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Java example source code file (backward)

This example Java source code file (backward) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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Java - Java tags/keywords

america/adak, america/argentina/cordoba, america/denver, america/indiana/indianapolis, america/indiana/knox, america/regina, america/tijuana, asia/shanghai, australia/sydney, etc/gmt, etc/utc, europe/london, link, pacific/auckland

The backward Java example source code

# This file is in the public domain, so clarified as of
# 2009-05-17 by Arthur David Olson.

# This file provides links between current names for time zones
# and their old names.  Many names changed in late 1993.

Link	Africa/Nairobi		Africa/Asmera
Link	Africa/Abidjan		Africa/Timbuktu
Link	America/Argentina/Catamarca	America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia
Link	America/Adak		America/Atka
Link	America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires	America/Buenos_Aires
Link	America/Argentina/Catamarca	America/Catamarca
Link	America/Atikokan	America/Coral_Harbour
Link	America/Argentina/Cordoba	America/Cordoba
Link	America/Tijuana		America/Ensenada
Link	America/Indiana/Indianapolis	America/Fort_Wayne
Link	America/Indiana/Indianapolis	America/Indianapolis
Link	America/Argentina/Jujuy	America/Jujuy
Link	America/Indiana/Knox	America/Knox_IN
Link	America/Kentucky/Louisville	America/Louisville
Link	America/Argentina/Mendoza	America/Mendoza
Link	America/Toronto		America/Montreal
Link	America/Rio_Branco	America/Porto_Acre
Link	America/Argentina/Cordoba	America/Rosario
Link	America/Tijuana		America/Santa_Isabel
Link	America/Denver		America/Shiprock
Link	America/Port_of_Spain	America/Virgin
Link	Pacific/Auckland	Antarctica/South_Pole
Link	Asia/Ashgabat		Asia/Ashkhabad
Link	Asia/Kolkata		Asia/Calcutta
Link	Asia/Shanghai		Asia/Chongqing
Link	Asia/Shanghai		Asia/Chungking
Link	Asia/Dhaka		Asia/Dacca
Link	Asia/Shanghai		Asia/Harbin
Link	Asia/Urumqi		Asia/Kashgar
Link	Asia/Kathmandu		Asia/Katmandu
Link	Asia/Macau		Asia/Macao
Link	Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh	Asia/Saigon
Link	Asia/Jerusalem		Asia/Tel_Aviv
Link	Asia/Thimphu		Asia/Thimbu
Link	Asia/Makassar		Asia/Ujung_Pandang
Link	Asia/Ulaanbaatar	Asia/Ulan_Bator
Link	Atlantic/Faroe		Atlantic/Faeroe
Link	Europe/Oslo		Atlantic/Jan_Mayen
Link	Australia/Sydney	Australia/ACT
Link	Australia/Sydney	Australia/Canberra
Link	Australia/Lord_Howe	Australia/LHI
Link	Australia/Sydney	Australia/NSW
Link	Australia/Darwin	Australia/North
Link	Australia/Brisbane	Australia/Queensland
Link	Australia/Adelaide	Australia/South
Link	Australia/Hobart	Australia/Tasmania
Link	Australia/Melbourne	Australia/Victoria
Link	Australia/Perth		Australia/West
Link	Australia/Broken_Hill	Australia/Yancowinna
Link	America/Rio_Branco	Brazil/Acre
Link	America/Noronha		Brazil/DeNoronha
Link	America/Sao_Paulo	Brazil/East
Link	America/Manaus		Brazil/West
Link	America/Halifax		Canada/Atlantic
Link	America/Winnipeg	Canada/Central
Link	America/Regina		Canada/East-Saskatchewan
Link	America/Toronto		Canada/Eastern
Link	America/Edmonton	Canada/Mountain
Link	America/St_Johns	Canada/Newfoundland
Link	America/Vancouver	Canada/Pacific
Link	America/Regina		Canada/Saskatchewan
Link	America/Whitehorse	Canada/Yukon
Link	America/Santiago	Chile/Continental
Link	Pacific/Easter		Chile/EasterIsland
Link	America/Havana		Cuba
Link	Africa/Cairo		Egypt
Link	Europe/Dublin		Eire
Link	Europe/London		Europe/Belfast
Link	Europe/Chisinau		Europe/Tiraspol
Link	Europe/London		GB
Link	Europe/London		GB-Eire
Link	Etc/GMT			GMT+0
Link	Etc/GMT			GMT-0
Link	Etc/GMT			GMT0
Link	Etc/GMT			Greenwich
Link	Asia/Hong_Kong		Hongkong
Link	Atlantic/Reykjavik	Iceland
Link	Asia/Tehran		Iran
Link	Asia/Jerusalem		Israel
Link	America/Jamaica		Jamaica
Link	Asia/Tokyo		Japan
Link	Pacific/Kwajalein	Kwajalein
Link	Africa/Tripoli		Libya
Link	America/Tijuana		Mexico/BajaNorte
Link	America/Mazatlan	Mexico/BajaSur
Link	America/Mexico_City	Mexico/General
Link	Pacific/Auckland	NZ
Link	Pacific/Chatham		NZ-CHAT
Link	America/Denver		Navajo
Link	Asia/Shanghai		PRC
Link	Pacific/Pohnpei		Pacific/Ponape
Link	Pacific/Pago_Pago	Pacific/Samoa
Link	Pacific/Chuuk		Pacific/Truk
Link	Pacific/Chuuk		Pacific/Yap
Link	Europe/Warsaw		Poland
Link	Europe/Lisbon		Portugal
Link	Asia/Taipei		ROC
Link	Asia/Seoul		ROK
Link	Asia/Singapore		Singapore
Link	Europe/Istanbul		Turkey
Link	Etc/UCT			UCT
Link	America/Anchorage	US/Alaska
Link	America/Adak		US/Aleutian
Link	America/Phoenix		US/Arizona
Link	America/Chicago		US/Central
Link	America/Indiana/Indianapolis	US/East-Indiana
Link	America/New_York	US/Eastern
Link	Pacific/Honolulu	US/Hawaii
Link	America/Indiana/Knox	US/Indiana-Starke
Link	America/Detroit		US/Michigan
Link	America/Denver		US/Mountain
Link	America/Los_Angeles	US/Pacific
Link	Pacific/Pago_Pago	US/Samoa
Link	Etc/UTC			UTC
Link	Etc/UTC			Universal
Link	Europe/Moscow		W-SU
Link	Etc/UTC			Zulu

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