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Android example source code file (strings.xml)

This example Android source code file (strings.xml) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Android by Example" TM.

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The strings.xml Android example source code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<string name="hello">CLiCkin 2 Da BeaT
<string name="app_name">CLiCkin 2 Da BeaT

<string name="c2bCreatorMessage">Create stage from video
<string name="NEED_SD_CARD">Unable to create stage. Please insert an SD card with at least a few kb of available space.
<string name="STAGE_CREATED">Stage created!

<string name="PROCESSING">Processing, please wait
<string name="BEATS_SET">Beats set successfully!
<string name="NO_BEATS">No beats for
<string name="ONE_PASS">Use 1-pass method to set the beats
<string name="TWO_PASS">Use 2-pass method to set the beats (more accurate beat synchronization)
<string name="CHOOSE_STAGE">Choose your stage
<string name="EDIT_WARNING">Editing the beats for this stage will erase the beats that have already been set - you cannot undo this.
<string name="EDIT_CONFIRMATION">Sure you want to edit this stage?
<string name="TWO_PASS_INFO">For the first pass of setting the beats, focus on tapping to the beat. Try to get every beat in the song. Where you tap doesn't matter; you will set the actual target locations on the next pass.
<string name="ONE_PASS_INFO">Tap the screen when and where you want the beat targets to appear.
<string name="NO_STAGES_INFO">You don't seem to have any stages on your SD card. You should go leech some. Even better, contribute to society by making some yourself. Just pick a video from in the Browser, set the beats, and share your creation.  :D
<string name="NO_STAGES_FOUND">No stages found.   :(
<string name="SHUT_UP">Shut up, I want to play. NOW!
<string name="ILL_GET_STAGES">Ok, fine. I'll go get some stages.
<string name="BEAT_SETTING_INFO">Information on setting the beats

<string name="STILL_BUSY">Sorry, but I'm still trying to process the beats. @_@' Please wait.
<string name="WELCOME">Welcome to CLiCkin' 2 Da BeaT (Beta)

<string name="BETA_MESSAGE">This is an open source rhythm/music game. It is in beta right now and polishing is needed, but I am releasing early and often to give YOU the power to help shape this game. Please check back often for updates. I am happy to take feedback and code patches. Enjoy the game! :D   -Charles
<string name="VISIT_WEBSITE">Visit website
<string name="START_GAME">Start playing
<string name="QUIT">Quit

<string name="MOAR_STAGES">Gimme moar stages!
<string name="UPDATE_AVAILABLE">Update available
<string name="UPDATE_MESSAGE">Would you like to update CLiCkin 2 Da BeaT?

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