I like this. Just because you don’t have the world’s greatest talent in something doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to do that thing. If you love it, keep trying, keep practicing.

Chicago Cubs catcher John Baker became a cult hero overnight as he pitched a scoreless 16th inning, then scored the game’s winning run in the bottom of the 16th. The game took six hours, 27 minutes, and was the longest game by time in Cubs’ history.

Here are a few quotes from Mr. Baker about this opportunity:

“It’s really cool to get a chance to do this,” Baker said. “I was having trouble not smiling on the mound. You never get opportunities to do things like this.”

I drove up to Estes Park, Colorado on Monday, and ran into a brief lightning storm. I took shelter in this little bakery on the north side of the town strip.

I need a universal, “For God’s sake, please don’t automatically start videos playing” browser control.

‘‘My main goal is to commit to every single pitch and throw with conviction.’’ ~ Kyle Hendricks, Chicago Cubs. (Quote from this article.)

Twitter limits people to 140 characters per tweet ... I wish they’d limit people to three tweets a day, I’d follow a lot more people that way.

Kinda weird, I’m watching the Cubs game and I see ads for people to sit out on the rooftops. So rooftop owners pay WGN to advertise, WGN pays the Cubs. Also, when people buy rooftop seats the Cubs get money. Meanwhile, the Cubs field a poor team so nobody wants to buy rooftop seats. Something seems weird in there ... I guess if you have a parasitic business model you have to be careful about who your host is?

It’s amazing what you can do with software. A “solution” with one set of data can become a denial of service attack against yourself with a larger set of data. (This graph shows the result of the Drupal Boost module initially clobbering my server, until I applied two “fixes” to it.)

Ah, the Chicken Oil Company ... once I discovered it when I went to school at Texas A&M, I ate quite a few Deathburgers. I’m glad to see that they’re still in business. (Image from this link.)

It’s amazing what you can do with software. I more or less ran a denial of service attack against myself by misconfiguring the Drupal Boost module. (Actually, it was configured okay for when the website was smaller, but needed to be reconfigured as the site has grown.) #lessonlearned

Pitching and management advice from Leo Mazzone, Atlanta Braves pitching coach. From this foxsports.com article.

Wow, I just saw a very spammy comment on espn.com that had been “liked” 36 times. ESPN uses Facebook for their comment system, so this means that there are 37 Facebook accounts used for nothing but spam -- for just this one spammy post. Amazing.

I just saw this bunk bed design, and I really like it. It was created by this construction company.

I just found this “motivation” note I wrote to myself when I was writing on the Scala Cookbook: “Think of yourself as the author writing the Steve Jobs biography (Walter Isaacson); you want to get the facts right, you want the book to be ‘deep,’ and well-organized.”

I just learned about Mr. Pine’s Purple House as I read a review about Amazon’s new phone.

After reading that Apple was granted a patent for an iWatch/iTime device that includes “gestures,” it made me think of a company whose name I can’t remember, but they wanted to let you perform gestures in front of your Mac/Windows PC. If you could perform gestures in the air over your iWatch device, like in The Minority Report, that would be pretty cool.

Buddhist monks in flying training class. :) From this Twitter URL.

Happy Birthday, Edward Hopper, born July 22, 1882. Nighthawks is one of my favorite paintings.

A pilot in Anchorage, Alaska went rogue yesterday (July 21, 2014) and painted a smiley face in the sky. :)