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Scala example source code file (SynchronizedOps.scala)

This example Scala source code file (SynchronizedOps.scala) is included in my "Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you more easily find Scala source code examples by using tags.

All credit for the original source code belongs to; I'm just trying to make examples easier to find. (For my Scala work, see my Scala examples and tutorials.)

Scala tags/keywords

basetypeseq, boolean, int, list, name, scope, symbol, synchronizedbasetypeseq, t, type

The SynchronizedOps.scala Scala example source code

package scala
package reflect
package runtime

// SI-6240: test thread-safety, make trees synchronized as well
private[reflect] trait SynchronizedOps extends internal.SymbolTable
                         with SynchronizedSymbols
                         with SynchronizedTypes { self: SymbolTable =>

// Names

  override protected def synchronizeNames = true

// BaseTypeSeqs

  override protected def newBaseTypeSeq(parents: List[Type], elems: Array[Type]) =
    // only need to synchronize BaseTypeSeqs if they contain refined types
    if (elems.filter(_.isInstanceOf[RefinedType]).nonEmpty) new BaseTypeSeq(parents, elems) with SynchronizedBaseTypeSeq
    else new BaseTypeSeq(parents, elems)

  trait SynchronizedBaseTypeSeq extends BaseTypeSeq {
    override def apply(i: Int): Type = gilSynchronized { super.apply(i) }
    override def rawElem(i: Int) = gilSynchronized { super.rawElem(i) }
    override def typeSymbol(i: Int): Symbol = gilSynchronized { super.typeSymbol(i) }
    override def toList: List[Type] = gilSynchronized { super.toList }
    override def copy(head: Type, offset: Int): BaseTypeSeq = gilSynchronized { super.copy(head, offset) }
    override def map(f: Type => Type): BaseTypeSeq = gilSynchronized { }
    override def exists(p: Type => Boolean): Boolean = gilSynchronized { super.exists(p) }
    override lazy val maxDepth = gilSynchronized { maxDepthOfElems }
    override def toString = gilSynchronized { super.toString }

    override def lateMap(f: Type => Type): BaseTypeSeq =
      // only need to synchronize BaseTypeSeqs if they contain refined types
      if (map(f).toList.filter(_.isInstanceOf[RefinedType]).nonEmpty) new MappedBaseTypeSeq(this, f) with SynchronizedBaseTypeSeq
      else new MappedBaseTypeSeq(this, f)

// Scopes

  override def newScope = new Scope() with SynchronizedScope
  override def newNestedScope(outer: Scope): Scope = new Scope(outer) with SynchronizedScope

  trait SynchronizedScope extends Scope {
    // we can keep this lock fine-grained, because methods of Scope don't do anything extraordinary, which makes deadlocks impossible
    // fancy subclasses of internal.Scopes#Scope should do synchronization themselves (e.g. see PackageScope for an example)
    private lazy val syncLock = new Object
    def syncLockSynchronized[T](body: => T): T = if (isCompilerUniverse) body else syncLock.synchronized { body }
    override def isEmpty: Boolean = syncLockSynchronized { super.isEmpty }
    override def size: Int = syncLockSynchronized { super.size }
    override def enter[T <: Symbol](sym: T): T = syncLockSynchronized { super.enter(sym) }
    override def rehash(sym: Symbol, newname: Name) = syncLockSynchronized { super.rehash(sym, newname) }
    override def unlink(e: ScopeEntry) = syncLockSynchronized { super.unlink(e) }
    override def unlink(sym: Symbol) = syncLockSynchronized { super.unlink(sym) }
    override def lookupAll(name: Name) = syncLockSynchronized { super.lookupAll(name) }
    override def lookupEntry(name: Name) = syncLockSynchronized { super.lookupEntry(name) }
    override def lookupNextEntry(entry: ScopeEntry) = syncLockSynchronized { super.lookupNextEntry(entry) }
    override def toList: List[Symbol] = syncLockSynchronized { super.toList }

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