Hate-y bits

In the “lucid dream holodeck” this morning, I was hanging out with a group of peeps when a tornado suddenly appeared. Everyone started running for cover, and I grabbed a dog and started running for a basement when I looked back at it and thought, “This isn’t a tornado, it’s just an insane amount of energy.”

Holding the dog under my right arm, I stood my ground. When I did this, the energy stopped moving like a tornado, and — skipping over the whole “Transformers” thing — it eventually took on a female human form.

Further skipping past our introductions ... I eventually suggested that she talk to some other people in the dreamspace, but she said no, I had less “hate-y bits” than the other people. (Language differences often make for interesting translations.)

“Energy words”

I had never heard of the term “energy words” before, so this was interesting. The images comes from this page, which is about the Chicago Cubs player Munenori Kawasaki. The things he says, including “Number 1” and “Fighting Spirit” remind me of another phrase I heard a long time ago, where people would yell “Certain Victory!” before entering into battle.

Pure energy alvin July 24, 2015 - 8:47am

I was thinking about energy last night, and did some searches for “pure energy,” when I came across this post on See that post if you’re interested in the subject. Or see this YouTube video if you’re interested in the 1980s song/video featuring Mr. Spock saying “pure energy” several times. :)