A Perl array and foreach example

Perl array foreach FAQ: How do I loop over every element in a Perl array with a for loop (or foreach loop)?

A friend recently asked how to create a simple array of numbers with Perl, and also how to iterate over that list of numbers in a Perl foreach loop. In this article I'll share with you the code I shared with him.

A Perl array and foreach loop example

In my sample code below I create a small Perl array named recs (or @recs, if you prefer) that contains the numbers 1 through 7. After creating the array I loop over the list of seven numbers using the Perl foreach operator, adding each number to a variable named $sum as I go along. After looping through each value in the array I print out the value of $sum (which happens to be 28).

With that introduction, here's my example Perl array/foreach code:

# create my perl array
@recs = qw/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 /;
$sum = 0;

# loop through the array using a perl foreach loop,
# calculating the sum of the numbers
foreach $rec (@recs)
  $sum = $sum + $rec;

# print the sum
print "sum = $sum\n";

As you might guess, the output from the Perl array and foreach loop looks like this:


Perl array and for loop example - Summary

While this is a fairly simple Perl for loop and array example, I hope it has been helpful. (Speaking for myself, when I don't use Perl very much I can never remember how to create a new Perl array, and I end up back here from time to time myself.) As usual, feel free to use this sample code in your own applications, and leave any questions in the Comments section below.

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