“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

According to Forbes, AppleTV now includes HomeKit software, which will allow smart appliances around the home to communicate to/from iOS devices.

This funny photo and caption comes from this tweet.

This is a good description of some of the benefits of functional programming. (Image is from this tweet.)

A very cool Raspberry Pi cluster running Akka and the Play Framework. More info at this tweet.

This article shares the graph shown that says the “War on Drugs” isn’t working. That appears to be true, but unfortunately you can’t really know that it’s true because there is no control group. What I mean is that we have no idea what the drug addiction rate would be like if we had not spent all this money on this so-called war. Maybe the rate would be 1.3%, or maybe it would be 5%; we don’t know.

Today represents a changing of the guard for me. The old Toyota RAV4 was both a good and bad experience, and today I traded it in for the official car of Colorado, a Subaru Outback. As you can see from the photos, the two cars are somewhat similar in design and color. (The top photo was taken in Coldfoot, Alaska, a very small “town” about halfway between Fairbanks and Deadhorse, Alaska.)

A good note about scouting pitchers, from this link.

“As tough as it can be to watch sometimes, this is exactly what Javy needs,” Theo Epstein said. “He’s going to end up going into the offseason reflecting back on this. Over time, it will sink in that despite what pitchers do to him, he controls the at-bat. He can’t get away from his strengths. He can do as much damage as anyone in the game when he’s patient and gets a pitch that he can drive.

“Those are things you can’t just tell somebody. Hitting coach would be the easiest job in baseball — not the hardest job in baseball — if you could just tell someone that and it would sink in through osmosis somehow. It just doesn’t work that way. Players need to figure it out naturally.”

Two days ago (Sep. 16) around noon, I was out for my daily walk, and to my great surprise I was greeted by a rattlesnake. I knew there were rattlesnakes in this area, but I had never seen one alive until then. (I have seen three dead snakes in three years, but I don’t know what type of snake they were.) As I was walking along a sidewalk he was sitting there in the small patch of grass between the sidewalk and the street. He spotted me long before I saw him and he was waiting there, laying in an “S” shape, pointed right at me, ready to launch, and rattling his little snake heart out. I quickly stopped, panicked for a moment, backed up, then walked away.

Firing people is hard. But it becomes a little easier when you learn this lesson.

Stressed out MBAs turn to meditation to help with stress and anxiety. The rest of the story is here.

Well played, Mr. Iry.

If you’re ever in the Palmer, Alaska area, check out Sophia’s Cafe. I don’t know what their new building looks like, but I do know that their food is excellent. This is a photo of their French Toast from their Facebook page.

I thought Apple might push their developers internally to develop with their new Swift programming language, but I just did a search that shows they now have 30 Scala job openings. In December, 2013 Apple had six Scala job openings, and in April, 2014 they had 17.

As a quick note, I saw the PrintFlagsFinal Java/JVM option today, and thought it was interesting. I saw this command:

java -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal -Xmx64m -Xms32m -version 2>&1 | grep -i -E 'heapsize|permsize|version'

which yielded this output:

Background: I don’t know why, but without looking into it, all I know is that I could not use the Java Sound API from within SBT. Whenever I tried sbt run, I kept getting the following error message, even though I knew that my app and sound file worked when I packaged my Java application normally:

javax.sound.sampled.UnsupportedAudioFileException: could not get audio input stream from input file

As part of the debugging process I created a little shell script named run.sh that contained these two lines: