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Add User Account

This use case describes the process of adding a new user to the ACME system. (branch to Sub Use Case (Section 1a on page [*]))


  1. There are no restrictions on the number of user accounts that can be on the system.
  2. Only the Administrator can add a new user account to the system.


  1. Administrator


  1. The Administrator is logged into the system.
  2. Security may or may not be enabled.

Basic Path: Create a New User Account

  1. The Admin selects an option to add a new user to the system
  2. The system prompts the Admin for
    1. the following required information:
      1. Username
      2. Password (entered twice)
      3. The group that the user is assigned to
    2. and the following non-required information:
      1. First name
      2. Middle Initial
      3. Last name
  3. The Admin enters these parameters and submits the form
  4. If any of the required fields are not completed, the Administrator is informed which required fields are missing
    1. Input focus is returned to the first missing field
  5. If the username is already in use, the system informs the Administrator that they must choose a different name
  6. Else, continue
  7. If the username is invalid, the Administrator is informed of this, and valid naming criteria is displayed
  8. If the password is invalid, the Administrator is informed of this, and valid naming criteria is displayed
  9. The system creates the new user account


  1. A new user account is created on the system with at least a username, password, and group association

"Used" Use Cases

  1. List Groups
  2. List Users

Other Requirements

  1. When the user makes a data entry mistake and an error dialog is shown, always put input focus into the data entry field where the error ocurred when the error dialog is discarded
  2. Usernames are unique in the database
    1. For instance, the user "Kim" can only be in the database once
  3. Usernames and passwords are not case sensitive
    1. Example: There is no difference between the usernames "Kim" and "KIM"
  4. A user cannot be named "UNKNOWN USER"