How to delete/uninstall iPhone apps (applications)

iPhone FAQ: How do I delete/remove/uninstall iPhone apps (iPhone applications)?

When I learned how to move iPhone app icons around last night, I also learned how to remove iPhone apps that I’ve downloaded and installed from the App Store. Here’s how you delete iPhone apps.

Update: While the images here show an older version of iOS, this tip works on all iPhone/iPad/iOS versions.

How to delete/uninstall an iPhone app (iPhone application)

To delete an iPhone app (application), just press and hold the app icon for the app you want do delete. When you press on the icon for a second or two all of the app icons will appear to get nervous and start wiggling in place. When this behavior starts, all of your third-party iPhone applications will show an “X” icon in the upper-left corner of their application icon, as shown in this iPhone screenshot:

The appearance of the iPhone application icons when they are ready to be deleted or moved.

As it turns out, the iPhone app icons have good reason to appear nervous: you can now do things to them, including moving or deleting them. 

At this point you can delete an iPhone app by pressing that “X” in the upper-left corner of the application icon (such as the Mobile News, Pandora, and Break iPhone apps in the figure above). When you do this your iPhone should prompt you with some form of “Are you sure you want to delete this app?” message. The message may vary depending on the app you are deleting.

In my case, when I started to delete an iPhone app, I was prompted that I hadn’t backed up my data for that app, but it was no big deal, it was just a free app that I downloaded and installed, but didn’t like.

After you’ve deleted the iPhone apps you want to delete, just press the iPhone “Home” button to get the apps to stop shaking.

Deleting iPhone apps from iTunes

You can also delete iPhones apps when your iPhone is connected to your computer and iTunes, but I haven’t been home recently to try that. (I assume I will also see some kind of synchronization-related message related to deleting this application the next time I connect my iPhone to iTunes, but I don’t expect that to be a big deal.)

Note: It doesn’t look like you can delete the iPhone apps that come pre-installed from Apple.

I’ll leave you with this humorous tweet by Bill Murray about deleting iPhone apps:

How to delete iPhone apps in a “waiting” state

On a related note, I get a lot of comments here about iPhone apps that end up in a “waiting” state after you try to install or update them. I’ve gathered up all the information I can find about apps in a waiting state, and put that in one article here: How to update, install, or reinstall iPhone apps in a waiting state.


I am from UAE.
I have bought Iphone 3G 16 GB last weak. Unfortunately, I encounered problme that, I have been losing credit unit, then, whent i asked network operster,so they answerd me that "weather application turn on, as aresult, YOU lose your credit unit"
Now, How can I turn weather application off, or even delete it?

I look forward for your reply


I tried holding a icon n it started kinda shakin but there
wasn't a x mark on any of the icons.
Pleez help.


I can not delete an app. that was in progress— says "waiting". there is no x in the corner ... can anyone HELP?


I think i know what u mean , my bro had the same prob with his iphone and he was losing credit without even realizing it until he contacted his call carrier.
they told him he should stop certain things from using the internet thro the wap and instead use it thro wifi by going thro some steps they explain. so i advise u to contact ur call carrier and ask them how to stop iphone applications from using there internet and instead only use wifi.

from jordan


Hiya. I bought a second hand phone and I can't delete the free games the first owner bought. It will only allow me to delete mine. What can I do?


I'm considering installing another calendar app instead of the one, that are in my iPhone from the factory. How can I remove the calendar that came pre-installed from Apple?

Sorry for the late reply, I've been away for a while. I don't know of any way to remove any of the initial Apple iPhone apps, but you can drag them off to another screen.


I deleted the facebook app because it wasn't working right. When I went to install it again, it says that it is already downloaded ( I've had this happen with other apps too). How do I fix this?

This happened to me as well and is driving me crazy! Have you figured out what to do? I've tried everything.


Thank you! I could not figure it out. It worked! I appreciate it!


The same facebook thing is happening to me too! It's so annoying, someone please help?


