A MySQL add user and GRANT example

MySQL “users” FAQ: How do I add a new user to a MySQL database (i.e., how do I create a MySQL user account, and then grant database permissions to that new user account)?

Solution: MySQL add user and grant syntax

Here’s an example of what I did recently to (a) create a new MySQL database and then (b) add a new MySQL user account to work with that database.

Step 1: Log in to the database

First, from my Unix prompt, I logged into my MySQL database server with the mysql command line client:

unix> mysql -u root -p
(here I enter 'my_root_password' to get through the mysql prompt)

Step 2: Create the database (if needed)

Next, I create my new database with the MySQL create database command, specifying the name of the database (my_database) after that command:

mysql> create database my_database;

Step 3: Create the new MySQL user account

Then I create a new MySQL user account, giving the user account all the priviliges it needs to “own” this database with the grant command. Note that I assign both the username and password when I add the new user account:

       ON my_database.* 
       TO 'my_user'@'localhost'
       IDENTIFIED BY 'my_password' 

This grant command is a little easier to copy and paste from:

ON my_database.* 
TO 'my_user'@'localhost'
IDENTIFIED BY 'my_password' 

You can put that entire MySQL grant command on one line; I just put it on multiple lines here so it would be easier to read. (It seems a little unusual, but using grant is how you create a MySQL user account.)

Update: Please see the Comments section below for an additional "add user" example that uses the grant command.

Note about this MySQL user account and “localhost”

It's important to note when I create this MySQL user, I'm giving the user access to this MySQL database from the computer system known as "localhost". This works fine when you're accessing this database with this new MySQL user account from the local computer system, but if you're going to access this database from another computer system, you'll need to specify the IP address of that remote system here instead of "localhost".

More information

For more information on how to add/create a MySQL user, and also how to remove a MySQL user, see the following URLs on the MySQL website:


I am a noob sysadmin, and this was very helpful.

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