About Alvin Alexander

This website, devdaily.com alvinalexander.com, was created by Alvin J. Alexander way back in 1998. The original plan was to open it up to all sorts of writers, create forums, and all sorts of other things, but alas, other things like economics kicked in. (I had to get a real job, and founded (and then sold) Mission Data.) So these days it's a website where I share various thoughts and write tutorials on technical topics like Java, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Android, and a bunch of other topics.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of myself so you can have a little better idea of who I am. Here are some photos from me as a young kid, up to what I look like these days.

After graduating from high school I've moved something like 41 times, got a degree in aerospace engineering, started and sold a company, and moved to Alaska for a few years, and now live in Colorado, where I've started Valley Programming.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about me, I share some of my life story in this video:

All the best,