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]]> </RESOURCE> <!-- Standard view --> <RESOURCE name="FOLDERS STD"> <![CDATA[]]> </RESOURCE> <!-- Exception messages --> <RESOURCE name="EX NO CHANGE PASSWORD"> This authentication method doesn't allow a password change! </RESOURCE> </LOCALE> </BUNDLE>

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This file is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The source code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- This file contains String resources for WebMail that may be extended to support more languages -->

<!DOCTYPE BUNDLE SYSTEM "resource.dtd">

<BUNDLE default="en">
  <!-- Section common to all locales -->
    <!-- First we have the different html document names -->
    <RESOURCE name="LoginScreen">html-templates/loginscreen.html
    <RESOURCE name="send result">html-templates/mailboxscreen_sendresult.html
    <RESOURCE name="error">html-templates/mailboxscreen_error.html
    <RESOURCE name="folders">html-templates/mailboxscreen_folders.html
    <RESOURCE name="adminlogin">html-templates/adminlogin.html
    <RESOURCE name="adminform">html-templates/adminform.html
    <RESOURCE name="adminuser">html-templates/adminuser.html
    <RESOURCE name="adminsessions">html-templates/adminsessions.html
    <RESOURCE name="adminvdom">html-templates/adminvdom.html

    <RESOURCE name="GNU License">html-templates/COPYING

  <!-- Language specific parts for english language -->
  <LOCALE lang="en">

    <RESOURCE name="no subject">(no subject)
    <RESOURCE name="no date">(no date)
    <RESOURCE name="unknown sender">(unknown sender)
    <RESOURCE name="unknown recipient">(unknown recipient)

    <RESOURCE name="reply subject prefix">RE:
    <RESOURCE name="reply subject postfix">
    <RESOURCE name="reply message prefix">You wrote:
    <RESOURCE name="reply message postfix">

    <RESOURCE name="forward subject prefix">[fwd:
    <RESOURCE name="forward subject postfix">]
    <RESOURCE name="forward message prefix">================== begin forwarded message ==================
    <RESOURCE name="forward message postfix">=================== end forwarded message ===================

    <!--  Folder overview.
     Available Tags:
     All standard tags
      <          Name of the folder
      < Name of the folder (URL-clean with %[0-9A-F][0-9A-F] for bad chars)
      <           URL of that folder (i.e. imap://user@host/folder)
      <         Total messagecount for that folder
      <           New messagecount for that folder
      <         Color of the folder (green=folder ok, red=error)

    <!-- Folder configuration screen -->
      <![CDATA[<>, URL: <> - Show in form - Delete
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