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Ant example source code file (WHATSNEW)

This example Ant source code file (WHATSNEW) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The WHATSNEW source code

Changes from Ant 1.7.0 TO current SVN version

Changes that could break older environments:

Fixed bugs:

Other changes:

Changes from Ant 1.6.5 to Ant 1.7.0

Changes that could break older environments:

* Initial support for JDK 6 (JSR 223) scripting.
  <*script*> tasks will now use javax.scripting if BSF is
  not available, or if explicitly requested by using
  a "manager" attribute.

* The -noproxy option which was in the previous 1.7 alpha and beta
  releases has been removed. It is the default behavior and not needed.

* Removed launcher classes from nodeps jar.

* <classconstants> filter reader uses ISO-8859-1 encoding to read
  the java class file. Bugzilla report 33604.

* Defer reference process. Bugzilla 36955, 34458, 37688.
  This may break build files in which a reference was set in a target which was
  never executed. Historically, Ant would set the reference early on, during parse
  time, so the datatype would be defined. Now it requires the reference to have
  been in a bit of the build file which was actually executed. If you get
  an error about an undefined reference, locate the reference and move it somewhere
  where it is used, or fix the depends attribute of the target in question to
  depend on the target which defines the reference/datatype.

* <script> and  now set the current thread context.

* Unrestrict the dbvendor names in the websphere element of the ejbjar task.
  Bugzilla Report 40475.

* <env> nested element in ,  and others is now case-insensitive
  for windows OS. Bugzilla Report 28874.

* Removed support for xalan1 completely. Users of Xalan1 for Ant builds will
  have to stay at ant 1.6.5 or upgrade to xalan2.

* Use org.apache.log4j.Logger instead of org.apache.log4j.Category.
  Category has been deprecated for ~2 years and has been removed from
  the log4j code.  Logger was introduced in log4j 1.2 so users of
  log4j 1.1 and log4j 1.0 need to upgrade to a newer version of log4j.
  Bugzilla Report 31951.

* build.sysclasspath now also affects the bootclasspath handling of
  spawned Java VMs.  If you set build.sysclasspath to anything other
  than "ignore" (or leave it unset, since "ignore" is the default when
  it comes to bootclasspath handling), then the bootclasspath of the
  VM running Ant will be added to the bootclasspath you've specified.

* The <java fork="false"> now as per default installs a security manager
  using the default permissions. This is now independent of the
  failonerror attribute.  Bugzilla report 33361.

* <signjar> now notices when the jar and signedjar are equal, and switches
  to the same dependency logic as when signedjar is omitted. This may break
  something that depended upon signing in this situation. However, since
  invoking the JDK jarsigner program with -signedjar set to the source jar
  actually crashes the JVM on our (Java1.5) systems, we don't think any
  build files which actually worked will be affected by the change.

* <signjar> used to ignore a nested fileset when a jar was also provided as an
  attribute, printing a warning message; now it signs files in the fileset.

* An improved method of handling timestamp granularity differences between
  client and server was added to the <ftp> task.  FTP servers typically
  have HH:mm timestamps whereas local filesystems have HH:mm:ss timestamps.
  Previously, this required tweaking with the timediffmillis attribute
  which also was used to handle timezone differences.  Now, there is a new
  timestampgranularity attribute.  The default value for get operations is 0
  since the user has the more powerful preservelastmodified attribute to work
  with.  Since this is not available on put operations the default value
  adds a minute to the server timestamp in order to account for this,
  Scripts which previously used timediffmillis to do this compensation may
  need to be rewritten.  timediffmillis has now been deprecated.

* On Java1.5+, Ant automatically sets the system property to true, which gives it automatic use of the local
  IE (Windows) or Gnome2 (Unix/Linux) proxy settings. This may break any build
  file that somehow relied on content outside the firewall being unreachable:
  use the -noproxy command-line option to disable this new feature.
  Note that the Java1.5 proxy configuration system still does not
  appear to work reliably on Windows or Linux.

* Support for the XSL:P XML parser has been removed.
  Bugzilla Report 23455.

* Visual Age for Java optional tasks removed.

* Testlet (test) optional task removed.

* Icontract optional task removed.

* Metamata (maudit, mmetrics, and mparse tasks) removed.

* Sitraka (jpcoverage, jpcovmerge, jpcovreport) tasks suppressed.

* <fixcrlf> used \r (Mac) line endings on OS X, whose proper line separator
  is \n (Unix).  Bugzilla report 39585.

* <scp> now optionally supports the sftp protocol, you may need a
  newer jsch.jar.  Bugzilla Report 39373.

* Ant launcher program prints errors to stderr, and exits with a 2 exit code
  value if, for any reason, it cannot actually start Ant proper. This will only
  affect programs/scripts that called the launcher and which did not want to
  receive an error if Ant itself would not start

* All .NET tasks are now deprecated in favor of the new .NET Antlib:

Fixed bugs:
* Directory deletion did not work properly.
  Bugzilla 40972.

* docletpath attribute of javadoc was ignored.
  Bugzilla 40900.

* Fixed incorrect recursion in DOMUtil.listChildNodes().
  Bugzilla 40918.
* CompressedResource.compareTo() did not 
  take comparison with another CompressedResource into account.
  Bugzilla 40949.

* Avoid possible NPE in
  Bugzilla 40847.

* regression in attribute prefix (+ others) for refid in zipfileset and tarfileset.
  Bugzilla 41004, 30498.

* dependset failed if the basedir of a target fileset did not exist.
  Bugzilla 40916.

* Recursive filtering encountered NullPointerExceptions under certain
  circumstances.  Bugzilla 41086.

* XmlProperty overrides previously set property value when handling duplicate 
  elements. Bugzilla 41080.

* Having many tasks causes OOM.  Bugzilla 41049.

* Regression: <path> was evaluating nested content only once, so that it could
  not e.g. pick up files that didn't exist the first time through.
  Bugzilla 41151.

* OOM caused by IH holding on to classes and thus their classloaders.
  Bugzilla 28283 and 33061.

* <delete> doesnt delete when defaultexcludes="false" and no includes is set 
  fixed. Bugzilla 40313.

* Behavior change of DirectoryScanner/AbstractFileset when conditional include
  patterns are used. Bugzilla 40722.

* <javac> fails with NPE when compiling with eclipse ecj 3.1.x.
  Bugzilla 40839.

* JUnitTestRunner had a NPE when unable to create parser, the exception
  containing the error did not get reported. Bugzilla 36733.

* <checksum> with file and todir option failed. Bugzilla report 37386.

* <path location="loc"> was broken (Regression from beta1).
  Bugzilla report 40547.

* Nested fileset in <cab> did not work. Bugzilla report 39439.

* The ant wrapper script should now correctly locate the java
  executable in more recent IBM JDKs for AIX as well.

* URLResource did not close jar files, and also did not disconnect HTTPConnection (s).

* Error calling junitreport. Bugzilla 40595. 

* <junittask/> created junitvmwatcher*.properties files but did not close and delete them.  

* <xmlproperty> did not create properties for empty leaf elements.
  Bugzilla report 26286.

* UnknownElement.maybeConfigure always configured.
  Bugzilla report 40641.

* No check for refid when prefix attribute is set in zipfileset.
  Bugzilla report 30498.

* Fix for junit4 issue introduced since beta2.
  Bugzilla report 40682.

* Error in duplicate project name with <import> and .
  Bugzilla report 39920.

* junit4 did not work with fork=no and junit4 in $ANT_HOME/lib.
  Bugzilla report 40697.

* PathConvert on Windows should process forward and back slashes equivalently.
  Bugzilla report 32884.

* ant.bat now looks in %USERPROFILE% and %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% in addition to
  %HOME% for pre/post batch files. Bugzilla report 39298.

* The inheritance hierarchy of the legacy <path> type was changed; code built
  against Ant 1.7 would therefore no longer execute on older versions of Ant.
  Since <path> is historically heavily used this was undesirable, and since it
  is also avoidable, the change to <path>'s taxonomy was reverted.

* <zip filesonly="true"> included empty directories.  Bugzilla report 40258.

* Invalid hash code of Target causes XmlLogger to fail.
  Bugzilla report 40207.

* Macro element did not include top level Text. Bugzilla report 36803.

* AntClassLoader did not isolate resources when isolate was set. Bugzilla report 38747.

* Diagnostics broken when using java 1.4. Bugzilla report 40395.

* Exception reporting in <copy> was broken. Bugzilla report 40300.

* Handling of corrupt tar files, never returns EOF.
  Bugzilla report 39924.

* Some bugs in ReaderInputStream. Bugzilla report 39635.

* <antlr> did not recognise whether the target is up-to-date for html option.
  Bugzilla report 38451.

* Documented minimal version of jsch now 0.1.29.
  Bugzilla report 40333.

* <available> searched parent directories for files.
  Bugzilla report 37148.

* The build could be halted if a file path contained more ".." components than
  the actual depth of the preceding path. Now such paths are left
  alone (meaning they will likely be treated as nonexistent
  files). Bugzilla Report 40281.

* Converting a <dirset> to a string was broken. Bugzilla Report 39683.

* Manifests have improved line length handling, taking care of encoding.
  Bug reports 37548 / 34425.

* <manifest> now closes the inputstream explicitly. Bug report 39628.

* <rpm> now also correctly searches the first element of the path.
  Bug report 39345.

* ant.bat now handles classpath set to "". Bug report 38914.

* <junit> now supports JUnit 4. Bugzilla Report 38811.

* <junit> can now work with junit.jar in its . Bugzilla
  Report 38799.

* Some potential NullPointerExceptions, Bugzilla Reports 37765 and 38056.

* Problem when adding multiple filter files, Bugzilla Report 37341.

* Problem referencing jars specified by Class-Path attribute in manifest
  of a ant task jar file, when this ant task jar file is located in
  a directory with space, Bugzilla Report 37085.

* Backward incompatible change in ZipFileSet, Bugzilla Report 35824.

* Wrong replacement of file separator chars prevens junitbatchtest
  from running correctly on files from a zipfileset. Bugzilla Report 35499.

* Calling close twice on ReaderInputStream gave a nullpointer exception.
  Bugzilla Report 35544.

* Memory leak from IntrospectionHelper.getHelper(Class) in embedded
  environments. Bugzilla Report 30162.

* Translate task does not remove tokens when a key is not found.
  It logs a verbose message.  Bugzilla Report 13936.

* Incorrect task name with invalid "javac" task after a "presetdef".
  Bugzilla reports 31389 and 29499.

* <manifest> was not printing warnings about invalid manifest elements.
  Bugzilla report 32190.

* <replace> got out of memory on large files (part of report 32566).
  <replace> can now handle files as long as there is enough disk space

* Commandline.describeCommand() methods would attempt to describe
  arguments even when none, other than the executable name, were present.

* Create signjar's helper ExecTask instance directly rather than by
  typedef discovery mechanisms. Bugzilla report 33433.

* FileUtils.resolveFile() promised to return absolute files but
  did not always do so.

* <ftp> failed to retrieve a file when the path towards the file contained
  an element starting with . Bugzilla report 33770.

* "<rmic> always compiles on Java1.5" bugzilla report=33862. Fixed default
  stub version to always be "compat", even on Java1.5+.

* The .NET compilation tasks failed if filenames given as references
  contained spaces.  Bugzilla Report 27170.

* SQL task would try access result sets of statements that didn't
  return any, causing problems with Informix IDS 9.2 and IBM DB2 8.1
  FixPak 6 (or later). Bugzilla Reports 27162 and 29954.

* Task.init() was called twice for most tasks.  Bugzilla Report 34411.

* JavaTest testcases sometimes fail on windows. Bugzilla Report 34502.

* Targets with identical name work in imported project. Bugzilla Report 34566.

* DemuxOutputStream now uses a WeakHashMap to store the thread-stream mapping,
  to avoid holding on to thread references after they terminate.

* <xmlvalidate> and  create a new parser for every file in a
  fileset, and so validate multiple files properly. Bugzilla Report 32791.

* <tar> /  now accepts files upto 8GB,  gives an error if larger
  files are to be included. This is the POSIX size limit.

* <junitreport> removed line-breaks from stack-traces.  Bugzilla
  Report 34963.

* Off-by-one error in environment setup for execution under OpenVMS fixed.

* Bugzilla report 36171: -noclasspath crashes ant if no system
  classpath is set.

* <pvcs> used wrong switch for retrieving revisions by label.
  Bugzilla Report 36359.

* <sshexec> closed System.out, disabling output on second and subsequent
  invocations.  Bugzilla report 36302.

* <cvschangelog> was crashing with CVS versions >= 1.12.x due to change in
  the date format. Bugzilla report 30962.

* The same IntrospectionHelper instance was continuously added as a listener
  to project. Bugzilla report 37184.

* FileUtils.toURI() was not encoding non-ASCII characters to ASCII,
  causing impossibility to process XML entities referenced by XML
  documents in non ASCII paths. Bugzilla report 37348.

* > 1 ssh invocations to a given host would fail. Bugzilla report 36207.

* EmailTask was eating SMTP error messages. Bugzilla report 37547.

* PropertySet API setMapper(...) didn't properly set up the Mapper.
  Bugzilla report 37760.

* Proper return code for ant.bat. Bugzilla report 13655.

* Project not set on ChainReaderHelpers used by the Redirector.
  Bugzilla report 37958.

