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Scala example source code file (JavaAccFlags.scala)

This example Scala source code file (JavaAccFlags.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

class, constructor, field, flagtranslation, int, java_acc_protected, java_acc_public, javaaccflags, method, unknown

The JavaAccFlags.scala Scala example source code

/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
 * Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL
 * @author  Paul Phillips
package scala
package reflect
package internal

import java.lang.{ Class => jClass }
import java.lang.reflect.{ Member => jMember, Constructor => jConstructor, Field => jField, Method => jMethod }
import JavaAccFlags._
import ClassfileConstants._

/** A value class which encodes the access_flags (JVMS 4.1)
 *  for a field, method, or class. The low 16 bits are the same
 *  as those returned by java.lang.reflect.Member#getModifiers
 *  and found in the bytecode.
 *  The high bits encode whether the access flags are directly
 *  associated with a class, constructor, field, or method.
final class JavaAccFlags private (val coded: Int) extends AnyVal {
  private def has(mask: Int) = (flags & mask) != 0
  private def flagCarrierId  = coded >>> 16
  private def flags          = coded & 0xFFFF

  def isAbstract     = has(JAVA_ACC_ABSTRACT)
  def isAnnotation   = has(JAVA_ACC_ANNOTATION)
  def isBridge       = has(JAVA_ACC_BRIDGE)
  def isEnum         = has(JAVA_ACC_ENUM)
  def isFinal        = has(JAVA_ACC_FINAL)
  def isInterface    = has(JAVA_ACC_INTERFACE)
  def isNative       = has(JAVA_ACC_NATIVE)
  def isPrivate      = has(JAVA_ACC_PRIVATE)
  def isProtected    = has(JAVA_ACC_PROTECTED)
  def isPublic       = has(JAVA_ACC_PUBLIC)
  def isStatic       = has(JAVA_ACC_STATIC)
  def isStrictFp     = has(JAVA_ACC_STRICT)
  def isSuper        = has(JAVA_ACC_SUPER)
  def isSynchronized = has(JAVA_ACC_SYNCHRONIZED)
  def isSynthetic    = has(JAVA_ACC_SYNTHETIC)
  def isTransient    = has(JAVA_ACC_TRANSIENT)
  def isVarargs      = has(JAVA_ACC_VARARGS)
  def isVolatile     = has(JAVA_ACC_VOLATILE)

  /** Do these flags describe a member which has either protected or package access?
   *  Such access in java is encoded in scala as protected[foo] or private[foo], where
   *  `foo` is the defining package.
  def hasPackageAccessBoundary = !has(JAVA_ACC_PRIVATE | JAVA_ACC_PUBLIC) // equivalently, allows protected or package level access
  def isPackageProtected       = !has(JAVA_ACC_PRIVATE | JAVA_ACC_PROTECTED | JAVA_ACC_PUBLIC)

  def toJavaFlags: Int = flags
  def toScalaFlags: Long = flagCarrierId match {
    case Method | Constructor => FlagTranslation methodFlags flags
    case Class                => FlagTranslation classFlags flags
    case _                    => FlagTranslation fieldFlags flags

object JavaAccFlags {
  private val Unknown     = 0
  private val Class       = 1
  private val Field       = 2
  private val Method      = 3
  private val Constructor = 4

  private def create(flagCarrier: Int, access_flags: Int): JavaAccFlags =
    new JavaAccFlags((flagCarrier << 16) | (access_flags & 0xFFFF))

  def classFlags(flags: Int): JavaAccFlags       = create(Class, flags)
  def methodFlags(flags: Int): JavaAccFlags      = create(Method, flags)
  def fieldFlags(flags: Int): JavaAccFlags       = create(Field, flags)
  def constructorFlags(flags: Int): JavaAccFlags = create(Constructor, flags)

  def apply(access_flags: Int): JavaAccFlags = create(Unknown, access_flags)
  def apply(clazz: jClass[_]): JavaAccFlags  = classFlags(clazz.getModifiers)
  def apply(member: jMember): JavaAccFlags   = member match {
    case x: jConstructor[_] => constructorFlags(x.getModifiers)
    case x: jMethod         => methodFlags(x.getModifiers)
    case x: jField          => fieldFlags(x.getModifiers)
    case _                  => apply(member.getModifiers)

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