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Ant example source code file (README)

This example Ant source code file (README) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The README source code

Please refer to the Ant manual under Installing Ant / Library
Dependencies for a list of the jar requirements for various optional
tasks and features.

This directory contains xercesImpl.jar from the 2.6.2 release of
Apache Xerces.  For more information or newer releases see
<>.  See the file LICENSE.xerces for
the terms of distribution.

It also contains xml-apis.jar, an Apache-controlled collection of
standard classes from the 1.0b2 release of the Apache XML-Commons
release.  For more information or newer releases see
<>.  See the files LICENSE.dom and
LICENSE.sax for the terms of distribution.

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