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Scala example source code file (TraversableProxyLike.scala)

This example Scala source code file (TraversableProxyLike.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

a, b, boolean, canbuildfrom, int, option, reflection, repr, string, stringbuilder, that

The TraversableProxyLike.scala Scala example source code

/*                     __                                               *\
**     ________ ___   / /  ___     Scala API                            **
**    / __/ __// _ | / /  / _ |    (c) 2003-2013, LAMP/EPFL             **
**  __\ \/ /__/ __ |/ /__/ __ |               **
** /____/\___/_/ |_/____/_/ | |                                         **
**                          |/                                          **
\*                                                                      */

package scala
package collection

import generic._
import mutable.{Buffer, StringBuilder}
import scala.reflect.ClassTag

// Methods could be printed by  cat TraversableLike.scala | egrep '^  (override )?def'

/** This trait implements a proxy for Traversable objects. It forwards
 *  all calls to a different Traversable object.
 *  @author  Martin Odersky
 *  @version 2.8
 *  @since   2.8
@deprecated("Proxying is deprecated due to lack of use and compiler-level support.", "2.11.0")
trait TraversableProxyLike[+A, +Repr <: TraversableLike[A, Repr] with Traversable[A]] extends TraversableLike[A, Repr] with Proxy {
  def self: Repr

  override def foreach[B](f: A => B): Unit = self.foreach(f)
  override def isEmpty: Boolean = self.isEmpty
  override def nonEmpty: Boolean = self.nonEmpty
  override def size: Int = self.size
  override def hasDefiniteSize = self.hasDefiniteSize
  override def ++[B >: A, That](xs: GenTraversableOnce[B])(implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Repr, B, That]): That = self.++(xs)(bf)
  override def map[B, That](f: A => B)(implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Repr, B, That]): That =
  override def flatMap[B, That](f: A => GenTraversableOnce[B])(implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Repr, B, That]): That = self.flatMap(f)(bf)
  override def filter(p: A => Boolean): Repr = self.filter(p)
  override def filterNot(p: A => Boolean): Repr = self.filterNot(p)
  override def collect[B, That](pf: PartialFunction[A, B])(implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Repr, B, That]): That = self.collect(pf)(bf)
  override def partition(p: A => Boolean): (Repr, Repr) = self.partition(p)
  override def groupBy[K](f: A => K): immutable.Map[K, Repr] = self.groupBy(f)
  override def forall(p: A => Boolean): Boolean = self.forall(p)
  override def exists(p: A => Boolean): Boolean = self.exists(p)
  override def count(p: A => Boolean): Int = self.count(p)
  override def find(p: A => Boolean): Option[A] = self.find(p)
  override def foldLeft[B](z: B)(op: (B, A) => B): B = self.foldLeft(z)(op)
  override def /: [B](z: B)(op: (B, A) => B): B = self./:(z)(op)
  override def foldRight[B](z: B)(op: (A, B) => B): B = self.foldRight(z)(op)
  override def :\ [B](z: B)(op: (A, B) => B): B = self.:\(z)(op)
  override def reduceLeft[B >: A](op: (B, A) => B): B = self.reduceLeft(op)
  override def reduceLeftOption[B >: A](op: (B, A) => B): Option[B] = self.reduceLeftOption(op)
  override def reduceRight[B >: A](op: (A, B) => B): B = self.reduceRight(op)
  override def reduceRightOption[B >: A](op: (A, B) => B): Option[B] = self.reduceRightOption(op)
  override def scanLeft[B, That](z: B)(op: (B, A) => B)(implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Repr, B, That]): That = self.scanLeft(z)(op)(bf)
  override def scanRight[B, That](z: B)(op: (A, B) => B)(implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Repr, B, That]): That = self.scanRight(z)(op)(bf)
  override def sum[B >: A](implicit num: Numeric[B]): B = self.sum(num)
  override def product[B >: A](implicit num: Numeric[B]): B = self.product(num)
  override def min[B >: A](implicit cmp: Ordering[B]): A = self.min(cmp)
  override def max[B >: A](implicit cmp: Ordering[B]): A = self.max(cmp)
  override def head: A = self.head
  override def headOption: Option[A] = self.headOption
  override def tail: Repr = self.tail
  override def last: A = self.last
  override def lastOption: Option[A] = self.lastOption
  override def init: Repr = self.init
  override def take(n: Int): Repr = self.take(n)
  override def drop(n: Int): Repr = self.drop(n)
  override def slice(from: Int, until: Int): Repr = self.slice(from, until)
  override def takeWhile(p: A => Boolean): Repr = self.takeWhile(p)
  override def dropWhile(p: A => Boolean): Repr = self.dropWhile(p)
  override def span(p: A => Boolean): (Repr, Repr) = self.span(p)
  override def splitAt(n: Int): (Repr, Repr) = self.splitAt(n)
  override def copyToBuffer[B >: A](dest: Buffer[B]) = self.copyToBuffer(dest)
  override def copyToArray[B >: A](xs: Array[B], start: Int, len: Int) = self.copyToArray(xs, start, len)
  override def copyToArray[B >: A](xs: Array[B], start: Int) = self.copyToArray(xs, start)
  override def copyToArray[B >: A](xs: Array[B]) = self.copyToArray(xs)
  override def toArray[B >: A: ClassTag]: Array[B] = self.toArray
  override def toList: List[A] = self.toList
  override def toIterable: Iterable[A] = self.toIterable
  override def toSeq: Seq[A] = self.toSeq
  override def toIndexedSeq: immutable.IndexedSeq[A] = self.toIndexedSeq
  override def toBuffer[B >: A] = self.toBuffer
  override def toStream: Stream[A] = self.toStream
  override def toSet[B >: A]: immutable.Set[B] = self.toSet
  override def toMap[T, U](implicit ev: A <:< (T, U)): immutable.Map[T, U] = self.toMap(ev)
  override def toTraversable: Traversable[A] = self.toTraversable
  override def toIterator: Iterator[A] = self.toIterator
  override def mkString(start: String, sep: String, end: String): String = self.mkString(start, sep, end)
  override def mkString(sep: String): String = self.mkString(sep)
  override def mkString: String = self.mkString
  override def addString(b: StringBuilder, start: String, sep: String, end: String): StringBuilder = self.addString(b, start, sep, end)
  override def addString(b: StringBuilder, sep: String): StringBuilder = self.addString(b, sep)
  override def addString(b: StringBuilder): StringBuilder = self.addString(b)
  override def stringPrefix : String = self.stringPrefix
  override def view = self.view
  override def view(from: Int, until: Int): TraversableView[A, Repr] = self.view(from, until)
  // This appears difficult to override due to the type of WithFilter.
  // override def withFilter(p: A => Boolean): WithFilter = self.withFilter(p)

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