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Commons DBCP example source code file (release-notes-1.1.xml)

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The Commons DBCP release-notes-1.1.xml source code

<?xml version="1.0"?>
   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
  contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
  this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
  The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
  (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
  the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at

   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
   distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
   limitations under the License.
      <title>Release notes for Commons-DBCP 1.1
      <author email="">Commons Documentation Team
      <revision>$Id: release-notes-1.1.xml 561230 2007-07-31 04:17:09Z rahul $

     <section name="Release notes for Commons-DBCP 1.1">
There were a lot changes since the 1.0 release on 12 Aug 2002.
<li>All existing features can now be configured by JNDI Context providers (Tomcat)
<li>The double close() of a pooled connection is more effectively blocked
  (you may experience more "Already closed" SQLExceptions)</li>
<li>Prepared statement pooling is now implemented in BasicDataSource
  (set poolPreparedStatements=true, maxOpenPreparedStatements=xxx)</li>
<li>Access to the underlying connection is blocked by default
  You can access the underlying connection by setting
  accessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed=true and by using the following construct:
  Connection dconn = ((DelegatingConnection) conn).getInnermostDelegate();</li>
<li>New minIdle parameter for a minimum number of idle connections ready for use
<li>New connection default properties: defaultCatalog and defaultTransactionIsolation
<li>Missing driverClassName will now give the following error "No suitable driver"
<li>Bad validationQuery will produce a meaningful SQLException
<li>UML Class and sequence diagrams, configuration documentation
<li>The following issues were resolved since v1.0: (see Bugzilla for complete description)
IDDateSevStateSummary - infinite loop in getConnection
70382002-03-18NorFIXEDBCP does not build under JDK 1.4
77272002-04-20MajFIXEInfinite loop (stack overflow) in BasicDataSource
77282002-04-20MajFIXEBasicDataSource cannot use many JDBC drivers
86202002-04-29NorINVAClosed Connection Exception on setAutoCommit
90732002-07-20NorFIXEBasicDataSource - invalid connections are not checked
98502002-07-20NorFIXENo way to get at SQLException if connection to database fail
105922002-07-20NorDUPLdataSource.getConnection never returns in Tomcat using DBCP
106142002-07-20NorFIXEDBCP connection pooling broken in Tomcat-4.1.7 (regression)
106882002-07-20MinFIXEVersion in the Manifest
109692002-07-20MajFIXEBasicDataSource defaults are unusable
115072002-08-06NorINVACleanup dead connections
120472002-11-01NorINVAvalidationQuery + MSSQL
124002002-11-07NorWORKsame connections
124092002-11-01BloFIXEConnection can be closed twice
127332003-02-06NorFIXE[DBCP][PATCH]Statement.getResultSet() doesn't return null if
128692002-11-01MajFIXEAbandoned Connections are never closed
130772002-11-07EnhFIXEJdbc2PoolDataSource issues
131292002-11-01NorFIXECPDSConnectionFactory prints invalid error messages
131552002-10-30NorDUPLunexpected "exausted pool" error
132352002-11-16BloFIXEreferenced UserPassKey instances get erroneously returned to
139302003-03-06EnhFIXEAdding connection parameters to BasicDataSourceFactory
139882003-03-17EnhDUPLpermission error makes connection loop
142672003-04-28MajINVADBCP doesn't work on Tomcat 4.1.12 and Oracle JDBC driver
145922002-11-15EnhINVADBCP must be robust against e.g. database shutdowns
146632003-05-14NorREMITomcat5 server hangs when trying to get the database connect
151232003-08-21MajFIXEIncorrect stack trace shown when abandoned connections are c
155392003-02-06MajDUPLStrange Result Set on output
162832003-02-01NorWONTInproper use of Exception
