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Add Group Account

This use case describes the process of adding a new group to the ACME system.


  1. All functional areas for a group must exist, and must have an associated access control level
  2. Only the Administrator can CRUD group information


  1. Administrator


  1. The Administrator is logged into the system.

Basic Path: Administrator Adds a Group

  1. The Admin selects an option to add a new Group to the system
  2. The System prompts the Admin for:
    1. The group name
    2. Access levels for all functional areas
      1. These access levels default to an initial access level of "read-only"
  3. The Admin enters the group name, and sets the desired access level for each functional area
  4. The Admin saves this information
  5. If the group name is invalid
    1. The system tells the Admin that the name is invalid, and they are given proper naming convention information
  6. If the group name is already in use
    1. The system tells the Admin that the name is already in use
  7. The system saves the new Group name, functional areas and access levels


  1. A new Group is created on the system
  2. The Group has a complete list of functional areas and their associated access levels
  3. No users are assigned to the new group at this time
  4. The new group will show up in the "List Groups" use case

"Used" Use Cases

  1. List Groups

Other Requirements