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Java example source code file (changes.xml)

This example Java source code file (changes.xml) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

Learn more about this Java project at its project page.

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The changes.xml Java example source code

<?xml version="1.0"?>
     Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
     contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
     this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
     The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
     (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
     the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at

     Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
     distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
     WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
     See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
     limitations under the License.

This file is also used by the maven-changes-plugin to generate the release notes.
Useful ways of finding items to add to this file are:

1.  Add items when you fix a bug or add a feature (this makes the 
release process easy :-).

2.  Do a JIRA search for tickets closed since the previous release.

3.  Use the report generated by the maven-changelog-plugin to see all
SVN commits. TBA how to use this with SVN.

To generate the release notes from this file:

mvn changes:announcement-generate -Prelease-notes [-Dchanges.version=nnn]

then tweak the formatting if necessary 
and commit

The <action> type attribute can be add,update,fix,remove.

    <title>Apache Commons Lang Changes

  <release version="3.5" date="tba" description="tba">
    <action issue="LANG-1018" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Nick Manley">Fix precision loss on NumberUtils.createNumber(String)
    <action issue="LANG-1229" type="update" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Ruslan Cheremin">HashCodeBuilder.append(Object,Object) is too big to be inlined, which prevents whole builder to be scalarized
    <action issue="LANG-1085" type="add" dev="oheger" due-to="oheger / kinow">Add a circuit breaker implementation
    <action issue="LANG-1013" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Thiago Andrade">Add StringUtils.truncate()
    <action issue="LANG-1195" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Derek C. Ashmore">Enhance MethodUtils to allow invocation of private methods
    <action issue="LANG-1199" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="M. Steiger">Fix implementation of StringUtils.getJaroWinklerDistance()
    <action issue="LANG-1244" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="jjbankert">Fix dead links in StringUtils.getLevenshteinDistance() javadoc
    <action issue="LANG-1242" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Neal Stewart">"\u2284":"?" mapping missing from EntityArrays#HTML40_EXTENDED_ESCAPE
    <action issue="LANG-1243" type="update" dev="sebb">Simplify ArrayUtils removeElements by using new decrementAndGet() method
    <action issue="LANG-1189" type="add" dev="sebb" due-to="haiyang li / Matthew Bartenschlag ">Add getAndIncrement/getAndDecrement/getAndAdd/incrementAndGet/decrementAndGet/addAndGet in Mutable* classes
    <action issue="LANG-1240" type="update" dev="pschumacher" due-to="zhanhb">Optimize BitField constructor implementation
    <action issue="LANG-1206" type="update" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Mohammed Alfallaj">Improve CharSetUtils.squeeze() performance
    <action issue="LANG-1225" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Caleb Cushing">Add RandomStringUtils#randomGraph and #randomPrint which match corresponding regular expression class
    <action issue="LANG-901" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Matthew Bartenschlag">StringUtils#startsWithAny/endsWithAny is case sensitive - documented as case insensitive
    <action issue="LANG-1223" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Nick Manley">Add StopWatch#getTime(TimeUnit)
    <action issue="LANG-781" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Krzysztof Wolny">Add methods to ObjectUtils class to check for null elements in the array
    <action issue="LANG-1228" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Brad Hess">Prefer Throwable.getCause() in ExceptionUtils.getCause()
    <action issue="LANG-1233" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Nick Manley">DiffBuilder add method to allow appending from a DiffResult
    <action issue="LANG-1176" type="update" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Jeffery Yuan">Improve ArrayUtils removeElements time complexity to O(n)
    <action issue="LANG-1234" type="update" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Jonatan Jönsson">getLevenshteinDistance with a threshold: optimize implementation if the strings lengths differ more than the threshold
    <action issue="LANG-1168" type="add" dev="pschumacher" due-to="pschumacher">Add SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_10 property
    <action issue="LANG-1232" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Nick Manley">DiffBuilder: Add null check on fieldName when appending Object or Object[]
    <action issue="LANG-1178" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Henri Yandell">ArrayUtils.removeAll(Object array, int... indices) should do the clone, not its callers
    <action issue="LANG-1151" type="update" dev="pschumacher" due-to="Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez">Performance improvements for NumberUtils.isParsable
    <action issue="LANG-1227" type="fix" dev="pschumacher" due-to="kaching88">StringUtils.stripAccents should remove accents from "Ł" and "ł".
    <action issue="LANG-1227" type="new" dev="ggregory" due-to="Gary Gregory">Add XMLCharacter class.
    <action issue="LANG-1218" type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Ruslan Cheremin">EqualsBuilder.append(Object,Object) is too big to be inlined, which prevents whole builder to be scalarized
    <action issue="LANG-1205" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="pbrose">NumberUtils.createNumber() behaves inconsistently with NumberUtils.isNumber()
    <action issue="LANG-1115" type="add" dev="chas" due-to="Jim Lloyd, Joe Ferner">Add support for varargs in ConstructorUtils, MemberUtils, and MethodUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1134" type="add" dev="chas" due-to="Alan Smithee">New methods for lang3.Validate
    <action issue="LANG-1222" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="Adam J.">Fix for incorrect comment on StringUtils.containsIgnoreCase method
    <action issue="LANG-1221" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="Pierre Templier">Fix typo on appendIfMissing javadoc
    <action issue="LANG-1220" type="add" dev="kinow" due-to="Casey Scarborough">Add tests for missed branches in DateUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1202" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="Markus Jelsma">parseDateStrictly does't pass specified locale
    <action issue="LANG-1219" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="Jarek">FastDateFormat doesn't respect summer daylight in some localized strings
    <action issue="LANG-1201" type="add" dev="ggregory" due-to="Gary Gregory">Add a TimeUnit-like classes for base 2 and base 10 digital conversions (bits, bytes, KB, MB, and so on)
    <action issue="LANG-1146" type="add" dev="ggregory" due-to="Gabor Liptak">z/OS identification in SystemUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1210" type="update" dev="ggregory" due-to="Matthias Niehoff">StringUtils#startsWithAny has error in Javadoc
    <action issue="LANG-1208" type="update" dev="bayard" due-to="Samuel Karp">StrSubstitutor can preserve escapes
    <action issue="LANG-1175" type="fix" dev="wikier" due-to="Benedikt Ritter">Remove Ant-based build
    <action issue="LANG-1192" type="add" dev="chas" due-to="Dominik Stadler">FastDateFormat support of the week-year component (uppercase 'Y')
    <action issue="LANG-1194" type="fix" dev="chas">Limit max heap memory for consistent Travis CI build
    <action issue="LANG-1186" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="NickManley">Fix NullPointerException in FastDateParser$TimeZoneStrategy
    <action issue="LANG-1193" type="fix" dev="sebb" due-to="Qin Li">ordinalIndexOf("abc", "ab", 1) gives incorrect answer of -1 (correct answer should be 0); revert fix for LANG-1077
    <action issue="LANG-1182" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Larry West, Pascal Schumacher">Clarify JavaDoc of StringUtils.containsAny()
    <action issue="LANG-1169" type="add" dev="lguibert" due-to="Rafal Glowinski, Robert Parr, Arman Sharif">Add StringUtils methods to compare a string to multiple strings
    <action issue="LANG-1185" type="add" dev="lguibert">Add remove by regular expression methods in StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1183" type="update" dev="lguibert">Making replacePattern/removePattern methods null safe in StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1139" type="add" dev="lguibert">Add replace by regular expression methods in StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1171" type="add" dev="lguibert">Add compare methods in StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1174" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Punkratz312">Add sugar to RandomUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1057" type="update" dev="chas" due-to="Otávio Santana">Replace StringBuilder with String concatenation for better optimization
    <action issue="LANG-1075" type="update" dev="chas">Deprecate SystemUtils.FILE_SEPARATOR and SystemUtils.PATH_SEPARATOR
    <action issue="LANG-1154" type="add" dev="chas" due-to="Gary Gregory">FastDateFormat APIs that use a StringBuilder
    <action issue="LANG-1149" type="add" dev="chas" due-to="Gregory Zak">Ability to throw checked exceptions without declaring them
    <action issue="LANG-1002" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="Michael Osipov">Several predefined ISO FastDateFormats in DateFormatUtils are incorrect
    <action issue="LANG-1152" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="Pas Filip">StringIndexOutOfBoundsException or field over-write for large year fields in FastDateParser
    <action issue="LANG-1153" type="add" dev="chas">Implement ParsePosition api for FastDateParser
    <action issue="LANG-1141" type="fix" dev="oheger">StrLookup.systemPropertiesLookup() no longer reacts on changes on system properties
    <action issue="LANG-1147" type="fix" dev="sebb" due-to="Loic Guibert">EnumUtils *BitVector issue with more than 32 values Enum
    <action issue="LANG-1059" type="fix" dev="sebb" due-to="Colin Casey">Capitalize javadoc is incorrect
    <action issue="LANG-1137" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Matthew Aguirre">Add check for duplicate event listener in EventListenerSupport
    <action issue="LANG-1133" type="bug" dev="chas" due-to="Pascal Schumacher">FastDateParser_TimeZoneStrategyTest#testTimeZoneStrategyPattern fails on Windows with German Locale
    <action issue="LANG-1135" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Eduardo Martins">Add method containsAllWords to WordUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1132" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Jack Tan">ReflectionToStringBuilder doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException when the constructor's object param is null
    <action issue="LANG-1122" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Adrian Ber">Inconsistent behavior of swap for malformed inputs
    <action issue="LANG-701" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="James Sawle">StringUtils join with var args
    <action issue="LANG-1130" type="fix" dev="britter">Fix critical issues reported by SonarQube
    <action issue="LANG-1131" type="fix" dev="britter">StrBuilder.equals(StrBuilder) doesn't check for null inputs
    <action issue="LANG-1105" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Hendrik Saly">Add ThreadUtils - A utility class which provides helper methods related to java.lang.Thread
    <action issue="LANG-1031" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Felipe Adorno">Add annotations to exclude fields from ReflectionEqualsBuilder, ReflectionToStringBuilder and ReflectionHashCodeBuilder
    <action issue="LANG-1127" type="add" dev="chas, britter">Use JUnit rules to set and reset the default Locale and TimeZone
    <action issue="LANG-1128" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Jack Tan">JsonToStringStyle doesn't handle chars and objects correctly
    <action issue="LANG-1126" type="fix" dev="britter">DateFormatUtilsTest.testSMTP depends on the default Locale
    <action issue="LANG-1123" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="Christian P. Momon">Unit test FastDatePrinterTimeZonesTest needs a timezone set
    <action issue="LANG-916" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="Christian P. Momon">CLONE - DateFormatUtils.format does not correctly change Calendar TimeZone in certain situations
    <action issue="LANG-1116" type="fix" dev="chas" due-to="Aaron Sheldon">DateUtilsTest.testLang530 fails for some timezones
    <action issue="LANG-1114" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Andy Coates">TypeUtils.ParameterizedType#equals doesn't work with wildcard types
    <action issue="LANG-1119" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Loic Guibert">Add rotate(string, int) method to StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1118" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Loic Guibert">StringUtils.repeat('z', -1) throws NegativeArraySizeException
    <action issue="LANG-1099" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Adrian Ber">Add swap and shift operations for arrays to ArrayUtils
    <action issue="LANG-979" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Bruno P. Kinoshita">TypeUtils.parameterizeWithOwner - wrong format descriptor for "invalid number of type parameters".
    <action issue="LANG-1112" type="update" dev="britter">MultilineRecursiveToStringStyle largely unusable due to being package-private.
    <action issue="LANG-1058" type="update" dev="djones" due-to="Leo Wang">StringUtils.uncapitalize performance improvement
    <action issue="LANG-1069" type="update" dev="djones" due-to="Arno Noordover">CharSet.getInstance documentation does not clearly explain how to include negation character in set
    <action issue="LANG-1050" type="add" dev="djones" due-to="James Sawle">Change nullToEmpty methods to generics
    <action issue="LANG-1111" type="fix" dev="chas">Fix FindBugs warnings in DurationFormatUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1074" type="add" dev="djones" due-to="Haiyang Li">Add a method to ArrayUtils for removing all occurrences of a given element
    <action issue="LANG-1107" type="update" dev="chas">Fix parsing edge cases in FastDateParser
    <action issue="LANG-1162" type="fix" dev="sebb">StringUtils#equals fails with Index OOBE on non-Strings with identical leading prefix
    <action issue="LANG-1163" type="fix" dev="sebb">There are no tests for CharSequenceUtils.regionMatches
    <action issue="LANG-1200" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="BarkZhang">[GitHub PR] modify note at line 1230 #120
    <action issue="LANG-1191" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="qed, Brent Worden, Gary Gregory">Incorrect Javadoc StringUtils.containsAny(CharSequence, CharSequence...)
    <action type="update" dev="ebourg" due-to="Jake Wang">Added new property IS_OS_MAC_OSX_EL_CAPITAN in SystemUtils

