Updates on the Oracle, Sun, and Java strife

Summary: Sun's former CEO starts a Ruby/Postgres company. Larry Ellison (Oracle) slams Sun management. James Gosling slams Oracle.

Wow, there are all sorts of fun things going on in the Java (or former-Java) world. First, former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz talks a lot about patents, including Sun's history with Microsoft, presumably because Oracle is suing Google over some Java patents that Sun would never sue for.

Java architect's thoughts on Java 7 and Java 8

I just ran across this link in my email about the Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, with his thoughts about how to proceed on the Java 7 and Java 8 platforms releases. I haven't paid attention to the "New Java Features" world in a while, but it's a short, interesting read about how they're thinking about proceeding with the Java 7 and Java 8 platform releases.

James Gosling on Oracle - Google - Java lawsuit

If you want a little insight into the Oracle lawsuit against Google, take a look at James Gosling's blog, where you'll find all sorts of great tidbits.

Oracle puts their name on Java, and apps quit running

He starts with this humorous post of the funniest thing he's read all week, which includes this note, which originally came from Slashdot:

Is Microsoft dead?

Today's announcement that Google is buying BumpTop continues the string of Google and Apple buying up technology companies so fast you'd think they were, well, Microsoft, at least "Microsoft back in the day".

I'm reminded that ~10 years ago Bill Gates said about Sun Microsystems (and I'm paraphrasing here):

"Sun is dead, they just don't know it yet. Their business model consists of selling overpriced servers, and sooner or later the market will realize that."

Having watch RISC processors lose their speed advantage -- and then switching to Linux as a result -- I agreed with that assessment, and in 2009 it finally came to fruition as Sun was bought by Oracle.

Which leads to the question: If Bill Gates could look at it objectively, would he say the same thing now about Microsoft?

Sun's Jonathan Schwartz resigns with a Twitter haiku

As part of the early fallout from Oracle's acquisition of Sun, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz has resigned from Sun, leaving with a parting haiku on Twitter. (See haiku on Wikipedia.)

Mr. Schwartz struck me as an interesting CEO. He seemed like one of the first CEOs to post his ideas on a blog, and his strategy of trying to make Sun a more "open" company in an effort to save them was very interesting.

Oracle's plans for Sun technologies: Java, MySQL, SPARC, Solaris, Sun Cloud, and OpenSSO

Here's a brief look at several news stories related to Oracle's purchase of Sun, along with direct links to Oracle documents detailing their plans for Sun technologies like Java and MySQL on the Oracle website.

Oracle plans for Java

Looking at various Oracle/Sun news stories, it looks like Java is safe for the time being. As one reporter at ZDNet says it, Oracle's Java strategy is 'business as usual'".

Oracle purchase of Sun wins EU approval

In the latest news regarding Sun and Oracle -- which is pretty important to my Java and MySQL life -- Oracle has finally won EU approval for their purchase of Sun, and they are also planning to provide a "Sun Road Map " next week.

EU has MySQL concerns regarding Oracle-Sun deal

The EU is taking a longer look at Oracle's intended purchases of Sun, saying they want to make sure Oracle is committed to the future of the MySQL database. As we wrote about on our site back on August 21, 2009, you have to wonder about the future of many current Sun products, including not only MySQL, but also other products where there is a collision between Sun and Oracle, including the OpenSSO platform.

How to perform a SQL query for fields that are null (or not null) alvin August 28, 2008 - 7:13pm

For some reason I can never remember how to search for database table fields that are either NULL or NOT NULL. I always try to use the = operator or something else.

So, for myself, here’s an example of how to perform a SQL query and find all records where a field in a database table is NULL:


And here’s how to perform a SQL query showing all records in a database table where a column is NOT NULL: