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Tomcat example source code file (Thumbs.db)

This example Tomcat source code file (Thumbs.db) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Tomcat Thumbs.db source code

Root EntryH@16Catalog8*JFIF``C


w!1AQaq"2?B	#3Rbr
$4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz?S(ߴofľ74{*	#-S[MFthp$4Q\'¿٦|QaĀOG!ʻ`~7~?ş<s'M?M9dg[QӦy k_F<=S-?Ė4VіUpTA|4о.|,/X?uԽ?8dFT\?OS{ZQ߷`	ݢe#h׫dI^BsjA5~tU$^}f#K{em'M~[m?t6j1dC+K?ѣ=
?kvنs_qV~3UƧ_}%?FdM~W|R|s93ľ@}rVv&U]:}<r\$j&Wb30টd?_>>fKzE+a4;̿
|yOgDյ_5yw9px-rĞ~gTTwPիM?T0+4>%~7-LjF>j6(ً$
d󎦾-_~?5?+Pt9}^Nh}襜N_jg7\|0g˜`?3H~_JE<d)/{{-}ӥNTvl)N|+q独,Ž'y?m#/9?2>'-L7w3m2]I~x3L?}-l5?l[cS< 溟_i_?]o#~zй'~&RN>)x4~[]'꿴?>:ˣ.~u4Z$@?kxZzo7uWдZQ.r}kqU㥕	:{hzu)AhK^>]*_~~ |BԮ> 5
6HQoi;`E4I,2	ʯ?~(>8Þ0ԭeo?<?nH>x3?mdžgéٸ>Lbkg#T}U*4ASVG)oN~N.+ĚlYIk@ەdzײj_G9$o	|igʲ&cWΟoZ"mc얒	}*xcⷃŤ_l[:}g!}`mW,{tsaqZWz2Z?Mz3c_`E>WBf+!~uh-
irz?|Zwxz)ӗ?^qe|]+KDӮXv#dOz<ciKx!xe%&$3ֽ߰?|!(35ջ?ʳ}?^?jAKM!+ˡiDvFO`a߅jJj[/%fqP䗟?H<)'t+u=&!5ݻnI ֵ~v| %y4+|/VY>d65/OĿ[r;xfJ
IY:tV'ڿR˳\6gF5hKWTבX5L4f}:i|EO۬4"҆v9f8nI=M{?9;$L/p(EŹ%9oFD*QEQEO14wLۅ-+,n=Ն(?0?oZőh«Tmi1Fgھ_Q㟈Ndӣo-wV,C&IF㨢|FЬG[+sѧZpv}``(;9tomcat.gif

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