  <release version="3.4" date="2014-04-06" description="Feature and bugfix release">
    <action issue="LANG-821" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Timo Kockert">Support OS X versions in SystemUtils
    <action issue="LANG-794" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Timo Kockert">SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_2008, VISTA are incorrect
    <action issue="LANG-1104" type="fix" dev="chas">Parse test fails for TimeZone America/Sao_Paulo
    <action issue="LANG-1103" type="add" dev="britter">Add SystemUtils.IS_JAVA_1_9
    <action issue="LANG-1102" type="update" dev="britter">Make logic for comparing OS versions in SystemUtils smarter
    <action issue="LANG-1091" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Fabian Lange">Shutdown thread pools in test cases
    <action issue="LANG-1101" type="update" dev="chas">FastDateParser and FastDatePrinter support 'X' format
    <action issue="LANG-1100" type="update" dev="chas" due-to="mbracher">Avoid memory allocation when using date formating to StringBuffer
    <action issue="LANG-935" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Fabian Lange, Thomas Neidhart">Possible performance improvement on string escape functions
    <action issue="LANG-948" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Andrey Khobnya">Exception while using ExtendedMessageFormat and escaping braces
    <action issue="LANG-1098" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Mikhail Mazurskiy, Fabian Lange">Avoid String allocation in StrBuilder.append(CharSequence)
    <action issue="LANG-1098" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Michał Kordas">Update maven-checkstyle-plugin to 2.14
    <action issue="LANG-1097" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Michał Kordas">Update org.easymock:easymock to 3.3.1
    <action issue="LANG-1096" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Michał Kordas">Update maven-pmd-plugin to 3.4
    <action issue="LANG-1095" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Michał Kordas">Update maven-antrun-plugin to 1.8
    <action issue="LANG-1092" type="fix" dev="britter">Wrong formating of time zones with daylight saving time in FastDatePrinter
    <action issue="LANG-877" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Fabian Lange">Performance improvements for StringEscapeUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1093" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Fabian Lange">Add ClassUtils.getAbbreviatedName()
    <action issue="LANG-1090" type="fix" dev="sebb">FastDateParser does not set error indication in ParsePosition
    <action issue="LANG-1089" type="fix" dev="sebb">FastDateParser does not handle excess hours as per SimpleDateFormat
    <action issue="LANG-1061" type="fix" dev="sebb" due-to="dmeneses">FastDateParser error - timezones not handled correctly
    <action issue="LANG-1087" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Renat Zhilkibaev">NumberUtils#createNumber() returns positive BigDecimal when negative Float is expected
    <action issue="LANG-1081" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Jonathan Baker">DiffBuilder.append(String, Object left, Object right) does not do a left.equals(right) check
    <action issue="LANG-1055" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Jonathan Baker">StrSubstitutor.replaceSystemProperties does not work consistently
    <action issue="LANG-1082" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Jonathan Baker">Add option to disable the "objectsTriviallyEqual" test in DiffBuilder
    <action issue="LANG-1083" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Jonathan Baker">Add (T) casts to get unit tests to pass in old JDK
    <action issue="LANG-1015" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Thiago Andrade">Add JsonToStringStyle implementation to ToStringStyle
    <action issue="LANG-1080" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Innokenty Shuvalov">Add NoClassNameToStringStyle implementation of ToStringStyle
    <action issue="LANG-1071" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Arno Noordover">Fix wrong examples in JavaDoc of StringUtils.replaceEachRepeatedly(...), StringUtils.replaceEach(...)
    <action issue="LANG-883" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Daniel Stewart">Add StringUtils.containsAny(CharSequence, CharSequence...) method
    <action issue="LANG-1073" type="fix" dev="kinow" due-to="haiyang li">Read wrong component type of array in add in ArrayUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1077" type="fix" dev="kinow" due-to="haiyang li">StringUtils.ordinalIndexOf("aaaaaa", "aa", 2) != 3 in StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1072" type="fix" dev="sebb" due-to="haiyang li">Duplicated "0x" check in createBigInteger in NumberUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1064" type="fix" dev="djones" due-to="B.J. Herbison">StringUtils.abbreviate description doesn't agree with the examples
    <action issue="LANG-1052" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Jan Matèrne">Multiline recursive to string style
    <action issue="LANG-536" type="add" dev="djones" due-to="James Sawle">Add isSorted() to ArrayUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1041" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Alexandre Bartel">Fix MethodUtilsTest so it does not depend on JDK method ordering
    <action issue="LANG-827" type="update" dev="djones">CompareToBuilder's doc doesn't specify precedence of fields it uses in performing comparisons
    <action issue="LANG-1000" type="fix" dev="djones">ParseException when trying to parse UTC dates with Z as zone designator using DateFormatUtils.ISO_DATETIME_TIME_ZONE_FORMAT
    <action issue="LANG-1035" type="fix" dev="djones">Javadoc for EqualsBuilder.reflectionEquals() is unclear
    <action issue="LANG-1020" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Libor Ondrusek">Improve performance of normalize space
    <action issue="LANG-1033" type="add" dev="ggregory">Add StringUtils.countMatches(CharSequence, char)
    <action issue="LANG-1027" type="update" dev="rmannibucau">org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils#isJavaVersionAtLeast should return true by default
    <action issue="LANG-1021" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Alexander Müller">Provide methods to retrieve all fields/methods annotated with a specific type
    <action issue="LANG-1026" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Alex Yursha">Bring static method references in StringUtils to consistent style
    <action issue="LANG-1016" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez">NumberUtils#isParsable method(s)
    <action issue="LANG-1017" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Christoph Schneegans">Use non-ASCII digits in Javadoc examples for StringUtils.isNumeric
    <action issue="LANG-1008" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Thiago Andrade">Change min/max methods in NumberUtils/IEEE754rUtils from array input parameters to varargs
    <action issue="LANG-999" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Ben Ripkens">Add fuzzy String matching logic to StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1006" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Thiago Andrade">Add wrap (with String or char) to StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-1005" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Michael Osipov">Extend DurationFormatUtils#formatDurationISO default pattern to match #formatDurationHMS
    <action issue="LANG-1007" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Thiago Andrade">Fixing NumberUtils JAVADoc comments for max methods
    <action issue="LANG-731" type="update" dev="djones">Better Javadoc for BitField class
    <action issue="LANG-1004" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Michael Osipov">DurationFormatUtils#formatDurationHMS implementation does not correspond to Javadoc and vice versa
    <action issue="LANG-1003" type="update" dev="britter">DurationFormatUtils are not able to handle negative durations/periods
    <action issue="LANG-1001" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="Michael Osipov">ISO 8601 misspelled throughout the Javadocs
    <action issue="LANG-994" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Mikhail Mazursky">Add zero copy read method to StrBuilder
    <action issue="LANG-993" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Mikhail Mazursky">Add zero copy write method to StrBuilder
    <action issue="LANG-998" type="update" dev="chas">Javadoc is not clear on preferred pattern to instantiate FastDateParser / FastDatePrinter
    <action issue="LANG-1088" type="fix" dev="chas">FastDateParser should be case insensitive
    <action issue="LANG-995" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Andrey Khobnya">Fix bug with stripping spaces on last line in WordUtils.wrap()
    <action issue="LANG-1044" type="add" dev="ggregory">Add method org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect.MethodUtils.invokeExactMethod(Object, String)
    <action issue="LANG-1045" type="add" dev="ggregory">Add method org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect.MethodUtils.invokeMethod(Object, String)

  <release version="3.3.2" date="2014-04-09" description="Bugfix for a bug in NumberUtils introduced in 3.3.1">
    <action issue="LANG-992" type="fix" dev="niallp">NumberUtils#isNumber() returns false for "0.0", "0.4790", et al
    <action issue="LANG-989" type="add" dev="ggregory">Add org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils.IS_JAVA_1_8

  <release version="3.3.1" date="2014-03-18" description="Bugfix release for 3.3">
    <action issue="LANG-987" type="fix" dev="djones">DateUtils.getFragmentInDays(Date, Calendar.MONTH) returns wrong days
    <action issue="LANG-983" type="fix" dev="sebb">DurationFormatUtils does not describe format string fully
    <action issue="LANG-981" type="fix" dev="sebb">DurationFormatUtils#lexx does not detect unmatched quote char
    <action issue="LANG-984" type="fix" dev="sebb">DurationFormatUtils does not handle large durations correctly
    <action issue="LANG-982" type="fix" dev="sebb">DurationFormatUtils.formatDuration(61999, "s.SSSS") - ms field size should be 4 digits
    <action issue="LANG-978" type="fix" dev="sebb">Failing tests with Java 8 b128

  <release version="3.3" date="2014-03-04" description="Bug fixes and and new features including: DifferenceBuilder, ClassPathUtils, RandomUtils and Jaro-Winkler String distance metric">
    <action issue="LANG-621" type="fix" dev="kinow" due-to="Philip Hodges, Thomas Neidhart">ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString does not debug 3rd party object fields within 3rd party object
    <action issue="LANG-955" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Adam Hooper">Add methods for removing all invalid characters according to XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 in an input string to StringEscapeUtils
    <action issue="LANG-977" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Chris Karcher">NumericEntityEscaper incorrectly encodes supplementary characters
    <action issue="LANG-973" type="fix" dev="sebb">Make some private fields final
    <action issue="LANG-971" type="fix" dev="sebb">NumberUtils#isNumber(String) fails to reject invalid Octal numbers
    <action issue="LANG-972" type="fix" dev="sebb">NumberUtils#isNumber does not allow for hex 0XABCD
    <action issue="LANG-969" type="fix" dev="ggregory" due-to="Matt Bishop">StringUtils.toEncodedString(byte[], Charset) needlessly throws UnsupportedEncodingException
    <action issue="LANG-970" type="add" dev="ggregory">Add APIs MutableBoolean setTrue() and setFalse()
    <action issue="LANG-946" type="fix" dev="britter">ConstantInitializerTest fails when building with IBM JDK 7
    <action issue="LANG-962" type="add" dev="ggregory">Add SerializationUtils.roundtrip(T extends Serializable) to serialize then deserialize
    <action issue="LANG-961" type="update" dev="ggregory">org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect.FieldUtils.removeFinalModifier(Field) does not clean up after itself
    <action issue="LANG-958" type="update" dev="chas">FastDateParser javadoc incorrectly states that SimpleDateFormat is used internally
    <action issue="LANG-637" type="add" dev="djones">There should be a DifferenceBuilder with a ReflectionDifferenceBuilder implementation
    <action issue="LANG-954" type="fix" due-to="Michael Keppler" dev="sebb">uncaught PatternSyntaxException in FastDateFormat on Android
    <action issue="LANG-956" type="update" dev="britter">Improve JavaDoc of WordUtils.wrap methods
    <action issue="LANG-944" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Rekha Joshi">Add the Jaro-Winkler string distance algorithm to StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-936" type="fix" dev="bayard" due-to="Yaniv Kunda, Eli Lindsey">StringUtils.getLevenshteinDistance with too big of a threshold returns wrong result
    <action issue="LANG-943" type="fix" dev="kinow">Test DurationFormatUtilsTest.testEdgeDuration fails in JDK 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8, BRST time zone
    <action issue="LANG-613" type="fix" dev="mbenson">ConstructorUtils.getAccessibleConstructor() Does Not Check the Accessibility of Enclosing Classes
    <action issue="LANG-951" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Sebastian Götz">Fragments are wrong by 1 day when using fragment YEAR or MONTH
    <action issue="LANG-417" type="add" dev="britter">New class ClassPathUtils with methods for turning FQN into resource path
    <action issue="LANG-939" type="update" dev="britter">Move Documentation from user guide to package-info files
    <action issue="LANG-953" type="update" dev="britter">Convert package.html files to files
    <action issue="LANG-950" type="fix" dev="chas">FastDateParser does not handle two digit year parsing like SimpleDateFormat
    <action issue="LANG-949" type="fix" dev="chas">FastDateParserTest.testParses does not test FastDateParser
    <action issue="LANG-940" type="update" dev="britter">Fix deprecation warnings
    <action issue="LANG-819" type="update" dev="mbenson">EnumUtils.generateBitVector needs a "? extends"
    <action issue="LANG-834" type="add" dev="britter">Validate: add inclusiveBetween and exclusiveBetween overloads for primitive types
    <action issue="LANG-900" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Duncan Jones">New RandomUtils class
    <action issue="LANG-915" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Sergio Fernández">Wrong locale handling in LocaleUtils.toLocale()
    <action issue="LANG-966" type="add" dev="ggregory">Add IBM OS/400 detection

