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Akka/Scala example source code file (Mailboxes.scala)

This example Akka source code file (Mailboxes.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Akka and Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Akka tags/keywords

actor, actorref, akka, any, class, configurationexception, deadletter, dispatch, event, illegalargumentexception, mailbox, mailboxtype, string, unit, util, utilities

The Mailboxes.scala Akka example source code

 * Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Typesafe Inc. <>

package akka.dispatch

import com.typesafe.config.{ ConfigFactory, Config }
import{ Actor, DynamicAccess, ActorSystem }
import akka.event.EventStream
import java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
import akka.event.Logging.Warning
import akka.ConfigurationException
import scala.annotation.tailrec
import java.lang.reflect.ParameterizedType
import akka.util.Reflect
import scala.util.Try
import scala.util.Failure
import scala.util.control.NonFatal
import akka.dispatch.sysmsg.SystemMessage
import akka.dispatch.sysmsg.LatestFirstSystemMessageList
import akka.dispatch.sysmsg.EarliestFirstSystemMessageList
import akka.dispatch.sysmsg.SystemMessageList

object Mailboxes {
  final val DefaultMailboxId = ""
  final val NoMailboxRequirement = ""

private[akka] class Mailboxes(
  val settings: ActorSystem.Settings,
  val eventStream: EventStream,
  dynamicAccess: DynamicAccess,
  deadLetters: ActorRef) {

  import Mailboxes._

  val deadLetterMailbox: Mailbox = new Mailbox(new MessageQueue {
    def enqueue(receiver: ActorRef, envelope: Envelope): Unit = envelope.message match {
      case _: DeadLetter ⇒ // actor subscribing to DeadLetter, drop it
      case msg           ⇒ deadLetters.tell(DeadLetter(msg, envelope.sender, receiver), envelope.sender)
    def dequeue() = null
    def hasMessages = false
    def numberOfMessages = 0
    def cleanUp(owner: ActorRef, deadLetters: MessageQueue): Unit = ()
  }) {
    def systemEnqueue(receiver: ActorRef, handle: SystemMessage): Unit =
      deadLetters ! DeadLetter(handle, receiver, receiver)
    def systemDrain(newContents: LatestFirstSystemMessageList): EarliestFirstSystemMessageList = SystemMessageList.ENil
    def hasSystemMessages = false

  private val mailboxTypeConfigurators = new ConcurrentHashMap[String, MailboxType]

  private val mailboxBindings: Map[Class[_ <: Any], String] = {
    import scala.collection.JavaConverters._
      .toMap.foldLeft(Map.empty[Class[_ <: Any], String]) {
        case (m, (k, v)) ⇒
          dynamicAccess.getClassFor[Any](k).map {
            case x ⇒ m.updated(x, v.toString)
          }.recover {
            case e ⇒
              throw new ConfigurationException(s"Type [${k}] specified as " +
                s"[${v}] in config can't be loaded due to [${e.getMessage}]", e)

   * Returns a mailbox type as specified in configuration, based on the id, or if not defined None.
  def lookup(id: String): MailboxType = lookupConfigurator(id)

   * Returns a mailbox type as specified in configuration, based on the type, or if not defined None.
  def lookupByQueueType(queueType: Class[_ <: Any]): MailboxType = lookup(lookupId(queueType))

  private final val rmqClass = classOf[RequiresMessageQueue[_]]
   * Return the required message queue type for this class if any.
  def getRequiredType(actorClass: Class[_ <: Actor]): Class[_] =
    Reflect.findMarker(actorClass, rmqClass) match {
      case t: ParameterizedType ⇒ t.getActualTypeArguments.head match {
        case c: Class[_] ⇒ c
        case x           ⇒ throw new IllegalArgumentException(s"no wildcard type allowed in RequireMessageQueue argument (was [$x])")

  // don’t care if this happens twice
  private var mailboxSizeWarningIssued = false

  def getMailboxRequirement(config: Config) = config.getString("mailbox-requirement") match {
    case NoMailboxRequirement ⇒ classOf[MessageQueue]
    case x                    ⇒ dynamicAccess.getClassFor[AnyRef](x).get

  def getProducedMessageQueueType(mailboxType: MailboxType): Class[_] = {
    val pmqClass = classOf[ProducesMessageQueue[_]]
    if (!pmqClass.isAssignableFrom(mailboxType.getClass)) classOf[MessageQueue]
    else Reflect.findMarker(mailboxType.getClass, pmqClass) match {
      case t: ParameterizedType ⇒
        t.getActualTypeArguments.head match {
          case c: Class[_] ⇒ c
          case x ⇒ throw new IllegalArgumentException(
            s"no wildcard type allowed in ProducesMessageQueue argument (was [$x])")

