I usually like the work that Jonathan Ive does, and I’m sure that constantly pushing for thinner/lighter helps to push technology, but if a couple millimeters more could give users more battery life I think that would be a better choice, and best for the “user experience.” (Image comes from this story.)

The Cubs are wearing “14” hats in honor of Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, who passed away a few weeks ago. Let’s play two today! (Image from the Cubs Twitter feed.)

The REI store in Anchorage, Alaska closed yesterday for “an abundance of caution,” as they became concerned about an asbestos abatement treatment at a neighboring facility.

The 2015 Iditarod race starts tomorrow in Anchorage, Alaska. More information at the official Iditarod website.

I can’t sleep tonight, so I’ll tell a story. I think I was 18 when this happened, maybe 19.

I ask my dad to let me borrow his car, he says yes, and I drive to a party with a friend of mine. The party is fun until my friend gets in a fight, punches his hand through a window, and cuts a big gash in his forearm. At one point I see his forearm and there’s a chunk of it that’s completely gone, and I can see the bone in his arm; it’s pretty bad.

This infographic shows a lot of information about mindfulness and meditation by using shapes, colors, and font sizes. From Information is Beautiful.

“We get paid to invent code.” I just saw that quote on Twitter, and I think that’s a good description of programming. (I don’t know who said it, the person on Twitter didn’t mention their name.)

I heard these lyrics from a song named “Taxi Sequel” by Harry Chapin, and I couldn’t agree more. I find that what I think I think isn’t the same as what I really think when I talk to another person about something. It’s as though talking to another person helps clarify your own thinking.

You see a sign like this on a door, you have to knock, right? There must be a man-law about this sort of thing ... :)

Radar: “Hey, you got a good strong arm there, Father.”

Father Mulcahy: “Well, you develop a lot of muscle wrestling with temptation.”

(A scene from the M*A*S*H tv series)

As a note to self about an upcoming project, here’s a link to a Smashing Magazine article on App store marketing.

I wonder if a tennis player will ever serve like a professional volleyball player, throwing the ball up in the arm, then running up to it, jumping as high as possible, and hitting it from there? Even if they only jump 18”, that’s a huge advantage; it’s like going from six feet tall to 7.5’ tall, and I could jump almost twice as high as that when I was in my teens and twenties. It would be hard to sustain that for a match of several hours, but for key points, maybe? Just wondering.

The painter of this painting, which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, says that the shadow on the left side of the fireplace/mantle is a shadow of a dress, Monica Lewinsky’s dress, to be specific. The story is here on ktuu.com.

Manager: “What’s your estimate?”

Programmer: “Ten weeks.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Five weeks of fear and panic, five weeks of development.”

“Sounds good.”

The Aetna CEO almost dies, and returns to health through mindfulness and yoga. He offers training to employees, and "participants show increased productivity, and report less stress and pain," and at least a 3% reduction in healthcare costs. The story is here at the NY Times.

As I’m working on getting a mobile version of this site working, I ran into a problem with having a robots.txt file on a Drupal multisite installation. The root of the problem is that you need to have a robots.txt file like this on your mobile site:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

That’s to keep the search engines from scanning and storing that content, which will be a duplicate of your main website.

I was watching the Jobs movie last night and noticed that when Jonathan Ive (Giles Matthey) was talking near the end of the movie, the 1999 Marc Newson car design was in a photo behind him. At least I think it’s his design; you can see his car design work here. Besides that people are reporting that Apple wants to build a car, the odd thing about this is that this conversation between Ive and Jobs would have taken place in 1997.

It’s worth mentioning that my last post about a glass teapot was inspired by a book titled Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things by Don Norman. In that book he shows this image of three teapots, and the glass one in the middle is known as a “Nanna teapot.” I just saw that one sold on eBay for $275; that’s a little more than I had in mind. :) Here’s a link to Mr. Norman’s website. (Mr. Norman earlier published a best-selling book titled The Design of Everyday Things.)

You might be getting old if ... your idea of a nice gift for yourself is a glass teapot. But, on most nights, especially in the winter, I like to enjoy a cup of tea in the evening. I usually just put water in a cup in the microwave to make my tea, but I thought I’d try a teapot ... something to slow me down and calm me down just a little bit more in the evenings. This image comes from the Williams-Sonoma website.

The EpochConverter website can be useful, especially if you need to manually generate the “datetime” stamp for a Drupal theme’s .info file. The datetime field usually contains a Unix timestamp, like the one shown in the image.