  <release version="3.2.1" date="2014-01-05" description="Bug fix for 3.2">
    <action issue="LANG-937" type="fix" dev="britter">Fix missing Hamcrest dependency in Ant Build
    <action issue="LANG-941" type="fix" dev="britter">Test failure in LocaleUtilsTest when building with JDK 8
    <action issue="LANG-942" type="fix" dev="britter" due-to="Bruno P. Kinoshita, Henri Yandell">Test failure in FastDateParserTest and FastDateFormat_ParserTest when building with JDK8
    <action issue="LANG-938" type="fix">Build fails with test failures when building with JDK 8

  <release version="3.2" date="2014-01-01" description="Bug fixes and new features, at least requires Java 6.0">
    <action issue="LANG-934" type="add" dev="mcucchiara">Add removeFinalModifier to FieldUtils
    <action issue="LANG-863" type="add" due-to="Daneel S. Yaitskov" dev="sebb">Method returns number of inheritance hops between parent and subclass
    <action issue="LANG-932" type="fix" due-to="Ville Skyttä" dev="sebb">Spelling fixes
    <action issue="LANG-931" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Christoph Schneegans">Misleading Javadoc comment in StrBuilderReader class
    <action issue="LANG-929" type="fix">OctalUnescaper tried to parse all of \279
    <action issue="LANG-928" type="fix">OctalUnescaper had bugs when parsing octals starting with a zero
    <action issue="LANG-905" type="fix">EqualsBuilder returned true when comparing arrays, even when the elements are different
    <action issue="LANG-774" type="add" due-to="Erhan Bagdemir">Added isStarted, isSuspended and isStopped to StopWatch
    <action issue="LANG-917" type="fix" due-to="Arne Burmeister">Fixed exception when combining custom and choice format in ExtendedMessageFormat
    <action issue="LANG-848" type="add" due-to="Alexander Muthmann">Added StringUtils.isBlank/isEmpty CharSequence... methods
    <action issue="LANG-926" type="add" dev="ggregory">Added ArrayUtils.reverse(array, from, to) methods
    <action issue="LANG-795" type="add" due-to="Aaron Digulla">StringUtils.toString(byte[], String) deprecated in favour of a new StringUtils.toString(byte[], CharSet)
    <action issue="LANG-902" type="fix" due-to="Andrzej Winnicki">RandomStringUtils.random javadoc was incorrectly promising letters and numbers would, as opposed to may, appear
    <action issue="LANG-921" type="fix" dev="britter">BooleanUtils.xor(boolean...) produces wrong results
    <action issue="LANG-910" type="update" due-to="Timur Yarosh">StringUtils.normalizeSpace now handles non-breaking spaces (Unicode 00A0)
    <action issue="LANG-804" type="update" dev="britter" due-to="Allon Mureinik">Redundant check for zero in HashCodeBuilder ctor
    <action issue="LANG-893" type="add" dev="oheger" due-to="Woonsan Ko">StrSubstitutor now supports default values for variables
    <action issue="LANG-913" type="add" dev="britter" due-to="Allon Mureinik">Adding .gitignore to commons-lang
    <action issue="LANG-837" type="add">Add ObjectUtils.toIdentityString methods that support StringBuilder, StrBuilder, and Appendable
    <action issue="LANG-896" type="fix" due-to="Mark Bryan Yu">BooleanUtils.toBoolean(String str) javadoc is not updated
    <action issue="LANG-879" type="fix">LocaleUtils test fails with new Locale "ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese" of JDK7
    <action issue="LANG-836" type="fix" due-to="Arnaud Brunet">StrSubstitutor does not support StringBuilder or CharSequence
    <action issue="LANG-693" type="fix" due-to="Calvin Echols">Method createNumber from NumberUtils doesn't work for floating point numbers other than Float
    <action issue="LANG-887" type="fix">FastDateFormat does not use the locale specific cache correctly
    <action issue="LANG-884" type="update">Simplify FastDateFormat; eliminate boxing
    <action issue="LANG-882" type="update">LookupTranslator now works with implementations of CharSequence other than String
    <action issue="LANG-754" type="fix">ClassUtils.getShortName(String) will now only do a reverse lookup for array types
    <action issue="LANG-886" type="add">Added CharSetUtils.containsAny(String, String)
    <action issue="LANG-846" type="update">Provide CharSequenceUtils.regionMatches with a proper green implementation instead of inefficiently converting to Strings
    <action issue="LANG-797" type="add">Added escape/unescapeJson to StringEscapeUtils
    <action issue="LANG-875" type="add">Added appendIfMissing and prependIfMissing methods to StringUtils
    <action issue="LANG-881" type="fix">NumberUtils.createNumber() Javadoc says it does not work for octal numbers
    <action type="fix">Fixed URLs in javadoc to point to new pages
    <action issue="LANG-870" type="add">Add StringUtils.LF and StringUtils.CR values
    <action issue="LANG-873" type="add">Add FieldUtils getAllFields() to return all the fields defined in the given class and super classes
    <action issue="LANG-865" type="fix">LocaleUtils.toLocale does not parse strings starting with an underscore
    <action issue="LANG-835" type="add">StrBuilder should support StringBuilder as an input parameter
    <action issue="LANG-858" type="fix">StringEscapeUtils.escapeJava() and escapeEcmaScript() do not output the escaped surrogate pairs that are Java parsable
    <action issue="LANG-857" type="add">StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in CharSequenceTranslator
    <action issue="LANG-856" type="add">Code refactoring in NumberUtils
    <action issue="LANG-855" type="add">NumberUtils#createBigInteger does not allow for hex and octal numbers
    <action issue="LANG-854" type="add">NumberUtils#createNumber - does not allow for hex numbers to be larger than Long
    <action issue="LANG-853" type="add">StringUtils join APIs for primitives
    <action issue="LANG-849" type="fix">FastDateFormat and FastDatePrinter generates Date objects wastefully
    <action issue="LANG-845" type="fix">Spelling fixes
    <action issue="LANG-844" type="fix">Fix examples contained in javadoc of methods
    <action issue="LANG-841" type="add">Add StringUtils API to call String.replaceAll in DOTALL a.k.a. single-line mode
    <action issue="LANG-839" type="update">ArrayUtils removeElements methods use unnecessary HashSet
    <action issue="LANG-838" type="update">ArrayUtils removeElements methods clone temporary index arrays unnecessarily
    <action issue="LANG-832" type="fix">FastDateParser does not handle unterminated quotes correctly
    <action issue="LANG-831" type="fix">FastDateParser does not handle white-space properly
    <action issue="LANG-830" type="fix">FastDateParser could use \Q \E to quote regexes
    <action issue="LANG-828" type="fix">FastDateParser does not handle non-Gregorian calendars properly
    <action issue="LANG-826" type="fix">FastDateParser does not handle non-ASCII digits correctly
    <action issue="LANG-825" type="add">Create StrBuilder APIs similar to String.format(String, Object...)
    <action issue="LANG-822" type="fix">NumberUtils#createNumber - bad behaviour for leading "--"
    <action issue="LANG-818" type="fix">FastDateFormat's "z" pattern does not respect timezone of Calendar instances passed to format()
    <action issue="LANG-817" type="fix">Add org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_8
    <action issue="LANG-813" type="fix">StringUtils.equalsIgnoreCase doesn't check string reference equality
    <action issue="LANG-810" type="fix">StringUtils.join() endIndex, bugged for loop
    <action issue="LANG-807" type="fix">RandomStringUtils throws confusing IAE when end <= start
    <action issue="LANG-805" type="fix">RandomStringUtils.random(count, 0, 0, false, false, universe, random) always throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    <action issue="LANG-802" type="fix">LocaleUtils - unnecessary recursive call in SyncAvoid class.
    <action issue="LANG-800" type="fix">Javadoc bug in DateUtils#ceiling for Calendar and Object versions.
    <action issue="LANG-799" type="update">DateUtils#parseDate uses default locale; add Locale support
    <action issue="LANG-798" type="update">Use generics in SerializationUtils
    <action issue="LANG-788" type="fix">SerializationUtils throws ClassNotFoundException when cloning primitive classes
    <action issue="LANG-786" type="fix">StringUtils equals() relies on undefined behavior
    <action issue="LANG-783" type="fix">Documentation bug: StringUtils.split
    <action issue="LANG-777" type="fix">jar contains velocity template of release notes
    <action issue="LANG-776" type="fix">TypeUtilsTest contains incorrect type assignability assertion
    <action issue="LANG-775" type="fix">TypeUtils.getTypeArguments() misses type arguments for partially-assigned classes
    <action issue="LANG-773" type="fix">ImmutablePair doc contains nonsense text
    <action issue="LANG-772" type="fix">ClassUtils.PACKAGE_SEPARATOR Javadoc contains garbage text
    <action issue="LANG-765" type="fix">EventListenerSupport.ProxyInvocationHandler no longer defines serialVersionUID
    <action issue="LANG-764" type="fix">StrBuilder is now serializable
    <action issue="LANG-761" type="fix">Fix Javadoc Ant warnings
    <action issue="LANG-747" type="fix">NumberUtils does not handle Long Hex numbers
    <action issue="LANG-743" type="fix">Javadoc bug in static inner class DateIterator
    <action issue="LANG-675" type="add">Add Triple class (ternary version of Pair)
    <action issue="LANG-462" type="add">FastDateFormat supports parse methods

  <release version="3.1" date="2011-11-14" description="November release">
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-760">Add API StringUtils.toString(byte[] intput, String charsetName)
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-758">Add an example with whitespace in StringUtils.defaultIfEmpty
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-756">Add APIs ClassUtils.isPrimitiveWrapper(Class<?>) and isPrimitiveOrWrapper(Class<?>)
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-752">Fix createLong() so it behaves like createInteger()
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-751">Include the actual type in the Validate.isInstance and isAssignableFrom exception messages
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-749">Incorrect Bundle-SymbolicName in Manifest
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-748">Deprecating chomp(String, String)
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-746">NumberUtils does not handle upper-case hex: 0X and -0X
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-744">StringUtils throws on Google App Engine
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-741">Ant build has wrong
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-736">CharUtils static final array CHAR_STRING is not needed to compute CHAR_STRING_ARRAY
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-698">Document that the Mutable numbers don't work as expected with String.format
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-695">SystemUtils.IS_OS_UNIX doesn't recognize FreeBSD as a Unix system

  <release version="3.0.1" date="2011-08-09" description="August release">
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-626">SerializationUtils.clone: Fallback to context classloader if class not found in current classloader.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-727">ToStringBuilderTest.testReflectionHierarchyArrayList fails with IBM JDK 6.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-720">StringEscapeUtils.escapeXml(input) wrong when input contains characters in Supplementary Planes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-708">StringEscapeUtils.escapeEcmaScript from lang3 cuts off long unicode string.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-686">Improve exception message when StringUtils.replaceEachRepeatedly detects recursion.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-717">Specify source encoding for Ant build.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-721">Complement ArrayUtils.addAll() variants with by-index and by-value removal methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-726">Add Range<T> Range<T>.intersectionWith(Range<T>).
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-723">Add mode and median Comparable... methods to ObjectUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-722">Add BooleanUtils.and + or varargs methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-730">EnumSet -> bit vector.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-734">The CHAR_ARRAY cache in CharUtils duplicates the cache in java.lang.Character.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-735">Deprecate CharUtils.toCharacterObject(char) in favor of java.lang.Character.valueOf(char).
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-737">Missing method getRawMessage for ContextedException and ContextedRuntimeException.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-738">Use internal Java's Number caches instead creating new objects.

  <release version="3.0" date="2011-07-18" description="Backwards incompatible update of Commons Lang to Java 5">
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-720">StringEscapeUtils.escapeXml(input) outputs wrong results when an input contains characters in Supplementary Planes.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-718">build.xml Java 1.5+ updates.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-716">swapCase and *capitalize speedups.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-715">CharSetUtils.squeeze() speedup.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-714">StringUtils doc/comment spelling fixes.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-713">Increase test coverage of FieldUtils read methods and tweak Javadoc.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-711">Add includeantruntime=false to javac targets to quell warnings in ant 1.8.1 and better (and modest performance gain).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-710">StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling unescapeHtml4("&#03").
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-708">StringEscapeUtils.escapeEcmaScript from lang3 cuts off long Unicode string.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-703">StringUtils.join throws NPE when toString returns null for one of objects in collection.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-697">Add FormattableUtils class.
    <action type="add">Add ClassUtils.getSimpleName() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-692">Add hashCodeMulti varargs method.
    <action type="remove" issue="LANG-691">Removed DateUtils.UTC_TIME_ZONE.
    <action type="update" issues="LANG-687">Convert more of the StringUtils API to take CharSequence.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-685">EqualsBuilder synchronizes on HashCodeBuilder.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-428">StringUtils.isAlpha, isAlphanumeric and isNumeric now return false for "".
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-678">Add support for ConcurrentMap.putIfAbsent().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-676">Documented potential NPE if auto-boxing occurs for some BooleanUtils methods.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-677">DateUtils.isSameLocalTime compares using 12 hour clock and not 24 hour.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-610">Extend exception handling in ConcurrentUtils to runtime exceptions.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-624">SystemUtils.getJavaVersionAsFloat throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Android runtime/Dalvik VM.
    <action type="remove" issue="LANG-673">WordUtils.abbreviate() removed.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-672">Doc bug in DateUtils#ceiling.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-646">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava doesn't handle octal escapes and Unicode with extra u.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-662">org.apache.commons.lang3.math.Fraction does not reduce (Integer.MIN_VALUE, 2^k).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-663">org.apache.commons.lang3.math.Fraction does not always succeed in multiplyBy and divideBy.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-668">Change ObjectUtils min() & max() functions to use varargs rather than just two parameters.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-667">Add a Null-safe compare() method to ObjectUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-664">NumberUtils.isNumber(String) is not right when the String is "1.1L".
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-659">EntityArrays typo: {"\u2122", "&minus;"}, // minus sign, U+2212 ISOtech.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-658">Some Entitys like &Ouml; are not matched properly against its ISO8859-1 representation.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-656">Example StringUtils.indexOfAnyBut("zzabyycdxx", '') = 0 incorrect.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-655">Add StringUtils.defaultIfBlank().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-653">Provide a very basic ConcurrentInitializer implementation.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-609">Support lazy initialization using atomic variables.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-482">Enhance StrSubstitutor to support nested ${var-${subvr}} expansion.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-644">Provide documentation about the new concurrent package.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-629">Charset may not be threadsafe, because the HashSet is not synch.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-617">StringEscapeUtils.escapeXML() can't process UTF-16 supplementary characters.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-614">StringUtils.endsWithAny method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-651">Add AnnotationUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-649">BooleanUtils.toBooleanObject to support single character input.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-645">FastDateFormat.format() outputs incorrect week of year because locale isn't respected.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-596">StrSubstitutor should also handle the default properties of a java.util.Properties class.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-643">Javadoc StringUtils.left() claims to throw on negative len, but doesn't.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-640">Add normalizeSpace to StringUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-638">NumberUtils createNumber throws a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when argument containing "e" and "E" is passed in.
    <!-- 3.0 beta below here -->
    <action>NOTE: The below were included in the Commons Lang 3.0-beta release.
    <action type="update" issues="LANG-510">Convert StringUtils API to take CharSequence.
    <action type="update">Push down WordUtils to "text" sub-package.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-610">Extend exception handling in ConcurrentUtils to runtime exceptions.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-608">Some StringUtils methods should take an int character instead of char to use String API features.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-606">EqualsBuilder causes StackOverflowException.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-605">DefaultExceptionContext overwrites values in recursive situations.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-602">ContextedRuntimeException no longer an 'unchecked' exception.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-601">Add Builder Interface / Update Builders to Implement It.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-600">Javadoc is incorrect for public static int lastIndexOf(String str, String searchStr).
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-599">ClassUtils.getClass(): Allow Dots as Inner Class Separators.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-594">DateUtils equal & compare functions up to most significant field.
    <action type="remove" issue="LANG-590">Remove JDK 1.2/1.3 bug handling in StringUtils.indexOf(String, String, int).
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-588">Create a basic Pair<L, R> class.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-585">exception.DefaultExceptionContext.getFormattedExceptionMessage catches Throwable.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-582">Provide an implementation of the ThreadFactory interface.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-579">Add new Validate methods.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-571">ArrayUtils.add(T[] array, T element) can create unexpected ClassCastException.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-570">Do the test cases really still require main() and suite() methods?.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-568">@SuppressWarnings("unchecked") is used too generally.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-564">Improve StrLookup API documentation.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-563">Change Java package name.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-562">Change Maven groupId.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-560">New TimedSemaphore class.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-559">Added validState validation method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-559">Added isAssignableFrom and isInstanceOf validation methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-553">Add TypeUtils class to provide utility code for working with generic types.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-551">Replace Range classes with generic version.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-548">Use Iterable on API instead of Collection.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-546">Add methods to Validate to check whether the index is valid for the array/list/string.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-545">Add ability to create a Future for a constant.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-541">Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-540">Make NumericEntityEscaper immutable.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-539">Compile commons.lang for CDC 1.1/Foundation 1.1.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-537">Add ArrayUtils.toArray to create generic arrays.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-533">Validate: support for validating blank strings.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-529">Add a concurrent package.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-528">Mutable classes should implement an appropriately typed Mutable interface.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-513">Better EnumUtils.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-507">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava should support \u+ notation.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-505">Rewrite StringEscapeUtils.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-504">bring ArrayUtils.isEmpty to the generics world.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-501">Add support for background initialization.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-499">Add support for the handling of ExecutionExceptions.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-498">Add StringEscapeUtils.escapeText() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-497">Addition of ContextedException and ContextedRuntimeException.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-496">A generic implementation of the Lazy initialization pattern.
    <action type="remove" issue="LANG-493">Remove code that does not hold enough value to remain.
    <action type="remove" issue="LANG-492">Remove code handled now by the JDK.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-482">StrSubstitutor now supports substitution in variable names.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-481">Possible race-conditions in hashCode of the range classes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-480">StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml incorrectly converts Unicode characters above U+00FFFF into 2 characters.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-479">Document where in SVN trunk is.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-478">StopWatch does not resist to system time changes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-474">Fixes for thread safety.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-458">Refactor to eliminate code redundancy.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-448">Lower Ascii Characters don't get encoded by
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-444">StringUtils.emptyToNull.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-439">StringEscapeUtils.escapeHTML() does not escape chars (0x00-0x20).
    <action type="remove" issue="LANG-438">Remove @deprecateds.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-435">Add ClassUtils.isAssignable() variants with autoboxing.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-424">Improve Javadoc for StringUtils class.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-418">Javadoc incorrect for StringUtils.endsWithIgnoreCase.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-396">Investigate for vararg usages.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-468">JDK 1.5 build/runtime failure on LANG-393 (EqualsBuilder).
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-386">LeftOf/RightOfNumber in Range convenience methods necessary.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-369">ExceptionUtils not thread-safe.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-358">ObjectUtils.coalesce.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-355">StrBuilder should implement CharSequence and Appendable.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-339">StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml() escapes multibyte characters like Chinese, Japanese, etc.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-336">Finally start using generics.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-302">StrBuilder does not implement clone().
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-290">EnumUtils for JDK 5.0.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-285">Wish : method unaccent.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-276">MutableBigDecimal and MutableBigInteger.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-66">StringEscaper.escapeXml() escapes characters > 0x7f.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-11">Depend on JDK 1.5+.

