How to stop Akka Actors (Scala)

This is an excerpt from the Scala Cookbook (partially modified for the internet). This is Recipe 13.6, “How to stop Akka Actors.”

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You want to stop one or more running Akka actors.

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There are several ways to stop Akka actors. The most common ways are to call system.stop(actorRef) at the ActorSystem level or context.stop(actorRef) from inside an actor.

There are other ways to stop an actor:

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How to kill an app on iOS 7

To kill an app on iOS 7, follow these two simple steps:

1) First, press the Home button twice. (Double-press it.) This changes your iPhone display to something like the following image, showing a list of apps that are running, with your most recent app shown first:

2) Next, select the large image of the app you want to stop/kill, and drag it up and off the screen, as shown in this image:

How to stop an Akka actor (and shutdown the Akka system)

Akka actor FAQ: How do you stop an Akka actor?

I don't have time this morning to write my usual tutorial, so in short, if you want to stop an Akka actor, use code like this from inside your actor's receive method:


Or, if you want to shut down the Akka system, use the following code, again from inside the receive method of one of your actors:

How to gracefully restart Nginx

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This used to be harder, but these days all you have to do is run this command:

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$ nginx -t

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AppleScript dialog icons - The "with icon" syntax

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First, the AppleScript dialog note icon:

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