Android FAQ: What does Android isScrollContainer do?

From the Android docs:

Set this if the view will serve as a scrolling container, meaning that it can be resized to shrink its overall window so that there will be space for an input method. If not set, the default value will be true if "scrollbars" has the vertical scrollbar set, else it will be false.

“Your body is present, are you?” I found this image at

“Do not speak about anyone who is not physically present.”

I like that quote, but I would change it to, “Do not speak negatively about anyone who is not physically present.”

Android FAQ: Where should the ’assets’ directory be when using Android Studio?

Solution: If you want to include an assets folder in your project when using Android Studio, create the folder as src/main/assets, i.e., as an assets folder under src/main.

You can later open files in the assets folder using code like this:

InputStream is = getBaseContext().getAssets().open(relativeFilename);

where relativeFilename is the name of your file, like foo.jpg.

This book cover (nothing holy about it) has an interesting use of fonts and colors. I think I would have gone for a wee bit of transparency on the white font, and lined up the blue with the white, but it’s interesting, and essentially fits two subtitles on the cover.

Just like my Jenny Lane Cottage painting, this is another small version of a “faux painting” I recently created from a photo. This one is of a sidewalk in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The complexity of this image was in removing several modern aspects from the original photo, including signs that were on those green columns, and modern automobiles that were in the background. Everything after that is what has become fairly standard work with Gimp for me, including making it look like an oil painting, and dramatically modifying and enhancing the colors.

This is a very small version of a “painting” I’ve been working on. It’s from a photo I took when I was staying at the Jenny Lane Cottage(s) in Homer, Alaska. I started with the photo, and have been working on it in Gimp until I finally came up with this image, which hopefully looks a little bit like an oil painting. I’ll be including the full size “painting” in a new app that I’m working on.

While converting a photo to a painting in Gimp is usually fairly easy, it took a lot of work to make sure the bench in this photo/painting came out the way I wanted it to. Even just a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to create this the way it is. (For that matter I couldn’t have made the mountains in the background look the way they look only two weeks ago.)

Dallas Seavey just shared this video from his last training run before the 2015 Iditarod Race, which he won:

If it’s March Madness it must be time for Rick Pitino vs Tom Izzo. As I wrote a few days ago, I used to live in Kentucky, so I know a lot of Rick Pitino as a coach. Over the last few years I’ve grudgingly become an admirer of Tom Izzo, primarily because his teams are so tough and he doesn’t rely on the “one and done” philosophy.

I know “Fred Meyer” as the chain of grocery stores in Alaska that are now owned by Kroger. (Although I currently live in Colorado, I still have my Fred Meyer card.) It turns out that the real Fred Meyer was born Fritz Grubmeyer in Germany, and was a “relentless” business person (putting it nicely). The website reports that there is a new book out about him, and offers this summary.

This photo is of the Fred Meyer grocery store in Palmer, Alaska, where I used to shop. If you walked straight forward towards those mountains about four blocks and then took a right turn, that’s where I lived.

From the Georgia O’Keefe museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Steve was the best delegator I ever met. He was so clear about what he wanted that it gave you great freedom.” ~ Rod Johnson, talking about Steve Jobs

“We followed where our own desires led us” ~ Steve Jobs, talking about creating the iPod

I learned about SoundSelf at the 2014 Buddhist Geeks Conference. Unfortunately I didn’t take the time to experience it myself, but the people I know who tried it were blown away by it. It’s a meditation/trance video “game” based on the Oculus Rift platform.

This pictorial shows a series of images where a man is working on a project to use a Tesla battery pack custom to power an “off-grid solar power setup.” After reviewing the images, follow the link in the first paragraph of the pictorial to learn more about what he’s doing.

dwell magazine is my favorite magazine about houses and home design. They have a lot of good articles about modern architecture, cool prefab homes, energy efficiency, and much more.

I think the actual phrase is, “Take time to smell the roses,” but this will have to do. (Sorry, I don’t know the original source of this image.)

I don’t know if some people realize how negative they are; I guess they just don’t hear their words, at least not the way that other people hear them. A woman I know comes across as a very negative, overly worried person. I don’t think she’s really that negative, but she comes across that way, and I think it causes a lot of problems for her.

Some people write in a journal every night, and one of their tasks is to write all of the bad things they said during that day. It may harm our relationship, but I think I’m going to suggest that to her the next time I see her. Then maybe she’ll hear what she says.

I’m very conscious of this topic because my father could be very negative at times, and that had a big influence on me. I loved the man, but I didn’t want to have that part of his personality, so I listened to a lot of people like Leo Buscaglia and Zig Ziglar in an effort to not end up that way. As I wrote in my book, A Survival Guide for New Consultants, people who are successful tend to avoid and ignore people with negative attitudes like the plague, and that’s true both in the business world and in personal life.

From a Yahoo Finance story that I can’t link to because they wanted me to use their app: “Stock buybacks are viewed as a benefit to company shareholders and can be an indicator of company confidence. When shares are repurchased, the number of outstanding shares is reduced, meaning the relative ownership of each investor increases.”

I bought a bunch of Apple stock a few years ago when they announced that they’d be buying back a lot of their stock, and that has worked out very well.

The image shows two funny signs from a video about a custom knife shop in Alaska.