  <release version="2.6" date="2011-01-16" description="Bug Fixes/Enhancements for the 2.6 release (requires minimum of Java 1.3)">
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-633">BooleanUtils: use same optimization in toBooleanObject(String) as in toBoolean(String).
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-599">ClassUtils: allow Dots as Inner Class Separators in getClass().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-594">DateUtils: equal and compare functions up to most significant field.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-632">DateUtils: provide a Date to Calendar convenience method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-576">ObjectUtils: add clone methods to ObjectUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-667">ObjectUtils: add a Null-safe compare() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-670">ObjectUtils: add notEqual() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-302">StrBuilder: implement clone() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-640">StringUtils: add a normalizeSpace() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-614">StringUtils: add endsWithAny() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-655">StringUtils: add defaultIfBlank() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-596">StrSubstitutor: add a replace(String, Properties) variant.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-482">StrSubstitutor: support substitution in variable names.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-669">Use StrBuilder instead of StringBuffer to improve performance where sync. is not an issue.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-629">CharSet: make the underlying set synchronized.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-635">CompareToBuilder: fix passing along compareTransients to the reflectionCompare method.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-636">ExtendedMessageFormat doesn't override equals(Object).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-645">FastDateFormat: fix to properly include the locale when formatting a Date.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-638">NumberUtils: createNumber() throws a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when argument containing "e" and "E" is passed in.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-607">StringUtils methods do not handle Unicode 2.0+ supplementary characters correctly.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-624">SystemUtils: getJavaVersionAsFloat throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Android runtime/Dalvik VM.
    <action type="fix" issue="BEANUTILS-381">MemberUtils: getMatchingAccessibleMethod does not correctly handle inheritance and method overloading.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-600">Javadoc is incorrect for lastIndexOf() method.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-628">Javadoc for HashCodeBuilder.append(boolean) does not match implementation.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-643">Javadoc StringUtils.left() claims to throw an exception on negative lenth, but doesn't.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-370">Javadoc - document thread safety.
    <action type="update" issue="LANG-623">Test for StringUtils replaceChars() icelandic characters.

  <release version="2.5" date="2010-02-25" description="">
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-583">ArrayUtils - add isNotEmpty() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-534">ArrayUtils - add nullToEmpty() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-454">CharRange - provide an iterator that lets you walk the chars in the range.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-514">CharRange - add more readable static builder methods.
    <action type="add">ClassUtils - new isAssignable() methods with autoboxing.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-535">ClassUtils - add support to getShortClassName and getPackageName for arrays.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-434">DateUtils - add ceiling() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-486">DateUtils - add parseDateStrictly() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-466">EqualsBuilder - add reset() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-461">NumberUtils - add toByte() and toShort() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-522">Mutable numbers - add string constructors.
    <action type="add">MutableBoolean - add toBoolean(), isTrue() and isFalse() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-422">StrBuilder - add appendSeparator() methods with an alternative default separator if the StrBuilder is currently empty.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-555">SystemUtils - add IS_OS_WINDOWS_7 constant.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-554">SystemUtils - add IS_JAVA_1_7 constant for JDK 1.7.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-405">StringUtils - add abbreviateMiddle() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-569">StringUtils - add indexOfIgnoreCase() and lastIndexOfIgnoreCase() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-471">StringUtils - add isAllUpperCase() and isAllLowerCase() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-469">StringUtils - add lastOrdinalIndexOf() method to complement the existing ordinalIndexOf() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-348">StringUtils - add repeat() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-445">StringUtils - add startsWithAny() method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-430">StringUtils - add upperCase(String, Locale) and lowerCase(String, Locale) methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-416">New Reflection package containing ConstructorUtils, FieldUtils, MemberUtils and MethodUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-567">ArrayUtils - addAll() does not handle mixed types very well.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-494">CharSet - Synchronizing the COMMON Map so that getInstance doesn't miss a put from a subclass in another thread.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-500">ClassUtils - improving performance of getAllInterfaces.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-587">ClassUtils - toClass() throws NullPointerException on null array element.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-530">DateUtils - Fix parseDate() cannot parse ISO8601 dates produced by FastDateFormat.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-440">DateUtils - round() doesn't work correct for Calendar.AM_PM.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-443">DateUtils - improve tests.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-204">Entities - multithreaded initialization.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-506">Entities - missing final modifiers; thread-safety issues.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-76">EnumUtils - getEnum() doesn't work well in 1.5+.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-584">ExceptionUtils - use immutable lock target.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-477">ExtendedMessageFormat - OutOfMemory with a pattern containing single quotes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-538">FastDateFormat - call getTime() on a calendar to ensure timezone is in the right state.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-547">FastDateFormat - Remove unused field.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-511">LocaleUtils - Initialization of available locales in LocaleUtils can be deferred.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-457">NumberUtils - createNumber() thows a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when only an "l" is passed in.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-521">NumberUtils - isNumber(String) and createNumber(String) both modified to support '2.'.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-432">StringUtils - improve handling of case-insensitive Strings.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-552">StringUtils - replaceEach() no longer NPEs when null appears in the last String[].
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-460">StringUtils - correct Javadoc for startsWith() and startsWithIgnoreCase().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-421">StringEscapeUtils - escapeJava() escapes '/' characters.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-450">StringEscapeUtils - change escapeJavaStyleString() to throw UnhandledException instead swallowing IOException and returning null.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-419">WordUtils - fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when lower is greater than the String length.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-523">StrBuilder - Performance improvement by doubling the size of the String in ensureCapacity.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-575">Compare, Equals and HashCode builders - use ArrayUtils to avoid creating a temporary List.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-467">EqualsBuilder - removing the special handling of BigDecimal (LANG-393) to use compareTo instead of equals because it creates an inequality with HashCodeBuilder.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-574">HashCodeBuilder - Performance improvement: check for isArray to short-circuit the 9 instanceof checks.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-520">HashCodeBuilder - Changing the hashCode() method to return toHashCode().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-459">HashCodeBuilder - reflectionHashCode() can generate incorrect hashcodes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-586">HashCodeBuilder and ToStringStyle - use of ThreadLocal causes memory leaks in container environments.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-487">ToStringBuilder - make default style thread-safe.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-472">RandomUtils - nextLong() always produces even numbers.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-592">RandomUtils - RandomUtils tests are failing frequently.

