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Commons Email example source code file (changes.xml)

This example Commons Email source code file (changes.xml) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Commons Email changes.xml source code

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
 contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
 this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
 The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
 the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at

 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 limitations under the License.
    <author email="">Eric Pugh

    <release version="1.2" date="2009-10-26">
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="update" date="2009-06-26">
        Changing groupId from "commons-email" to "org.apache.commons" 
        because the 1.1 release was already using "org.apache.commons"
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix" date="2009-06-16" due-to="sebb">
        Using "http://example.invalid" for a bad url - ".invalid" is reserved
        and not intended to be installed as a top-level domain in the global 
        Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix" date="2009-06-16" due-to="sebb">
        Made BaseEmailTestCase abstract and fixed a few coding issues.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-87" date="2009-06-16" due-to="sebb">
        HtmlEmail invokes, which blocks to do domain name resolution. This
        is avoided by using "url.toExternalForm().equals()" instead of "url.equals()".
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="add" issue="EMAIL-75" date="2009-04-05" due-to="Yu Kobayashi">
        Email.setFrom and Email.addTo are using Email.charset to properly encode the name.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="add" issue="EMAIL-79" date="2009-04-05" due-to="Edvin Syse, Corey Scott">
        SimpleEmail#setMsg() with UTF-8 content honors correct charset in header and
        does encode the content correctly now.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="add" issue="EMAIL-84" date="2009-02-22" due-to="Claudio Miranda">
        Created additional methods to support timeouts.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="add" issue="EMAIL-74" date="2009-02-22" due-to="Jim McCabe, Corey Scott">
        Create an overridable method in to create the MimeMessage instance.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-71" date="2009-02-22" due-to="Teemu Lang, Corey Scott">
        If setHostName() has not been called, getHostName() tries to return
        this.session.getProperty(MAIL_HOST). If mail session has not been
        created yet, this will throw a NullPointerException. Now getHostName()
        checks that this.session is not null before trying to access it.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="add" issue="EMAIL-81" date="2009-02-22" due-to="Travis Reader, Corey Scott">
        Add getTo and getReplyTo to Email class.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-78" date="2009-02-08" due-to="Aaron Digulla, Corey Scott">
        Provide better diagnostics when attaching  documents fail.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-70" date="2008-12-29" due-to="F. Andy Seidl">
        When mail authentication is required and no username/password is supplied
        than the provided mail session is used. If a username/password is found
        the implementation creates a new mail session and a DefaultAuthenticator
        as convinence implementation.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-65" date="2008-12-29" due-to="Kenneth Gendron">
        Using Kenneth's implementation of HtmlEmail.buildMimeMessage() to fix a
        couple of HtmlEmail layout issues. Also thanks to Martin Lau and Morten
        Hattesen for providing in-depth analysis of the problem
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="fix">
        During regression tests write out the generated MimeMessage instead of
    <release version="1.1" date="2007-09-27">
      <action dev="bspeakmon" type="add" issue="EMAIL-35" due-to="Brandon Wolfe">
	    Support embedding of raw DataSource attachments in HtmlEmail.
      <action dev="bspeakmon" type="update" issue="EMAIL-64" due-to="Ben Speakmon">
	    Use wiser instead of dumbster for test cases. Original patch supplied by Bindul Bhowmik.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-62" due-to="Ben Speakmon">
        Build patches to enforce source 1.4 and target 1.4 when compiling.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-52" due-to="Andrew Liles">
        Identical Inline images should share same BodyPart.
        Fixed by EMAIL-50.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-28" due-to="Phil Bretherton">
        Problems with HTML emails with attachments and embedded images.
        Fixed by EMAIL-50.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-50" due-to="Andrew Liles">
