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“Find your way through your insanity. Find the order in the chaos. Otherwise, how will you ever find me?” ~ River

One last link regarding baseball and pitching: this article on What makes a good changeup is very good. It doesn’t say anything that I didn’t know when I was 13 years old (or at least when I was 17), but it’s good stuff if you’ve never seen it before (and you like baseball and pitching).

This fangraphs article also mentions the pitching concept of “tunneling.” I’m sure it’s as old as baseball itself, but it’s a good name for the concept. When Fernando Valenzuela first came up he was brilliant at this. He would throw his fastball and screwball to the low, outside corner of the plate, and presumably the spin on the ball looked the same, so right-handed batters could only guess which pitch was coming (which made him incredibly successful).

In high school I did the same thing the best I could: I threw fastballs high, and then a curveball off of that, with the curve starting on the same trajectory, or with this terminology, “in the same tunnel.”

I don’t agree with everything in this article on Jon Lester, his changeup, and the concept of “tunneling,” but it is generally an excellent article. (If you’re interested in pitching.) has more information about the Boulder, Colorado hi-tech startup community.

Well put. From this Twitter page, by Salt Bistro in Boulder, Colorado.

“The brave are simply those with the clearest vision of what is before them — glory and danger alike — and, notwithstanding, go out to meet it.” ~ Kate & Leopold

This little example shows the syntax of how to run some AppleScript/osascript from a Unix shell script on a Mac OS X system:


osascript <<EOF
tell application "Safari"
  close window 1
end tell

Just put your AppleScript in between the EOF parts, save it to a file, make the file executable, and this gives you a nice way to run a multiline AppleScript script from a shell script.

Here’s another example of what this looks like:

If you ever need to close a Mac OS X application (gracefully) from the Mac Terminal command line or from a shell script, I can confirm that this command works:

osascript -e 'quit app "Safari"'

I use that command from a Mac/Unix shell script to close the Safari browser in an automation script I’m writing, and it works fine. Just replace Safari in that command with the name of the application you want to close.

I’m currently trying to automate a GUI task, and as a part of that, one thing I need to do is move the mouse cursor.

In short, the solution I came up with was to write a Scala shell script that uses the Java Robot class to move the mouse. Here’s the source code for my script, which I named

In addition to Yahoo Finance and Seeking Alpha — my usual haunts — the following stock/investing websites look interesting, and may have the kind of visual information I’m looking for.

These are the best links I’ve found so far:

This is a glimpse of what the “Team Alpha Retirement Portfolio” looks like as of November, 2015. The image comes from this Seeking Alpha link (which leads you to other similar links).

xkcd has a really interesting article on orbital speed, i.e., how fast something needs to move (sideways) to stay in orbit over the Earth.

I’m currently doing something completely different, and writing a little custom web browser using JavaFX and its WebView component. I’m using it so I can easily look at stock quotes and charts. I just started on it, and the current UI looks like this:

A custom JavaFX WebView web browser

Until yesterday I only knew a little about a song called Alice’s Restaurant ... the end of it is the only part I remember. But yesterday I learned that it’s a story about some events that started on Thanksgiving Day, 1965. (You can find the story here on Wikipedia.)

It’s a long song — more of a funny story than a song — but here you go, Alice’s Restaurant, by Arlo Guthrie:

In some places in Colorado it’s very hard to see the stars at night. I know a few good places between Broomfield and Boulder where you can see them well, but in many areas the “light pollution” makes it impossible. See the full story at the Denver Post.

I never heard the first three parts, but this is Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song, Part 4,” which is pretty funny:

Many moons ago I thought I wrote an AppleScript script named GetStockUrls, whose sole purpose was to open many webpages from at one time. I could run that script, then easily look at the stocks I owned.

Today I found that script on an old Mac computer, and when I did that I saw that I didn’t write it with AppleScript, but instead created it with the Mac Automator. This image shows all you have to do in the Mac Automator to achieve this result. On my current Mac this script opens the Safari browser and opens each URL shown in a new tab. I can then move between the tabs to see what I want to see, quickly and easily.

This image shows what the result looks like in the Safari browser:

Is the Nexus 6P the best smartphone of 2015? One reviewer on thinks so. (Note: Not just the best Android smartphone on the market, but better than Apple’s iPhone.)

Lest you think that reviewer is alone, Forbes also says that the Nexus 6P is better than the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S.

Personally, I can confirm that Android 6 (Marshmallow) rocks. A few weeks ago I wrote that Android 6 is faster and smoother than Android 5.