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Search/List ACME Jobs

  1. This use case lets the user search for jobs that are currently on their system.
  2. This use case does not really stand on its own, but is used by other use cases.


  1. The order of the fields on the search screen, and their order in the search results table, is correct on the protoype, and may not be correct below
  2. Note that this is technically a "sub use case", meaning that it is used by other use cases, such as "Open a Job", and "Delete a Job"
  3. Therefore, per our discussion, I've grayed-out some lines below which technically should not be in this use case


  1. External User
  2. Administrator


  1. The ACME Editor is actively running when the use case begins

Non-Administrator Selects the Search/List Option

  1. The user selects a "List Jobs" option
  2. The system displays a window that lets the user filter job listings by:
    1. Customer
    2. Date modified (a range)
    3. Job short description
    4. Long description
    5. Title
    6. Created By
      1. This is a drop-down list, and includes all users on the system, as well as an additional "All Users" selection
    7. Issue
    8. Type of magazine
  3. The user enters their desired search criteria, then selects a search option
  4. The system lists all jobs without restriction, in sorted order by the following fields:
    1. User that created the job
      1. If the user account has been deleted from the system, display Unknown User instead
    2. Customer
    3. Short description
    4. Title
    5. Issue
    6. Date modified
  5. The user can sort the data by any of the displayed columns
  6. The user can use standard "VCR buttons" to move to the First, Previous, Next, Last and User-specified page numbers
  7. If the user is the Administrator
    1. Job CRUD options (Open, Delete) are disabled
    2. A "remove job locks" option is enabled
  8. Else:
    1. A "remove job locks" option is enabled
      1. Note: On a subsequent screen, users will only be able to remove their own job locks. They specifically cannot remove locks of other users.
    2. If security is disabled
      1. All job CRUD options are available to the user
    3. If security is enabled
      1. Job CRUD options will be made available in accordance with the user's job rights


  1. The user is viewing a list of jobs on their system

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