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How to open the Windows Explorer from WinCVS

A lot of times when I'm using WinCVS I also need to jump over to the Windows Explorer (the file explorer, not internet explorer, although of course they are kinda-sorta the same), so I thought I'd make a note here of how to do this.

How to use anonymous CVS to access a CVS repository

I can never remember the command-line syntax to access a remote CVS repository via anayonymous CVS access, so just as a reminder to myself, here are the commands I used recently to access an OpenBSD CVS repository:

cvs login - how to log into a CVS server using SSH

CVS login FAQ: How do I login to a CVS server using SSH?

cvs login - a Windows example

Here's how I do a "cvs login" to our CVS server using SSH, on a Windows PC:

cvs login

Note that the only real different thing here is that you specify the ssh protocol for communicating with the server.

CVS log - how to show all changes greater than a given date

I needed to see a list of all changes to a certain portion of code in a CVS repository. Here's how I did that. First, move to the desired directory. Then, issue this command:

cvs -z9 log -d >2003-8-14


CVS export tutorial (Tue, May 14, 2002)

Just returned from a short trip to the northern outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. Wow, can it rain.

On the computer side of life, have you ever found yourself needing a copy of the stuff (source code, etc.) in a CVS repository, without all the CVS admin files? Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the cvs export command.

CVS export - How to export a project from a CVS repository

Can I get a copy of the source code (without the repository)?

The other day someone not familiar with CVS asked if they could have a copy of the source code for the DDConnectionBroker project, an Open Source project from I said sure, I'd be glad to provide a copy of the source code, stripped of all the CVS directories/files. To do this, all I had to do was run the "cvs export" command.

cvs import - how to import a project into CVS

This is an easy task. For the purposes of this exercise assume (a) the high-level directory of your project is named "MyProject", and (b) that you are on a Unix computer, and (c) that your "MyProject" directory is in your home directory on your Unix system. With these simple assumptions, just follow these steps:

  cd MyProject
  cvs import -m "your description here" MyProject alexander start

If everything works ok, you should see a message that says something like "No conflicts created by this import."


cvs checkout - how do I get a snapshot of a CVS repository on a certain date?

CVS checkout FAQ: How do I get a snapshot of a CVS repository back to a certain date?

To solve your first problem, let's assume that yesterday was September 14, 2001, and your project name was KickStart. To check out the code from your KickStart repository from late last night, use this cvs checkout (cvs co) command: