Introduction to Functional Programming (video course)


Welcome! This is an introduction to my new online video training course, Introduction to Functional Programming.

As you’ll see in the Thank You section below, thanks to Ziverge, this entire course is 100% free.

Hopefully the navigation for this course will be obvious — at least for desktop users — but the navigation bar on the left will let you switch between the available videos, and there are also Previous and Next links below to help you move around.

Whenever I have notes for a video, those notes will appear in a scrollable section in this area.

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As a few introductory notes:


If you don’t know the basics of Scala:


I also wrote the initial versions of these free resources on the official Scala website:

Source code and bug reports

If you find any bugs/issues in this book, please report them as an issue at this book’s Github repository:

You’ll find the book’s source code examples in that repository as well.

Thank you, Ziverge!

Also, notice that there are no advertisements here! Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the people at Ziverge, this course is 100% FREE for everyone who’s interested in Scala and functional programming

I hope you enjoy the course!

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