Latest idea for a story

When I saw this image on Netflix I immediately thought that a story that might be interesting is about a soul who is both a man and a woman at the same time. At the moment it seems like an interesting idea for a book, movie, or series, a way to explore all sorts of concepts related to “gender identity.” Parts of it could be like In Your Eyes, and it could be a little like Cloud Atlas, but it would also be very different from those movies.

A conversation from the movie Powder

Lindsey: Don’t tell me you’re seeing inside them again. (long pause) What are people like, on the inside?

Jeremy: Inside most people there’s a feeling of being separate, separated from everything.

Lindsey: And?

Jeremy: And they’re not. They’re part of absolutely everyone, and everything.

Lindsey: Everything? I’m part of this tree? Part of my dog barking over fences? You’re telling me that I’m part of some fisherman in Italy, on some ocean I’ve never even heard of? There’s some guy, sitting on death row, I’m part of him, too?

Jeremy: You don’t believe me.

Lindsey: It’s hard to believe that. All of that.

Jeremy: That’s because you have this spot that you can’t see past. (Putting his finger on her forehead.) My grams and gramps had it, a spot where they were taught they were disconnected from everything.

Lindsey: So that’s what they’d see if they could? That they’re connected?

Jeremy: And how beautiful they really are. And that there’s no need to hide, or lie. And that it’s possible to talk to someone without any lies, with no sarcasms, no deceptions, no exaggerations or any of the things that people use to confuse the truth.

(A conversation from the movie Powder.)

RZA: Ghost Dog: Form is emptiness, emptiness is form

I don't know much about rap/hip-hop, but thanks to Ghost Dog I do know about RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan.

From Ghost Dog:

“Our bodies are given life
from the midst of nothingness.

Existing where there is nothing
is the meaning of the phrase,
Form is emptiness.

That all things are provided for
by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase,
Emptiness is form.

One should not think that
these are two separate things.”

“I think your heart grows back bigger”

“Okay, well, here’s my story, here’s what you need to know. I’m just divorced and I had my heart broken badly by a woman that I really loved. But I think your heart grows back bigger. You know? Once you get the shit beat out of you, and the universe lets your heart expand that way. And I think that’s the function of all this pain and heartache that we all go through, you know, you gotta go through that to come out to a better place and that’s how I see it, anyway.”

One of the many great quotes from my favorite movie of the now, Must Love Dogs.