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Java EE 6 example source code file (LogStrings.properties)

This example Java EE 6 source code file (LogStrings.properties) is included in the DevDaily.com "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Java EE 6 LogStrings.properties source code

#  Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#  This software is the proprietary information of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
#  Use is subject to license terms.

# Default localized resources for servlets and jsps
# This locale is en_US

sendmail.title=Example Mail Sending Results
sendmail.successfullysent=Message successfully sent!
sendmail.encounteredexception=ENCOUNTERED EXCEPTION :
sendmail.createanewmessage=Create a new message
sendmail.backtoexampleshome=Back to examples home

sendmail.jsp.title=GlassFish v3 : Connector 1.6 Examples: Mail Sending Form
sendmail.jsp.overview=This page will send an electronic mail message via the<BR>\
<code>javax.mail.Session resource factory that is configured into
\ the JNDI context for this web application. Before it can be used<BR>\ successfully, you must take note of the following: sendmail.jsp.defaultconfig=The default configuration assumes that there is an SMTP server running <BR>\ on <strong>localhost. If this is not the case, edit your
\ <code>mail.properties file and change the value for the
\ <code>mailhost parameter to the name of a host that provides
\ SMTP service for your network, and change the value for the <code>mailuser
\ parameter to the valid mail user id, redeploy the application, and restart app server. sendmail.jsp.applicationlogic=The application logic assumes that no user authentication is required<BR>\ by your SMTP server before accepting mail messages to be sent. sendmail.jsp.allfields=All of the fields below are required. sendmail.jsp.entermessage=Enter The Email Message To Be Sent sendmail.jsp.from=From: sendmail.jsp.to=To: sendmail.jsp.subject=Subject: sendmail.jsp.sendbutton=Send sendmail.jsp.resetbutton=Reset mailbrowser.title=GlassFish v3 : Connector 1.6 Examples: Mail box Browser mailbrowser.successfullysent=Query Request successfully sent! mailbrowser.encounteredexception=ENCOUNTERED EXCEPTION : mailbrowser.createanewmessage=Create a new message mailbrowser.backtoexampleshome=Back to examples home mailbrowser.jsp.title=Query for new messages in a given email folder mailbrowser.jsp.overview=<H3>Please fill in all fields below and then click the Browse button. The provided data will be sent to a servlet that will query the given Email Folder by means of the MailConnector-RA. All messages marked as new in that folder will be listed. mailbrowser.jsp.note=<b>NOTES: mailbrowser.jsp.allfields=All of the fields below are required. mailbrowser.jsp.defaultconfig=For protocol use <code>IMAP only mailbrowser.jsp.entermessage=Enter The Folder location mailbrowser.jsp.folder=Folder: mailbrowser.jsp.server=Server Name: mailbrowser.jsp.username=User Name: mailbrowser.jsp.password=Password: mailbrowser.jsp.protocol=Protocol: mailbrowser.jsp.sendbutton=Browse mailbrowser.jsp.resetbutton=Reset

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