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Add a ACME Database

This use case describes the process of adding a ACME database to the list of known databases.


  1. Any user can create a new database alias
  2. Users do not share database aliases; they are saved on their local computers under their local accounts
  3. Database definitions will be stored under the user's home directory on their computer
    1. Ramification - This database list is available only for this user on this PC


  1. External User
  2. Administrator


  1. ACME is installed

Basic Path

  1. The user starts ACME, but initiates the action to bring up the database management screen
  2. The system invokes the "List Database Aliases" option
  3. The user selects an "Add Database" option
  4. The system prompts the user for the following required fields:
    1. Database name/alias (must be unique)
    2. Server/system where the database is installed
    3. Database user id
    4. Database password
  5. The user optionally tests the database connection
    1. The system informs the user of the success/failure of the connection
  6. The user saves the new database connection


  1. An alias for a new database connection is created and stored

"Used" Use Cases

  1. Search/List Database Connections

Other Requirements

  1. All fields are required
  2. Database alias names are unique