My “standing up” workspace alvin January 25, 2020 - 1:47pm

Thanks to the angiogram, I haven’t been able to sit down for over a month. These days when I work, I either (a) read things while laying flat on my back in bed, or write while I’m standing up at this makeshift workspace in my apartment.

Quotes about work and Zen (practicing Zen at work)

For many years I struggled with how to combine two of my main interests, Zen and work. I have read that the Zen mind is the mind before thinking, so it seems like Zen and work must be totally unrelated. Over time I came to understand phrases like, “When working, just work.”

This article contains a collection of quotes that have been helpful to me in understanding the relationship between Zen and work. Please note that I don’t wrap each quote in double quotes, and I also try to attribute each quote to the correct author/speaker. If you’re interested in how to combine Zen and work, I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Haven’t felt like working

Since my brother-in-law passed away on Monday I haven’t felt like working — and I haven’t had any time to work — but on the rare occasions I’ve thought about work, I’ve thought that Scala is a beautiful programming language, and I’m fortunate to be able to work with it.

Got a flush letter from a local hospital

August 15, 2011, Palmer, Alaska: I just got a flush letter from a local hospital. I guess I shouldn’t have put “You have my gallbladder” and “Your nurses seem really nice” as my top reasons for wanting to work there.

You are free to choose your own vision

In daily life, each of us is a vehicle for something. Our choices of values determine the kinds of vehicles we are, the way we move in the world and relate to each other. All individuals (and organizations) are free to choose values that they feel are important, that express their vision.

(A quote from the book, Zen at Work.)

My oldest sister is five years older than I am, and when she was in high school she was involved in activities outside of school, like the foreign student exchange program. I was an extreme introvert and could never imagine myself doing those things, but she was very involved in making our community a better place, and I was proud of her.

Back then I didn’t know that I was free to choose my own vision ... the mental weight of being an extreme introvert kept me from seeing that. I may always struggle with being an introvert, but these days I understand that I can choose my own vision, and I do so consciously.

How to install Apache with the mod_proxy module

Over the weekend I was trying to configure Apache as a reverse-proxy server (specifically as a reverse-proxy server working in conjunction with OpenSSO), and I couldn't get it to work at all. It's been a while since I last installed Apache, and I assumed it was configured with the modproxy module by default, but it turns out that it's not: You have to configure Apache with the mod_proxy module at installation time in order for things like the ProxyPass configuration to work.

Review of Trailguru iPhone application

I downloaded an iPhone app named Trailguru recently, and was hoping to give a review of it, but I had no luck with it this morning. I walked a little more than 2.25 miles, but as this screenshot shows, Trailguru says I walked only 0.38 miles:

Trailguru iPhone app screenshot