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Step 1: The type of count

The first step in our FPA process is determining the type of count for the application at hand. Function point counts can be one of three different types:

Name Definition
Development Project FP Count Measures the functions provided to the users with the first installation of the software being delivered.
Enhancement Project FP Count Measures the modifications to an existing application.
Application FP Count Measures the functionality provided to users in an existing application.

Table 12: Types of FP counts Because my FPTracker application already exists and is in production, the type of our count is an ``Application FP Count''.

That's all we have to do for Step 1. Note that this does not have anything to do with assigning points at this time. We are simply recording what type of project we are counting, because there are different summation rules at the end of the count, and they vary depending on the type of count you are performing.





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