   * Finds out the mailbox type for an actor based on configuration, props and requirements.
  protected[akka] def getMailboxType(props: Props, dispatcherConfig: Config): MailboxType = {
    val id = dispatcherConfig.getString("id")
    val deploy = props.deploy
    val actorClass = props.actorClass
    lazy val actorRequirement = getRequiredType(actorClass)

    val mailboxRequirement: Class[_] = getMailboxRequirement(dispatcherConfig)

    val hasMailboxRequirement: Boolean = mailboxRequirement != classOf[MessageQueue]

    val hasMailboxType =
      dispatcherConfig.hasPath("mailbox-type") &&
        dispatcherConfig.getString("mailbox-type") != Deploy.NoMailboxGiven

    // TODO remove in 2.3
    if (!hasMailboxType && !mailboxSizeWarningIssued && dispatcherConfig.hasPath("mailbox-size")) {
      eventStream.publish(Warning("mailboxes", getClass,
        s"ignoring setting 'mailbox-size' for dispatcher [$id], you need to specify 'mailbox-type=bounded'"))
      mailboxSizeWarningIssued = true

    def verifyRequirements(mailboxType: MailboxType): MailboxType = {
      lazy val mqType: Class[_] = getProducedMessageQueueType(mailboxType)
      if (hasMailboxRequirement && !mailboxRequirement.isAssignableFrom(mqType))
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(
          s"produced message queue type [$mqType] does not fulfill requirement for dispatcher [${id}]")
      if (hasRequiredType(actorClass) && !actorRequirement.isAssignableFrom(mqType))
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(
          s"produced message queue type [$mqType] does not fulfill requirement for actor class [$actorClass]")

    if (deploy.mailbox != Deploy.NoMailboxGiven) {
    } else if (deploy.dispatcher != Deploy.NoDispatcherGiven && hasMailboxType) {
    } else if (hasRequiredType(actorClass)) {
      try verifyRequirements(lookupByQueueType(getRequiredType(actorClass)))
      catch {
        case NonFatal(thr) if (hasMailboxRequirement) ⇒ verifyRequirements(lookupByQueueType(mailboxRequirement))
    } else if (hasMailboxRequirement) {
    } else {

   * Check if this class can have a required message queue type.
  def hasRequiredType(actorClass: Class[_ <: Actor]): Boolean = rmqClass.isAssignableFrom(actorClass)

  private def lookupId(queueType: Class[_]): String =
    mailboxBindings.get(queueType) match {
      case None    ⇒ throw new ConfigurationException(s"Mailbox Mapping for [${queueType}] not configured")
      case Some(s) ⇒ s

  private def lookupConfigurator(id: String): MailboxType = {
    mailboxTypeConfigurators.get(id) match {
      case null ⇒
        // It doesn't matter if we create a mailbox type configurator that isn't used due to concurrent lookup.
        val newConfigurator = id match {
          // TODO RK remove these two for Akka 2.3
          case "unbounded" ⇒ UnboundedMailbox()
          case "bounded"   ⇒ new BoundedMailbox(settings, config(id))
          case _ ⇒
            if (!settings.config.hasPath(id)) throw new ConfigurationException(s"Mailbox Type [${id}] not configured")
            val conf = config(id)
            conf.getString("mailbox-type") match {
              case "" ⇒ throw new ConfigurationException(s"The setting mailbox-type, defined in [$id] is empty")
              case fqcn ⇒
                val args = List(classOf[ActorSystem.Settings] -> settings, classOf[Config] -> conf)
                dynamicAccess.createInstanceFor[MailboxType](fqcn, args).recover({
                  case exception ⇒
                    throw new IllegalArgumentException(
                      (s"Cannot instantiate MailboxType [$fqcn], defined in [$id], make sure it has a public" +
                        " constructor with [, com.typesafe.config.Config] parameters"),

        mailboxTypeConfigurators.putIfAbsent(id, newConfigurator) match {
          case null     ⇒ newConfigurator
          case existing ⇒ existing

      case existing ⇒ existing

  private val defaultMailboxConfig = settings.config.getConfig(DefaultMailboxId)

  private def config(id: String): Config = {
    import scala.collection.JavaConverters._
    ConfigFactory.parseMap(Map("id" -> id).asJava)

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