“Stay in your lane.” ~ Kenny Anunike, Denver Broncos, when asked how he competes against someone as talented as Jadaveon Clowney (Clowney was drafted #1, Anunike was undrafted; they play the same position. Anunike was saying, “Just take care of your own business, don’t worry about other people.”)

I was thinking about products designed by committees recently, and it made me think of Conway’s Law (from Wikipedia):

“Organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.”

The amazing thing about Conway’s Law is that it was stated in 1968.

Also from Wikipedia, “Eric Raymond wrote, ’If you have four groups working on a compiler, you’ll get a 4-pass compiler’”.

Ahh, yes, Siberian huskies ... photo courtesy of the Free Spirit Siberian Rescue page on Facebook.

Some of the red chili peppers hanging at the Sage Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mac OS X keystrokes that I use fairly often, but can’t seem to remember.

I always wondered how Tim O’Reilly could tweet about 100 times a day (including Google+ and other posts) and still do his normal job, and then I just saw these two tweets next to each other. It makes me think that some of these people have a service that tweets for them.

A great thing about this time of year is that at night I can see the Big Dipper in clear view from my bedroom window. The window faces almost directly west, and at 10:30pm last night the sky was clear and I had a great view of the Big Dipper, which was west (maybe a little northwest) in the sky.

In working on projects like SARAH and other apps where I’m trying to make a computer seem more “human”, I’ve been making my software reply to me in random ways. What I’ve found is that this ends up being an easily repeatable pattern, where you have a list of possible replies, and then you randomly return one of those replies.

A few years ago a took a very long vacation and spent a lot of time driving around Alaska and Canada. When I stopped at a restaurant in a small town in Canada, I learned this story about Robin Williams. (See my website, One Man’s Alaska, for more stories.)

As a quick note, you can play sounds (sound files) at the Mac OS X command line with the afplay command. The syntax is:

afplay sound-file-name

So far I’ve used it with WAV and MP3 files and it seems to work well.

Drupal 7 update “dom” requirements error solution: If you go to update a Drupal 7 website and get a “dom” requirements error, it turns out that you need to install the php-xml package, at least on a Linux system. The solution for me involved running these two commands:

yum install php-xml
service httpd restart

FWIW, this was not a requirement with early Drupal 7 versions, but was added somewhere down the road.

Robin Williams brief acceptance speech after winning the 1998 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the movie, Good Will Hunting.

If you run into an “AJAX HTTP request terminated abnormally error” when updating a Drupal 7 website, it may be because your .htaccess file does a redirect to your www.domain.com and the base_url in your settings.php file refers to domain.com, or vice-versa. I ran into this Drupal/AJAX problem yesterday, and found the solution here on drupal.org.

“A prototype is worth a thousand meetings.” ~ Mike Davidson, VP of Design, Twitter. For me, the most amazing thing about this quote is that I don’t like Twitter’s UI, and the UI also never changes. I was thinking a few days ago that they seem like they’re paralyzed (“paralysis through analysis”), seemingly afraid to change anything.

The inaugural Santa Fe Yoga Festival will be held at the end of August, 2014. More details are here on their website.

"The key to meditation is learning to stay." ~ Maria Scrivan

Sherlock Holmes, a high-functioning sociopath ... with your number.

As a quick note to self, the administration theme for one of my Drupal 7 websites was messed up, displaying as if the CSS was very wrong or missing. The problem was that my temporary Drupal directory had been deleted, and of course the solution was to re-create that directory.

This is a postcard I found in Santa Fe, New Mexico that shows “Indian symbols and their meanings.” I don’t know how accurate it is, but I thought I would research them one day.

I had a chance to watch part of this story (History of the Eagles) while traveling recently, and it was very good.