CSS border-bottom dotted RGB color opacity setting

As a quick note, if you ever want to created a dotted border that has some RGB opacity to it, I just used the following CSS code to style some hyperlinks, and I can confirm that it works:

.content a,
.content a:visited,
.content a:hover
    color: rgb(0,81,168);

.content a:hover
    border-bottom: 2px dotted rgba(0,81,168,0.25);

Note that the key to this is using the rgba syntax, along with a 0.25 opacity setting in this example. If you try to use rgb rather than rgba, which I did at first, this solution won’t work.

Because I have a white background on the website I used this on, the resulting effect is to make the bottom dotted border a lighter version of the hyperlink color (thanks to the opacity setting).

In summary, if you ever want to create a CSS border with an RGB opacity setting, I hope this is helpful.

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