* Copy task would fail on locked (or otherwise uncopyable) files even if
  failonerror set to false. Bugzilla report 38175.

* <junit> task did not print all the Test names when using forkmode='once'.
  Bugzilla report 37426.

* <available> could leak resources, Bugzilla Report 38260.

* Redirector called Thread.sleep in a synchronized block. Bugzilla
  report 37767.

* CCUnlock's objselect attribute could exhibit unpredictable behavior;
  standardized improperly included objselect and objsel property accessors to
  delegate to the inherited objSelect property accessor. Bugzilla report 37766.

* <unzip> and  now correctly merge multiple nested patternsets.
  Bugzilla Report 38973.

* On case-insensitive filesystems, a <move> to change filename case
  erroneously deleted the "destination" file before attempting to rename
  the source file.  Bugzilla 37701.

* <scp> can now handle uris with @s other than the final one denoting the
  domain.  Bugzilla 38082.

* If the class invoked by the <java> task threw a ClassNotFoundException,
  this was misinterpreted as the specified class itself not being found.

* <echoproperties> setPrefix javadoc claimed null or empty prefix would be
  ignored; instead an error was thrown.  Bugzilla report 39954.

* <get> would fetch files that were up to date, because it used > in a
  remote/local timestamp comparison, not >=. Bugzilla 35607.

* <xslt> passes the current file (name + directory) to the
  stylesheet/transformation.  xsl-parameter name is configurable.
  Bugzilla report 21042.

* The <zip> API allowed creation of directories in file-only archives; a
  habitual offender was the subclassed <jar>, which included META-INF/ in
  the destination file regardless of whether filesonly was set to true.
* <rmic> has a new adapter, xnew, to use the -XNew back end on java1.5+.
  By forking rmic, this works on java1.6+. Bugzilla report 38732.

* Copy of UnknownElement in macroinstance was not recursive.
  Bugzilla report 40238.

* Mixing of add and addConfigured methods in Mapper/ChainedMapper
  causes incorrect chaining. Bugzilla report 40228.

Other changes:

* Warn user when a reference in the form "${refid}" cannot be resolved as this
  is a sign they probably meant "refid" (misuse of property expansion syntax).

* Add dtd to javadoc for junit.
  Bugzilla 40754.

* Add quiet attribute to loadfile/resource.
  Bugzilla 38249.

* Make Locator#fromURI also append the drive letter when running under Windows 
  with JDK 1.3 or 1.2.

* Do not uppercase the drive letters systematically in FileUtils#normalize.

* Java 5 enumerations may now be used as values in XML attributes in place of
  EnumeratedAttribute. Bugzilla 41058.

* Create a pom file for ant-testutil and add ant-testutil.jar to the ant
  distribution. Bugzilla 40980.

* Roll back automatic proxy enabling on Java 1.5. It broke things like
  Oracle JDBC drivers, and Ant itself on IBM's JVM on AIX, and didnt
  seem to work to well the rest of the time.
  To enable the feature, use the -autoproxy command line option. 

* Upgraded XML API and parser to Xerces 2.8.1

* A code review of some threaded logic has tightened up the synchronization
  of Watchdog, ExecuteWatchdog and ExecuteJava, which could reduce the occurence
  of race conditions here, especially on Java1.5+.

* Allow broken reference build files. The defer reference processing would
  break too many files - so allow them with a warning.

* Removed dependency on sun.misc.UUEncoder for UUMailer.

* Added regex attribute to the echoproperties task.
  Bugzilla 40019.

* <war> task now allows you to omit the web.xml file. as this is optional
  in the servlet 2.5 and Java EE 5 APIs. set needxmlfile="false" to
  avoid a missing web.xml file from halting the build.  

* Diagnostics catches and logs security exceptions when accessing system properties.

* <javadoc> useexternalfile now applies to all command line arguments
  of javadoc. Bugzilla report 40852.

* javadoc/tag@description is now set to the name if description is
  not specified. Bugzill report 32927.

* Some performance improvements, including Bugzilla report 25778.

* Add <matches> condition. Bugzilla report 28883.

* Extending JAR-Task for SPI. Bugzilla report 31520.

* Added <tokens> resource collection for convenient creation of string
  resources from other resources' content. Inspired by Bugzilla 40504.

* Added <compare> resource selector to select resources based on the
  results of their comparison to other resources.

* Added outputtoformatters attribute to <junit> to allow suppression
  of noisey tests. Bugzilla report 12817.

* Log level of message 'Overriding previous definition of reference to'
  set to Verbose. Bugzilla report 17240.

* Added setbeans attribute to <script> to allow