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Akka/Scala example source code file (RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec.scala)

This example Akka source code file (RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Akka and Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Akka tags/keywords

actor, actorref, akka, concurrent, implicitsender, info, longrunningtest, multinodeconfig, remotequarantinepiercingspec, some, stmultinodespec, string, subject, test, testing, time, uid

The RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec.scala Akka example source code

 * Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Typesafe Inc. <>
package akka.remote

import language.postfixOps
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory
import akka.remote.testconductor.RoleName
import akka.remote.transport.ThrottlerTransportAdapter.{ ForceDisassociate, Direction }
import akka.remote.testkit.MultiNodeConfig
import akka.remote.testkit.MultiNodeSpec
import akka.remote.testkit.STMultiNodeSpec
import akka.testkit._
import akka.remote.testconductor.RoleName
import scala.concurrent.Await

object RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec extends MultiNodeConfig {
  val first = role("first")
  val second = role("second")

  commonConfig(debugConfig(on = false).withFallback(
      akka.loglevel = INFO
      akka.remote.log-remote-lifecycle-events = INFO
      akka.remote.quarantine-systems-for = 1 d
      akka.remote.gate-invalid-addresses-for = 0.5 s

  class Subject extends Actor {
    def receive = {
      case "shutdown" ⇒ context.system.shutdown()
      case "identify" ⇒ sender() ! (AddressUidExtension(context.system).addressUid, self)


class RemoteQuarantinePiercingMultiJvmNode1 extends RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec
class RemoteQuarantinePiercingMultiJvmNode2 extends RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec

abstract class RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec extends MultiNodeSpec(RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec)
  with STMultiNodeSpec
  with ImplicitSender {

  import RemoteQuarantinePiercingSpec._

  override def initialParticipants = roles.size

  def identify(role: RoleName, actorName: String): (Int, ActorRef) = {
    system.actorSelection(node(role) / "user" / actorName) ! "identify"
    expectMsgType[(Int, ActorRef)]

  "RemoteNodeShutdownAndComesBack" must {

    "allow piercing through the quarantine when remote UID is new" taggedAs LongRunningTest in {
      runOn(first) {
        val secondAddress = node(second).address

        // Acquire ActorRef from first system
        val (uidFirst, subjectFirst) = identify(second, "subject")

        // Manually Quarantine the other system
        RARP(system).provider.transport.quarantine(node(second).address, Some(uidFirst))

        // Quarantine is up -- Cannot communicate with remote system any more
        system.actorSelection(RootActorPath(secondAddress) / "user" / "subject") ! "identify"

        // Shut down the other system -- which results in restart (see runOn(second))
        Await.result(testConductor.shutdown(second), 30.seconds)

        // Now wait until second system becomes alive again
        within(30.seconds) {
          // retry because the Subject actor might not be started yet
          awaitAssert {
            system.actorSelection(RootActorPath(secondAddress) / "user" / "subject") ! "identify"
            val (uidSecond, subjectSecond) = expectMsgType[(Int, ActorRef)](1.second)
            uidSecond should not be (uidFirst)
            subjectSecond should not be (subjectFirst)

        // If we got here the Quarantine was successfully pierced since it is configured to last 1 day

        system.actorSelection(RootActorPath(secondAddress) / "user" / "subject") ! "shutdown"


      runOn(second) {
        val addr = system.asInstanceOf[ExtendedActorSystem].provider.getDefaultAddress
        system.actorOf(Props[Subject], "subject")



        val freshSystem = ActorSystem(, ConfigFactory.parseString(s"""
                    akka.remote.netty.tcp {
                      hostname = ${}
                      port = ${addr.port.get}
        freshSystem.actorOf(Props[Subject], "subject")




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