165812003-03-06MajFIXEDeadlock in AbandonedObjectPool when firewall closes connect
166292003-03-06NorFIXEorg.apache.commons.dbcp.jdbc2pool.Jdbc2PoolDataSource: setti
169872003-08-11MajFIXErace condition in PoolableConnection.close()
170152003-03-06NorFIXEGenericObjectPool.invalidateObject() doesn't work with Aband
172002003-03-06MajFIXEDBCP: org.apache.commons.dbcp.cpdsadapter.PooledConnectionIm
173012003-04-08NorWONTNPE in Oracle driver when using DBCP PoolingDataSource
174562003-04-08EnhFIXEBasicDataSource should use commons-logging
176352003-03-06MinFIXEPoolableConnectionFactory-Construction declared to throw Exc
176772003-05-31MajINVAPooled connection architecture vulnerable to double use
176782003-04-01MajFIXEDBCP Fails silently in many cases
176802003-03-13MajINVAPoolableConnection.reallyClose() doesn't decrement active co
179112003-04-07MajWONTProblem with getConnection() and Informix
180122003-08-26EnhFIXEBasicDataSource doesn't include PreparedStmt Pooling
184832003-04-08NorWONTAbandonedObjectPool.removeAbandoned never cleans up the trac
185022003-03-30BloINVAjava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.commons.pool.St
185502003-08-25EnhFIXEAdd defaultTransactionIsolation to BasicDataSource
188342003-04-08NorFIXEJdbc2PoolDataSource throws a RuntimeException when database
189052003-08-11NorFIXECouldn't get connection (Jdbc2PoolDataSource)
189212003-08-11EnhFIXEPer User methods not working in Jdbc2PoolDataSource
189822003-04-13MajINVABinary distribution missing package
193742003-08-11NorFIXEPotential for DelegateStatement, DelegateResultSet to be lef
196142003-08-13MajFIXEPoor performance under load
196152003-05-02MajINVAUnecessary global synchronized in AbandonedObjectPool method
197062003-08-26EnhWONTAdd Initial Commons Logging to DBCP
206492003-08-11CriINVAdeadlock when acquiring connections from a pool
211322003-08-11CriDUPLBroken pipe despite validation query set
211822003-08-21NorINVA[dbcp] removing a webapp does not force connections closed
212292003-08-11NorFIXEConnectionFactory throws SQLException but implementations do
212732003-08-11NorFIXEMemory-leak like behaviour in DBCP due to warnings chained t
214182003-08-11MinFIXEExample code
214532003-08-11MajINVANullPointerException in DBCP when used for client-server ap
214582003-08-11NorFIXEStatements and connections don't implement equals()/hashCode
217482003-08-11NorFIXEBasicDataSource.close() throws NPE
220782003-08-12NorFIXE[DBCP] testOnBorrow fails if setAutoCommit() throws an excep
220792003-08-13NorFIXE[DBCP] if connection closed twice *closed* connection is ret
222142003-08-11MajFIXEDelegating ResultSet causing NPE
222292003-08-13CriFIXEFoul connection causes livelock of all pool operations
225982003-08-21EnhFIXEminIdle Functionality for DBCP via Patches Posted for common
227362003-08-29MajINVAvalidationQuery parameter hangs getConnection method.
227502003-08-27NorFIXEBasicDataSource always sets testOnBorrow if given a validati
227762003-09-20NorWONTDBCP should not be writing messages to stderr or stdout
230662003-09-13MajFIXEDriverManager.getConnection() throws DbcpException
230812003-09-20NorFIXEDBCP - Bad DB Validation Query Hangs Everything
231382003-09-13NorFIXEgetDelegate no longer useful since v1.7 of PoolingDataSource
231572003-09-20EnhFIXEadd defaultCatalog to BasicDataSource
231852003-09-21NorWONTPoolableConnection.close() won't allow multiple close
232912003-09-20NorFIXEimpossible to turn off all validation tests when a validatio
232932003-09-20NorFIXEsetAutoCommit(true) when returning connection to the pool
233042003-09-21NorFIXENullpointerException when no driverClassName is specified
227762003-09-30NorFIXEDBCP should not be writing messages to stderr or stdout (removed unneeded logging in AbandonedObjectPool)
234912003-10-13CriFIXECan't configure PerUserPoolDataSource for use with tomcat, more...
238432003-10-20BloFIXEPerUserPoolDataSource.getConnection(username, pw) may return connection under wrong username
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