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Delete a Group

This use case describes the process of deleting a group in the ACME system.


  1. None.


  1. Administrator


  1. The Administrator is logged into the system.

Basic Path: Administrator Deletes One Group

  1. The Admin selects an option to list all groups
  2. The Admin selects a group, then selects an option to delete that group from the system
  3. If the Group contains any user accounts
    1. The system prompts the Admin "The group contains user accounts and cannot be deleted"
    2. The system lists the user account names
    3. The system does not remove the group
  4. Else, if the group contains no user accounts
    1. The system prompts the Admin "Are you sure?"
    2. The Admin replies "Yes"
    3. The system removes the group account from the database


  1. If the Group contained no user accounts it is deleted

"Used" Use Cases


Other Requirements

  1. The Administrator can delete groups that have no user accounts