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Cobertura example source code file (xhtml-symbol.ent)

This example Cobertura source code file (xhtml-symbol.ent) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Cobertura xhtml-symbol.ent source code

<!-- Mathematical, Greek and Symbolic characters for XHTML -->

<!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation:
     <!ENTITY % HTMLsymbol PUBLIC
        "-//W3C//ENTITIES Symbols for XHTML//EN"

<!-- Portions (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986:
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

<!-- Relevant ISO entity set is given unless names are newly introduced.
     New names (i.e., not in ISO 8879 list) do not clash with any
     existing ISO 8879 entity names. ISO 10646 character numbers
     are given for each character, in hex. values are decimal
     conversions of the ISO 10646 values and refer to the document
     character set. Names are Unicode names. 

<!-- Latin Extended-B -->
<!ENTITY fnof     "ƒ"> 
<!ENTITY Beta     "Β"> 
<!ENTITY Gamma    "Γ"> 
<!ENTITY Zeta     "Ζ"> 
<!ENTITY Eta      "Η"> 
<!ENTITY Theta    "Θ"> 
<!ENTITY Kappa    "Κ"> 
<!ENTITY Lambda   "Λ"> 
<!ENTITY Nu       "Ν"> 
<!ENTITY Xi       "Ξ"> 
<!ENTITY Omicron  "Ο"> 
<!ENTITY Pi       "Π"> 
<!ENTITY Rho      "Ρ"> 
<!-- there is no Sigmaf, and no U+03A2 character either -->
<!ENTITY Sigma    "Σ"> 
<!ENTITY Upsilon  "Υ"> 
<!ENTITY Psi      "Ψ"> 
<!ENTITY gamma    "γ"> 
<!ENTITY eta      "η"> 
<!ENTITY theta    "θ"> 
<!ENTITY kappa    "κ"> 
<!ENTITY nu       "ν"> 
<!ENTITY xi       "ξ"> 
<!ENTITY omicron  "ο"> 
<!ENTITY pi       "π"> 
<!ENTITY rho      "ρ"> 
<!ENTITY sigmaf   "ς"> 
<!ENTITY upsilon  "υ"> 
<!ENTITY chi      "χ"> 
<!ENTITY psi      "ψ"> 
<!ENTITY omega    "ω"> 

<!-- General Punctuation -->
<!ENTITY bull     "•"> 
<!ENTITY Prime    "″"> 

<!-- Letterlike Symbols -->
<!ENTITY weierp   "℘"> 
<!ENTITY alefsym  "ℵ"> 
<!ENTITY uarr     "↑"> 
<!ENTITY rarr     "→"> 
<!ENTITY darr     "↓"> 
<!ENTITY harr     "↔"> 
<!ENTITY crarr    "↵"> 
<!-- Unicode does not say that lArr is the same as the 'is implied by' arrow
    but also does not have any other character for that function. So lArr can
    be used for 'is implied by' as ISOtech suggests -->
<!ENTITY uArr     "⇑"> 
<!ENTITY rArr     "⇒"> 
<!ENTITY hArr     "⇔"> 
<!ENTITY part     "∂"> 
<!ENTITY exist    "∃"> 
<!ENTITY empty    "∅"> 
<!ENTITY nabla    "∇"> 
<!ENTITY notin    "∉"> 
<!ENTITY ni       "∋"> 
<!ENTITY prod     "∏"> 
<!-- sum is NOT the same character as U+03A3 'greek capital letter sigma'
     though the same glyph might be used for both -->
<!ENTITY minus    "−"> 
<!ENTITY lowast   "∗"> 
<!ENTITY radic    "√"> 
<!ENTITY infin    "∞"> 
<!ENTITY ang      "∠"> 
<!ENTITY and      "∧"> 
<!ENTITY or       "∨"> 
<!ENTITY cap      "∩"> 
<!ENTITY cup      "∪"> 
<!ENTITY int      "∫"> 
<!ENTITY there4   "∴"> 
<!ENTITY sim      "∼"> 
<!ENTITY asymp    "≈"> 
<!ENTITY equiv    "≡"> 
<!ENTITY le       "≤"> 
<!ENTITY ge       "≥"> 
<!ENTITY sup      "⊃"> 
<!ENTITY nsub     "⊄"> 
<!ENTITY sube     "⊆"> 
<!ENTITY supe     "⊇"> 
<!-- dot operator is NOT the same character as U+00B7 middle dot -->

<!-- Miscellaneous Technical -->
<!ENTITY lceil    "⌈"> 
<!ENTITY lfloor   "⌊"> 
<!ENTITY lang     "〈"> 

<!-- Miscellaneous Symbols -->
<!ENTITY spades   "♠"> 
<!-- black here seems to mean filled as opposed to hollow -->
<!ENTITY clubs    "♣"> 

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