Hey thanks for the easy to follow instructions. My phone started playing up & my brother directed me here. Phone's working great now since I rebooted it. Not sure if it was the apps or itunes sync function, who cares! It works :)

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yer i have the same problem. the apps where not complete when i turned off the internet so the icons are grey and say waiting. following the normal instructions for removing apps doesnt work as no "x" appears in the corner and they dont shake either. does anyone know how to remove them??


re the iPhone App "waiting" and not doing anything else

I simply resumed downloading the app that was loading. I had to "guess" at which app got stuck, based on the ones that were loaded and the one that was missing. I then went to the app store (on the iPhone, not on the PC) and then started the download/install process for the app I thought did not download correctly. Sure enough that fixed the problem.

I have no idea, however, how to figure out which app is causing the problem. I simply guessed and got it right.


Hi,..Good day..I have some sort of I phone problem..which the game apps is not working when I am trying to open will just "say please install the java game"..and I don't what to do..please help


hello every body i just got the i phone 3gs from my friend version 3.0.1 i installed some apps from app store, but i can't delete them, even when i click on them and hold nothing happened and this problem is driving me crazy.... what to do ?


I am really getting annoyed with this problem and need some help.
I have checked every app and checked the firsts apps that were pending and am unable to redownload any.

I have one paused (LoveFilm) and checked that on the App Store but no option to continue the download.

Do you have any more suggestions?


I have some apps on my Iphone that will not delete. One is Swaptunes and the other is an NES emulator... Anyone have any ideas on what to do? I have tried everything.....I even have the program manager tool to delete every file and I do not know how to rid my iphone of these programs... Thanks.

Sorry for the late reply ... did you have any luck with this? If it's really looking for Java, I don't think that will work, as Apple doesn't let Java apps run on the iPhone.


How can I delete the apps from the iphone which are not showing on the main screen?

I have downloaded so many of them that not all of them can be displayed on the main screen.


Color me silly, but I can get the apps to delete, just not sure how to stop the jiggling afterwards.

I was told once when I first got the phone, but have since forgotten.

My icons kept jiggling and probably would have kept jiggling if I hadn't had an alert come on the screen which I answered. When I returned to the home screen, the jiggling had stopped.

I'm positive there is a way though.


The iPhone reboot worked for me! I had about 11 apps with 'waiting' status after I pressed the 'Update' apps button. The update process got stucked until the next day. Today, I rebooted my iphone (press Home button and Power button on top at the same time for about 5 seconds until the 'slide to power down' appears); then 'turn on' your phone and the 'installing' process resumed one at a time. Hope this helps.


Hi, I've deleted an app which wasn't working well and now I need to reinstall it. When I go to app store it is not giving me the option to install as it seems to think I still have it installed. It is still showing in my settings as there but no icon is showing so I'm not sure whther I was meant to completely uninstall from somewhere else.
If u could please help with this that would be great!


Hi, I just downloaded the Dict (Dictionary) app but don't want it anymore. I pressed my finger for the shivering but found no x on the app. How do i delete it now? It's not an app that came with the phone since i just installed it today.


Tx for help this worked fine for me, just shutdown as described and then reboot the phone.


Re: How to reproduce the "waiting" state.

Here's how mine happened. I've always used my computer to download app updates and music/videos.
On a whim, one day I decided to update an app from my phone, to get rid of a nag screen. It was Storm8's "Racing Live." Anyhow, I clicked on update, and got the new icon on the phone that said, "waiting." After going through three layers of entering my iTunes password, it tells me that I'm accessing iTunes from a device I've never used to access iTunes before, and that to prove I'm me, I need to re-enter my payment information. Since I didn't have the card on me that I normally use for iTunes... I had to cancel. This left the upgrade in 'waiting' state.

When you download an app paid or free then delete it, a record is kept on your iTunes account that you downloaded it. If deleted by accident or on purpose don't matter you can re-download for free and will tell you you already got this app to re-download press ok.

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Connect your phone to your laptop and sync apps and you can then delete it, that's what I did and it worked fine.

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turn the device off and on, the app will begin or will have downloaded. Then hold your finger on it again and it should work.

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