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The "DigitalClock" applet


The DigitalClock applet is designed to easily fit into your HTML pages, without being a distraction to the reader. By modifying the FONT, SIZE, and COLOR properties, you can make the clock blend smoothly into your HTML pages.

New - Update 1.2a

The new DigitalClock applet (version 1.2a) lets you control the following parameters through HTML "param" tags:

  • Applet height and width
  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Text font
  • Font style
  • Font size

GetAppletParameter Class

Also, a new GetAppletParameter class is now used to retrieve applet parameters. This class can be used in all of your applets to simplify the process of reading parameters passed to your applets from HTML pages.

Automatic Centering

With this new version, the clock is automatically centered within the box you define. Simply define the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the box, and specify the FONT properties, and the centering is handled automatically.

Fully Threaded, Double Buffered

Last but not least, the DigitalClock applet is fully-threaded, and now implements double-buffering to help eliminate on-screen flickering.

See it in action

Click here to see the DigitalClock applet in action. The DigitalClock applet will begin running in your next window.

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