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Scala example source code file (StreamViewLike.scala)

This example Scala source code file (StreamViewLike.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

a, abstracttransformed, b, boolean, coll, droppedwhile, streamview, that, this, transformed

The StreamViewLike.scala Scala example source code

package scala
package collection
package immutable

import generic._

trait StreamViewLike[+A,
		     +This <: StreamView[A, Coll] with StreamViewLike[A, Coll, This]]
extends SeqView[A, Coll]
   with SeqViewLike[A, Coll, This]
{ self =>

  override def force[B >: A, That](implicit bf: CanBuildFrom[Coll, B, That]) = {

  trait Transformed[+B] extends StreamView[B, Coll] with super.Transformed[B] {
    override def toString = viewToString

  /** Explicit instantiation of the `Transformed` trait to reduce class file size in subclasses. */
  private[collection] abstract class AbstractTransformed[+B] extends super.AbstractTransformed[B] with Transformed[B]

  trait EmptyView extends Transformed[Nothing] with super.EmptyView

  trait Forced[B] extends super.Forced[B] with Transformed[B]

  trait Sliced extends super.Sliced with Transformed[A]

  trait Mapped[B] extends super.Mapped[B] with Transformed[B]

  trait FlatMapped[B] extends super.FlatMapped[B] with Transformed[B]

  trait Appended[B >: A] extends super.Appended[B] with Transformed[B]

  trait Filtered extends super.Filtered with Transformed[A]

  trait TakenWhile extends super.TakenWhile with Transformed[A]

  trait DroppedWhile extends super.DroppedWhile with Transformed[A]

  trait Zipped[B] extends super.Zipped[B] with Transformed[(A, B)]

  trait ZippedAll[A1 >: A, B] extends super.ZippedAll[A1, B] with Transformed[(A1, B)]

  trait Reversed extends super.Reversed with Transformed[A]

  trait Patched[B >: A] extends super.Patched[B] with Transformed[B]

  trait Prepended[B >: A] extends super.Prepended[B] with Transformed[B]

  /** boilerplate */
  protected override def newForced[B](xs: => scala.collection.GenSeq[B]): Transformed[B] = new { val forced = xs } with AbstractTransformed[B] with Forced[B]
  protected override def newAppended[B >: A](that: scala.collection.GenTraversable[B]): Transformed[B] = new { val rest = that } with AbstractTransformed[B] with Appended[B]
  protected override def newMapped[B](f: A => B): Transformed[B] = new { val mapping = f } with AbstractTransformed[B] with Mapped[B]
  protected override def newFlatMapped[B](f: A => scala.collection.GenTraversableOnce[B]): Transformed[B] = new { val mapping = f } with AbstractTransformed[B] with FlatMapped[B]
  protected override def newFiltered(p: A => Boolean): Transformed[A] = new { val pred = p } with AbstractTransformed[A] with Filtered
  protected override def newSliced(_endpoints: SliceInterval): Transformed[A] = new { val endpoints = _endpoints } with AbstractTransformed[A] with Sliced
  protected override def newDroppedWhile(p: A => Boolean): Transformed[A] = new { val pred = p } with AbstractTransformed[A] with DroppedWhile
  protected override def newTakenWhile(p: A => Boolean): Transformed[A] = new { val pred = p } with AbstractTransformed[A] with TakenWhile
  protected override def newZipped[B](that: scala.collection.GenIterable[B]): Transformed[(A, B)] = new { val other = that } with AbstractTransformed[(A, B)] with Zipped[B]
  protected override def newZippedAll[A1 >: A, B](that: scala.collection.GenIterable[B], _thisElem: A1, _thatElem: B): Transformed[(A1, B)] = {
    new { val other = that; val thisElem = _thisElem; val thatElem = _thatElem } with AbstractTransformed[(A1, B)] with ZippedAll[A1, B]
  protected override def newReversed: Transformed[A] = new Reversed { }
  protected override def newPatched[B >: A](_from: Int, _patch: scala.collection.GenSeq[B], _replaced: Int): Transformed[B] = {
    new { val from = _from; val patch = _patch; val replaced = _replaced } with AbstractTransformed[B] with Patched[B]
  protected override def newPrepended[B >: A](elem: B): Transformed[B] = new { protected[this] val fst = elem } with AbstractTransformed[B] with Prepended[B]

  override def stringPrefix = "StreamView"

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