        HTML Emails with images don't display in Outlook 2000.
        Fix from Ben Speakmon.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-54" due-to="Piero Ottuzzi">
        Use JDK1.4 and java.nio.Charset instead of keeping our own.
        Fix from Ben Speakmon.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-14" due-to="locka">
        not support content charset gb2312.
        Fixed by EMAIL-54.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-25" due-to="James Huang">
        Address char-set can not be individually set.
        Fixed by EMAIL-54.
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-1" due-to="James Mc Millan">
        setCharset() in Email does not set the charset for the message content.
        Fix provided by Ben Speakmon.
      <action dev="scolebourne" type="fix" >
        Enhance website
      <action dev="dion" type="add" issue="EMAIL-45" due-to="Dave Cherkassky">
        Added Email.setReplyTo(Collection)
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-37" due-to="Piero Ottuzzi">
        If you provide a mailSession in tomcat you cannot send email using
        commons-email: the problem is mainly caused by typos or missing constant
      <action dev="dion" type="add" issue="EMAIL-48">
        Added TLS helper methods on Email
        and Added setMailSessionFromJNDI(String) helper method
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-7" due-to="Nuno Ponte">
        Added HtmlEmail.embed(String,String) as a wrapper to embed(URL,String)
    <release version="1.0" date="2005-09-27"/>
    <release version="1.0-rc8" date="2005-09-07">
      <action dev="henning" type="fix">
        Make sure that the unit tests don't fail under JDK 1.3.x with Address already in use
      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Niall Pemberton" issue="EMAIL-49">
        Replace our usage of address.validate() with simpler code that allows
        commons-email to work with javamail 1.2 / J2EE 1.3 environment. Added an
        unit test which verifies the behaviour.
      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Niall Pemberton" issue="EMAIL-58">
        Add an unit test to check for invalid addresses.
      <action dev="henning" type="update" due-to="Stephen Colebourne" issue="EMAIL-12">
        Remove dependencies to commons-lang, allowing commons-email to exist without
        any external dependencies in an J2EE 1.4+ environment.
    <release version="1.0-rc6-SNAPSHOT" date="in Subversion">
      <action dev="epugh" type="update" due-to="Troy Poppe" issue="EMAIL-51">
        Improve MultiPartEmail to ease extending it.
      <action dev="sgoeschl" type="update">
        Refactoring the code to seperate creation of a MimeMessage and sending it.
      <action dev="dion" type="update">Add serialVersionUID to EmailException
      <action dev="dion" type="update">Use Dumbster 1.6 compiled with jdk13 for testing
      <action dev="dion" type="fix" issue="EMAIL-24" due-to="Eric Spiegelberg">
        Refactor Hashtable usage to Map
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Mark Lowe" issue="EMAIL-42">
        Email throws EmailException wrapping underlying JavaMail exception
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott" issue="EMAIL-32">
        Change port for dumbster from 25 to 2500 to use unreserved port.
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott" issue="EMAIL-3">
        Add back in ByteArrayDataSource.
      <action dev="epugh" type="remove">
        Removed deprecated MailMessage and ByteArrayDataSource.
      <action dev="epugh" type="add">
        Output test emails to /target/test-emails as .txt files for manual
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Mark Lowe" issue="EMAIL-19">
        Inline attatchment encoding was incorrect.
      <action dev="epugh" type="add">
        Integrate our own checkstyle config instead of using Turbine style only.
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Joe Germuska" issue="EMAIL-55">
        Clone the System.getProperties() call instead of putting random properties
        into it.
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" issue="EMAIL-8">
        Can't supply a javax.mail.Session to Commons Email component
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" issue="EMAIL-23" due-to="Corey Scott">
        HTML email with plain text alternative and attachments
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" issue="EMAIL-33" due-to="Corey Scott">
        Integrate use of Dumbster to supply a fake SMTP server.
      <action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott">
        Lots of new unit tests and cleanup of code.
      <action dev="epugh" type="update">
        Update dependencies to latest available.
      <action dev="germuska" type="add" issue="EMAIL-55">
        Support the delivery of bounced messages to an address other than "from".

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