the whip, it’s the cubicles I find demoralizing.” (From this twitter link.)

I love the premise of this book: You shouldn't have to join a religion to get the benefits of meditation. Mindfulness and meditation without religion is where I hope things are leading to.

There’s a nice collection of front-end developer job interview questions at this Github link.

Very true. I worked with a guy about 10 years ago who was very smart, but he was also an a-hole. At times he seemed to think it was more important to be funny or snarky than it was to communicate properly, and very often it cost my client time and money, not to mention the frustration of other programmers on his projects. (Image from this twitter link.)

My sister-in-law’s family gave me a Zen Garden for Christmas. I’ve been trying to take care of it, but it looks like it needs a little work. :)

As the tweet shows, they finally have sub-zero weather in Anchorage, Alaska, after 394 days of above-zero weather.

I’m just working through some examples in an excellent Android programming book (Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide), and ran across this old Java code. I know things are better in Java 8, but this reminds me of how much goodness Scala has brought into my programming life.

Put another way, “Empires aren't built by people worried about showing quarterly results to Wall Street.” (from this twitter link)

Printer cost vs quality. Way too true. (from this twitter page)

I have no idea why this works, but if I throw/slide my Google Nexus 9 tablet onto my old iPad 2, the iPad wakes up and logs in automatically. You can see it happen in this 30-second video:

I’m not touching any iPad buttons when this happens. My guess is that the iPad 2 thinks that I just removed a magnetic cover, but really, I have no idea why it does this.

Glad to see they’re finally getting some snow in Alaska.

The following source code shows how to declare that an Android activity is the launcher activity for your application:

This image, copied from this android.com page, shows the suggested Android field naming conventions.

When you need to determine which item in a ListFragment has been tapped/selected in an Android application, this code shows how to do that:

This is how you can show an Android Toast message from a Fragment:

Toast.makeText(getActivity(), "Click!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

As shown, don’t forget to call .show() at the end of the makeText method. Forgetting to call show() is a common mistake.

If it helps to see this in more context, this is a complete onListItemClick method from a ListFragment subclass I’m currently working on:

Quiver is a “programmer’s notebook.” Personally I keep all of my notes out here so I can search them easily, but I can see where this app would be good.

This Android.com link shows up to date information on Android market share, including by version, screen size, and OpenGL version.