vim delete blank lines command

vim FAQ: How do I delete blank lines in vim?

To delete blank lines in vim (empty lines), use this vim last line mode command:


Here's a brief explanation of how this "vim delete blank lines" command works:

  • The : character says "put vim in last-line mode".
  • The g characters says "perform the following operation globally in this file".
  • The forward slash characters enclose the pattern I'm trying to match. In this case I want to match blank lines, so I use the regular expression ^$. Here the ^ means "beginning of line", and $ means end of line, so with no characters in between them, this vim regex means "blank line". (If I had typed ^abc$, that would mean "find a line with only the sequence of characters "abc".)
  • The d at the end of the command says "When you find this pattern, delete the line".

I hope this vim delete blank lines command example is helpful. If you know of a simpler way to delete blank lines in vim, please leave a comment below.

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