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Edit a ACME Database Alias

This use case is new.

This use case describes the process of editing a ACME database alias.



  1. External User
  2. Administrator


  1. ACME is installed
  2. One or more aliases have already been created

Basic Path

  1. The user starts ACME, but initiates the action to bring up the database management screen
  2. The system invokes the "List Database Aliases" option
  3. The user selects an "Edit Database" option
  4. The system displays the Edit Database screen
  5. The user makes changes to the database alias and elects to save the changes
  6. The system validates the changes, then updates the list to reflect the changes


  1. Any of the fields for the database alias may be modified

"Used" Use Cases

  1. Search/List Database Connections

Other Requirements

  1. All fields are required
  2. Database alias names are unique