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Scala example source code file (rootdoc.txt)

This example Scala source code file (rootdoc.txt) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

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The rootdoc.txt Scala example source code

This is the documentation for the Scala standard library.

== Package structure ==

The [[scala]] package contains core types like [[scala.Int `Int`]], [[scala.Float `Float`]], [[scala.Array `Array`]]
or [[scala.Option `Option`]] which are accessible in all Scala compilation units without explicit qualification or

Notable packages include:

  - [[scala.collection    `scala.collection`]] and its sub-packages contain Scala's collections framework
    - [[scala.collection.immutable `scala.collection.immutable`]] - Immutable, sequential data-structures such as
      [[scala.collection.immutable.Vector `Vector`]], [[scala.collection.immutable.List `List`]],
      [[scala.collection.immutable.Range `Range`]], [[scala.collection.immutable.HashMap `HashMap`]] or
      [[scala.collection.immutable.HashSet `HasSet`]]
    - [[scala.collection.mutable `scala.collection.mutable`]] - Mutable, sequential data-structures such as
      [[scala.collection.mutable.ArrayBuffer `ArrayBuffer`]],
      [[scala.collection.mutable.StringBuilder `StringBuilder`]],
      [[scala.collection.mutable.HashMap `HashMap`]] or [[scala.collection.mutable.HashSet `HashSet`]]
    - [[scala.collection.concurrent `scala.collection.concurrent`]] - Mutable, concurrent data-structures such as
      [[scala.collection.concurrent.TrieMap `TrieMap`]]
    - [[scala.collection.parallel.immutable `scala.collection.parallel.immutable`]] - Immutable, parallel
      data-structures such as [[scala.collection.parallel.immutable.ParVector `ParVector`]],
      [[scala.collection.parallel.immutable.ParRange `ParRange`]],
      [[scala.collection.parallel.immutable.ParHashMap `ParHashMap`]] or
      [[scala.collection.parallel.immutable.ParHashSet `ParHashSet`]]
    - [[scala.collection.parallel.mutable `scala.collection.parallel.mutable`]] - Mutable, parallel
      data-structures such as [[scala.collection.parallel.mutable.ParArray `ParArray`]],
      [[scala.collection.parallel.mutable.ParHashMap `ParHashMap`]],
      [[scala.collection.parallel.mutable.ParTrieMap `ParTrieMap`]] or
      [[scala.collection.parallel.mutable.ParHashSet `ParHashSet`]]
  - [[scala.concurrent    `scala.concurrent`]] - Primitives for concurrent programming such as
    [[scala.concurrent.Future `Futures`]] and [[scala.concurrent.Promise `Promises`]]
  - [[            ``]]     - Input and output operations
  - [[scala.math          `scala.math`]]   - Basic math functions and additional numeric types like
    [[scala.math.BigInt `BigInt`]] and [[scala.math.BigDecimal `BigDecimal`]]
  - [[scala.sys           `scala.sys`]]    - Interaction with other processes and the operating system
  - [[scala.util.matching `scala.util.matching`]] - [[scala.util.matching.Regex Regular expressions]]

Other packages exist.  See the complete list on the left.

Additional parts of the standard library are shipped as separate libraries. These include:

  - [[scala.reflect       `scala.reflect`]]   - Scala's reflection API (scala-reflect.jar)
  - [[scala.xml           `scala.xml`]]    - XML parsing, manipulation, and serialization (scala-xml.jar)
  - [[scala.swing         `scala.swing`]]  - A convenient wrapper around Java's GUI framework called Swing (scala-swing.jar)
  - [[scala.util.continuations `scala.util.continuations`]] - Delimited continuations using continuation-passing-style
    (scala-continuations-library.jar, scala-continuations-plugin.jar)
  - [[scala.util.parsing  `scala.util.parsing`]] - [[scala.util.parsing.combinator Parser combinators]], including an
    example implementation of a [[scala.util.parsing.json JSON parser]] (scala-parser-combinators.jar)
  - [[scala.actors        `scala.actors`]]    - Actor-based concurrency (deprecated and replaced by Akka actors,

== Automatic imports ==

Identifiers in the scala package and the [[scala.Predef `scala.Predef`]] object are always in scope by default.

Some of these identifiers are type aliases provided as shortcuts to commonly used classes.  For example, `List` is an alias for
[[scala.collection.immutable.List `scala.collection.immutable.List`]].

Other aliases refer to classes provided by the underlying platform.  For example, on the JVM, `String` is an alias for `java.lang.String`.

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