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Java example source code file (repl.clj)

This example Java source code file (repl.clj) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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call, exception, illegalstateexception, return

The repl.clj Java example source code

(ns clojure.test-clojure.repl
  (:use clojure.test
        [clojure.test-helper :only [platform-newlines]]
  (:require [clojure.string :as str]))

(deftest test-doc
  (testing "with namespaces"
    (is (= "clojure.pprint"
           (second (str/split-lines (with-out-str (doc clojure.pprint))))))))

(deftest test-source
  (is (= "(defn foo [])" (source-fn 'clojure.test-clojure.repl.example/foo)))
  (is (= (platform-newlines "(defn foo [])\n") (with-out-str (source clojure.test-clojure.repl.example/foo))))
  (is (nil? (source-fn 'non-existent-fn))))

(deftest test-source-read-eval-unknown
  (is (thrown? IllegalStateException (binding [*read-eval* :unknown] (source reduce)))))

(deftest test-source-read-eval-false
  (is (binding [*read-eval* false] (with-out-str (source reduce)))))

(deftest test-dir
  (is (thrown? Exception (dir-fn 'non-existent-ns)))
  (is (= '[bar foo] (dir-fn 'clojure.test-clojure.repl.example)))
  (is (= (platform-newlines "bar\nfoo\n") (with-out-str (dir clojure.test-clojure.repl.example)))))

(deftest test-apropos
  (testing "with a regular expression"
    (is (= '[clojure.core/defmacro] (apropos #"^defmacro$")))
    (is (some #{'clojure.core/defmacro} (apropos #"def.acr.")))
    (is (= [] (apropos #"nothing-has-this-name"))))

  (testing "with a string"
    (is (some #{'clojure.core/defmacro} (apropos "defmacro")))
    (is (some #{'clojure.core/defmacro} (apropos "efmac")))
    (is (= [] (apropos "nothing-has-this-name"))))

  (testing "with a symbol"
    (is (some #{'clojure.core/defmacro} (apropos 'defmacro)))
    (is (some #{'clojure.core/defmacro} (apropos 'efmac)))
    (is (= [] (apropos 'nothing-has-this-name)))))

(defmacro call-ns 
  "Call ns with a unique namespace name. Return the result of calling ns"
  []  `(ns a#))
(defmacro call-ns-sym 
  "Call ns wih a unique namespace name. Return the namespace symbol."
  [] `(do (ns a#) 'a#))

(deftest test-dynamic-ns
  (testing "a call to ns returns nil"
   (is (= nil (call-ns))))
  (testing "requiring a dynamically created ns should not throw an exception"
    (is (= nil (let [a (call-ns-sym)] (require a))))))

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