  <release version="2.4" date="2008-03-18" description="">
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-322">ClassUtils.getShortClassName(String) inefficient.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-269">Shouldn't Commons Lang's StringUtils have a "common" string method?.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-368">FastDateFormat getDateInstance() and getDateTimeInstance() assume Locale.getDefault() won't change.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-402">OSGi-ify Lang.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-412">StrBuilder appendFixedWidth does not handle nulls.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-380">infinite loop in Fraction.reduce when numerator == 0.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-367">FastDateFormat thread safety.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-298">ClassUtils.getShortClassName and ClassUtils.getPackageName and class of array.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-328">LocaleUtils.toLocale() rejects strings with only language+variant.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-334">Enum is not thread-safe.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-365">BooleanUtils.toBoolean() - invalid drop-thru in case statement causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-333">ArrayUtils.toClass.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-360">Why does appendIdentityToString return null?.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-381">NumberUtils.min(floatArray) returns wrong value if floatArray[0] happens to be Float.NaN.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-346">Dates.round() behaves incorrectly for minutes and seconds.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-407">StringUtils.length(String) returns null-safe length.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-180">adding a StringUtils.replace method that takes an array or List of replacement strings.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-383">Adding functionality to DateUtils to allow direct setting of various fields.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-374">Add escaping for CSV columns to StringEscapeUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-326">StringUtils: startsWith / endsWith / startsWithIgnoreCase / endsWithIgnoreCase / removeStartIgnoreCase / removeEndIgnoreCase methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-351">Extension to ClassUtils: Obtain the primitive class from a wrapper.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-399">Javadoc bugs - cannot find object.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-345">Optimize HashCodeBuilder.append(Object).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-385"> "Building" section is incorrect and incomplete.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-410">Ambiguous / confusing names in StringUtils replace* methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-257">Add new splitByWholeSeparatorPreserveAllTokens() methods to StringUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-356">Add getStartTime to StopWatch.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-377">Perhaps add containsAny() methods?.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-353">Javadoc Example for EqualsBuilder is questionable.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-393">EqualsBuilder don't compare BigDecimals correctly.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-192">Split camel case strings.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-404">Add Calendar flavour format methods to DateFormatUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-379">Calculating A date fragment in any time-unit.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-413">Memory usage improvement for StringUtils#getLevenshteinDistance().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-362">Add ExtendedMessageFormat to org.apache.commons.lang.text.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-363">StringEscapeUtils.escapeJavaScript() method did not escape '/' into '\/', it will make IE render page uncorrectly.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-321">Add toArray() method to IntRange and LongRange classes.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-375">add SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_VISTA field.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-329">Pointless synchronized in ThreadLocal.initialValue should be removed.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-371">ToStringStyle Javadoc should show examples of styles.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-364">Documentation bug for ignoreEmptyTokens accessors in StrTokenizer.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-361">BooleanUtils toBooleanObject Javadoc does not match implementation.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-338">truncateNicely method which avoids truncating in the middle of a word.

  <release version="2.3" date="2007-02-13" description="">
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-262">Use of enum prevents a classloader from being garbage collected resuling in out of memory exceptions.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-289">NumberUtils.max(byte[]) and NumberUtils.min(byte[]) are missing.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-291">Null-safe comparison methods for finding most recent / least recent dates.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-315">StopWatch: suspend() acts as split(), if followed by stop().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-294">StrBuilder.replaceAll and StrBuilder.deleteAll can throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-299">Bug in method appendFixedWidthPadRight of class StrBuilder causes an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-69"> ToStringBuilder throws StackOverflowError when an Object cycle exists.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-282">Create more tests to test out the +=31 replacement code in DurationFormatUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-295">StrBuilder contains usages of thisBuf.length when they should use size.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-258">Enum Javadoc: 1) outline 5.0 native Enum migration 2) warn not to use the switch() , 3) point out approaches for persistence and gui.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-313">Wrong behavior of Entities.unescape.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-300">NumberUtils.createNumber throws NumberFormatException for one digit long.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-304">NullPointerException in isAvailableLocale(Locale).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-303">FastDateFormat.mRules is not transient or serializable.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-268">StringUtils.join should allow you to pass a range for it (so it only joins a part of the array).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-102">Refactor Entities methods.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-314">Tests fail to pass when building with Maven 2.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-281">DurationFormatUtils returns wrong result.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-292">unescapeXml("&12345678;") should be "&12345678;".
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-287">Optimize StringEscapeUtils.unescapeXml(String).
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-310">BooleanUtils isNotTrue/isNotFalse.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-306">Extra StrBuilder methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-275">Add a pair of StringUtils.substringsBetween;String[] methods.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-279">HashCodeBuilder throws java.lang.StackOverflowError when an object contains a cycle.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-266">Wish for StringUtils.join(Collection, *).

  <release version="2.2" date="2006-10-04" description="">
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-45">StrBuilderTest#testReplaceStringString fails.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-42">EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) crashes with a NullPointerException if an element of the first array is null.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-286">Serialization - not backwards compatible.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-50"> Replace Clover with Cobertura.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-259">ValuedEnum.compareTo(Object other) not typesafe - it easily could be...
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-271">LocaleUtils test fails under Mustang.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-2">Javadoc example for StringUtils.splitByWholeSeparator incorrect.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-3">PADDING array in StringUtils overflows on '\uffff'.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-10">ClassUtils.primitiveToWrapper and Void.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-37">unit test for org.apache.commons.lang.text.StrBuilder.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-59">DateUtils.truncate method is buggy when dealing with DST switching hours.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-100">RandomStringUtils.random() family of methods create invalid Unicode sequences.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-106">StringUtils#getLevenshteinDistance() performance is sub-optimal.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-112">Wrong length check in StrTokenizer.StringMatcher.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-105">ExceptionUtils goes into infinite loop in getThrowables is throwable.getCause() == throwable.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-117">FastDateFormat: wrong format for date "01.01.1000".
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-123">Unclear Javadoc for DateUtils.iterator().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-130">Memory "leak" in StringUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-260">StringEscapeUtils should expose escape*() methods taking Writer argument.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-141">Fraction.toProperString() returns -1/1 for -1.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-152">DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationWords "11 <unit>s" gets converted to "11 <unit>".
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-148">Performance modifications on StringUtils.replace.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-150">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml skips first entity after standalone ampersand.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-140">DurationFormatUtils.formatPeriod() returns the wrong result.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-186">Request for MutableBoolean implementation.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-198">New method for EqualsBuilder.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-212">New ExceptionUtils method setCause().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-217">Add Mutable<Type> to<Type>() methods.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-216">Provides a Class.getPublicMethod which returns public invocable Method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-226">Using ReflectionToStringBuilder and excluding secure fields.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-194">add generic add method to DateUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-220">Tokenizer Enhancements: reset input string, static CSV/TSV factories.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-242">Trivial cleanup of Javadoc in various files.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-246">CompositeFormat.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-250">Performance boost for RandomStringUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-254">Enhanced Class.forName version.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-263">Add StringUtils.containsIgnoreCase(...).
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-267">Support char array converters on ArrayUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-25">DurationFormatUtils.formatDurationISO() Javadoc is missing T in duration string between date and time part.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-272">Minor build and checkstyle changes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-277">Javadoc errors on StringUtils.splitPreserveAllTokens(String, char).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-122">EscapeUtil.escapeHtml() should clarify that it does not escape ' chars to &apos;.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-161">Add methods and tests to StrBuilder.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-162">replace() length calculation improvement.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-166">New interpolation features.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-169">Implementation of escape/unescapeHtml methods with Writer.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-176">CompareToBuilder excludeFields for reflection method.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-159">Add WordUtils.getInitials(String).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-261">Error in an example in the Javadoc of the StringUtils.splitPreserveAllTokens() method.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-264">ToStringBuilder/HashCodeBuilder Javadoc code examples.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-265">Cannot build tests from latest SVN.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-270">minor Javadoc improvements for StringUtils.stripXxx() methods.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-278">Javadoc for StringUtils.removeEnd is incorrect.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-127">Minor tweak to fix of bug # 26616.

