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Java example source code file (LearningRatePolicy.java)

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The LearningRatePolicy.java Java example source code

package org.deeplearning4j.nn.conf;

 * Learning Rate Policy
 * How to decay learning rate during training.
 * <p>None = do not apply decay policy aka fixed in Caffe 
* <p>Exponential = applies decay rate to the power of the # batches
* <p>Inverse = divide learning rate by negative (1 + decay rate * # batches)^power
* <p>Poly = polynomial decay that hits 0 when iterations are complete
* <p>Sigmoid = sigmoid decay rate
* <p>Step = decay rate to the power of the floor (nearest integer) of # of batches by # of steps
* <p>Schedule = rate to use at a specific iteration
* <p>Score = apply decay when score stops improving
*/ // TODO provide options using epochs in addition to iterations public enum LearningRatePolicy { None, Exponential, Inverse, Poly, Sigmoid, Step, Schedule, Score }

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