Learning Functional Programming in Scala

Table of Contents

  1. The changes
  2. The plan
  3. Download
  4. Updates

Dateline May 15, 2017: Version 0.1.1 of my new book, Learning Functional Programming in Scala, is now available. Please read below for more details.

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The changes

I include a Changelog chapter in the book, but in short:

  • The book contains 400 pages of new content (619 pages in total)
  • The book formatting has been improved
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The plan

While I’m a little behind schedule, the overall plan continues:

  • I don’t “love” the book yet, but I think it’s in good enough shape that it can help simplify the process of learning functional programming for many people.
  • I hope to have a complete “alpha” release available as a PDF by the end of June, 2017. I’ll probably charge $10-15 for this PDF.
  • I’ll provide free updates to the alpha release PDF.
  • At some point in time I hope to “love” the alpha release, at which time I’ll make it a final release. Anyone who buys the initial alpha release PDF will get all of the changes to the final PDF for free.
  • When I get to that point, I’ll release MOBI and hardcopy versions of the book (and they will probably be significantly more expensive than the PDF).

I still expect the book to have about 100 lessons, and maybe an additional 10-20 appendices.

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Version 0.1.1 of the book is now available at this link:

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If you’re interested in updates about the book, I’ll make announcements on this web page, and on Twitter.

All the best,

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