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Developer's Daily Demonstration Applets

These are a few applets we've developed over the last few weeks. While our focus is primarily education, we also like to create a few of our own applets from time-to-time.

URLButton applet
This is a simple Java demo applet. It's sole purpose is to demonstrate how you can link a Java button to an Internet URL. When you click on the button, you're magically transported to the URL you enter in the text field. Feel free to use the source code in your Java applets.
WordJumble applet
This applet uses recursion to determine the word combinations that can be created from a given set of characters. If you like solving the Word Jumble's (also called Word Scrambles) in your local newspaper, or you're interested in recursive programming, this applet might interest you.
URLTree applet
A lightweight tree/explorer applet that connects users to URL's instead of local filesystems.
WhileYouWereOut applet
Help conserve paper by eliminating those pink slips of paper your receptionist creates when you're out of the office.
AnimatedAd applet
An ad banner applet inspired by the Sun Microsystems television ads for Java and network computing.
We improved the original AnimatedAd by adding a mouse tracking feature. Viewers literally play with your banner ads!
Our DigitalClock applet
The DigitalClock applet is fully-threaded, and includes features such as auto-centering, and acceptance of font parameters through HTML tags.
The SiestaAssistant applet
An unusual applet created for those who want to be awakened from a catnap at the office, or perhaps a meditation session.
Sun Microsystems Java Demonstration Applets

This a collection of Java demonstration applets from Sun Microsystems. These are included with copies of the JDK.


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