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Colorado Court of Appeals Judges (Democrat, Republican)

This was a little hard to find, so if you’re voting in 2016 and looking for information on Colorado Court of Appeals Judges, specifically whether they were appointed by a Democrat or Republican Governor of Colorado, here you go. This image comes from

While I’m in the neighborhood, here’s a link to their Colorado Supreme Court judges page.

Where is Sandy Clough? (Denver sports radio, The Fan)

Update: July 20, 2016: According to the link I share below, Sandy Clough will be returning to 104.3 The Fan this coming Monday in a new time slot: 10am to noon, a time slot he occupied when I first moved to the Denver area. He will be replacing Cecil Lammey in that time slot, and much to my chagrin it appears that CJ and Stokley will continue in the noon-3pm time slot.