  <release version="2.1" date="2005-06-13" description="">
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-103">make optional parameters in FastDateFormat really optional.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-149">Nestable.indexOfThrowable(Class) uses Class.equals() to match.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-30">buffer under/overrun on Strings.strip, stripStart & stripEnd.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-19">ToStringStyle.setArrayEnd(String) doesn't replace null with empty string.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-80">New class proposal: CharacterEncoding.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-43">SystemUtils fails init on HP-UX.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-134">Javadoc - 'four basic XML entities' should be 5 (apos is missing).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-156">o.a.c.lang.enum.ValuedEnum: 'enum'is a keyword in JDK1.5.0.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-131">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml() doesn't handle an empty entity.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-6">EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) incorrectly checks that rhs[i] is instance of lhs[i]'s class.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-33">Method enums.Enum.equals(Object o) doesn't work correctly.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-31">ExceptionUtils.addCauseMethodName(String) does not check for duplicates.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-136">Make StopWatch validate state transitions.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-124">enum package is not compatible with 1.5 jdk.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-128">WordUtils capitalizeFully() throws a null pointer exception.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-138">ValuedEnum.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-133">parseDate class from HttpClient's DateParser class.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-62">ArrayUtils.isEquals() throws ClassCastException when array1 and array2 are different dimension.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-57">ClassCastException in Enum.equals(Object).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-107">FastDateFormat year bug.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-77">unbalanced ReflectionToStringBuilder.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-86">FastDateFormat.getDateInstance(int, Locale) always uses the pattern from the first invocation.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-79">ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString(null) throws exception by design.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-126">Make ClassUtils methods null-safe and not throw an IAE.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-5">StringUtils.split ignores empty items.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-144">EqualsBuilder.append(Object[], Object[]) throws NPE.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-74">ArrayUtils.addAll doesn't always return new array.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-81">Enum.equals does not handle different class loaders.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-27">Add SystemUtils.AWT_TOOLKIT and others.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-14">Throwable cause for NotImplementedException.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-28">ClassUtils.primitivesToWrappers method.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-120">public static boolean DateUtils.equals(Date dt1, Date dt2) ?.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-7">Documentation error in StringUtils.replace.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-125">DateUtils constants should be long.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-13">DateUtils.truncate() is off by one hour when using a date in DST switch 'zone'.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-118">StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml() doesn't handle hex entities.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-99">new StringUtils.replaceChars behaves differently from old CharSetUtils.translate.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-41">last substring returned by StringUtils.split( String, String, int ) is too long.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-119">Can't subclass EqualsBuilder because isEquals is private.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-158">new StringUtils.split methods that split on the whole separator string.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-172">New method for converting a primitive Class to its corresponding wrapper Class.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-222">Add convenience format(long) methods to FastDateFormat.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-116">Enum's outer class may not be loaded for EnumUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-219">WordUtils.capitalizeFully(String str) should take a delimiter.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-183">Make Javadoc crosslinking configurable.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-82">Minor Javadoc fixes for StringUtils.contains(String, String).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-32">Error in Javadoc for StringUtils.chomp(String, String).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-95">StringUtils.defaultString: Documentation error.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-233">Add hashCode-support to class ObjectUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-202">add another "known method" to ExceptionUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-235">Enhancement of ExceptionUtils.CAUSE_METHOD_NAMES.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-24">DateUtils.truncate oddity at the far end of the Date spectrum.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-232">add getLength() method to ArrayUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-171"> fixes comment skew, removes unused loop counter.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-179">StringUtils.isAsciiPrintable().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-167">ExceptionUtils: new getCause() methodname (for tomcat-exception).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-85">fixes 75 typos.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-230">mutable numbers.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-191">Javadoc fixes for ClassUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-184">Add StringUtils.nIndexOf?.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-135">Javadoc fixes for CharSetUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-154">Remove redundant check for null separator in StringUtils#join.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-247">Class and Package Comparators for ClassUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-256">add remove methods to ArrayUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-185">WordUtils capitalize improvement.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-173">add isEmpty method to ArrayUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-168">lang.math.Fraction class deficiencies.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-207">Add methods to ArrayUtils: add at end and insert-like ops.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-239">Add SystemUtils methods for directory properties.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-189">Add method that validates Collection elements are a certain type.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-224">elapsed time formatting utility method.

  <release version="2.0" date="2003-09-02" description="">
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-20">Infinite loop in ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString for inner classes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-75">NumberUtils.createBigDecimal("") NPE in Sun 1.3.1_08.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-38">Rationalize StringUtils slice functions.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-53">SystemUtils.IS_OS_OS2 Javadoc is wrong.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-142">A small, but important Javadoc fix for Fraction proper whole and numerator.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-70">Adding tolerance to double[] search methods in ArrayUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-9">lang.builder classes Javadoc edits (mostly typo fixes).
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-63">StringUtils Javadoc and test enhancements.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-132">SystemUtils.IS_OS_*, IS_JAVA_* are always false.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-143">Improve util.Validate tests.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-155">maven-beta10 checkstyle problem.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-147">StringUtils.chopNewLine - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-73">ToStringBuilder doesn't work well in subclasses.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-48">static option for reversing the stacktrace.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-87">NullPointerException in CompareToBuilder.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-84">RandomStringUtils.randomAlpha methods omit 'z'.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-129">test.time fails in Japanese (non-us) locale.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-94">NumberUtils.isNumber allows illegal trailing characters.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-137">Improve Javadoc and overflow behavior of Fraction.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-55">RandomStringUtils infloops with length > 1.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-47">test.lang fails if compiled with non iso-8859-1 locales.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-113">SystemUtils does not play nice in an Applet.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-111">time unit tests fail on Sundays.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-90">java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError thrown by JVMRandom constructor.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-78">StringUtils.chomp does not match Perl.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-36">patch and test case fixing problem with RandomStringUtils.random().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-151">General case: infinite loop: ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-35">Should ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString handle arrays?.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-83">EnumUtils nit: The import is never used.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-12">Example in Javadoc for ToStringBuilder wrong for append.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-110">Added class hierarchy support to HashCodeBuilder.reflectionHashCode().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-71">ExceptionUtils new methods.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-15">Infinite loop in StringUtils.replace(text, repl, with) + FIX.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-93">StackOverflow due to ToStringBuilder.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-39">No Javadoc for NestableDelegate.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-49">Specify initial size for Enum's HashMap.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-146">Enum does not support inner sub-classes.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-157">Removed compile warning in ObjectUtils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-96">SystemUtils.IS_JAVA_1_5 Javadoc is wrong.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-16">NumberRange inaccurate for Long, etc.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-4">Hierarchy support in ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-56">StringUtils.countMatches loops forever if substring empty.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-209">Javadoc fixes (remove @links to non-public identifiers).
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-210">Add Javadoc examples and tests for StringUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-170">Make NumberUtils null handling consistent.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-145">Unused field 'startFinal' in DateIterator.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-214">reduce object creation in ToStringBuilder.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-228">Improved tests, Javadoc for CharSetUtils, StringEscapeUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-252">NumberUtils min/max, BooleanUtils.xor, and ArrayUtils toPrimitive and toObject.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-208">Javadoc, tests improvements for CharSet, CharSetUtils.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-205">StringUtil enhancement.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-164">Javadoc nit.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-206">Additional Lang Method Suggestions.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-178">Make NestableDelegate methods public instead of package private.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-174">Missing @since tags.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-245">Refactored reflection feature of ToStringBuilder into new ReflectionToStringBuilder.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-51">Typo in documentation.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-1">Patch for Javadoc.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-244">Add join(..., char c) to StringUtils (and some performance fixes). Even contains tests!.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-231">Resurrect the WordWrapUtils from commons-sandbox/utils.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-139">EnumTest fails on Linux Sun JDK 1.3.0.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-234">What to do with FastDateFormat unused private constructors.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-240">Added class hierarchy support to CompareToBuilder.reflectionCompare().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-190">Removed compile warning in FastDateFormat.
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-97">typo in the Javadoc example code.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-249">MethodUtils: Removed unused code/unused local vars.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-237">Hierarchy support in EqualsBuilder.reflectionEquals().
    <action type="fix" issue="LANG-91">Javadoc Errata.
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-215">ArrayUtils.contains().
    <action type="add" issue="LANG-221">More flexibility for getRootCause in ExceptionUtils.

  <release version="1.0.1" date="2002-11-25" description="Quick bugfix to 1.0">
    <action type="fix">NumberRange.getMaximum returns minimum.
    <action type="fix">Enum constructor validations.
    <action type="fix">NestableException/Delegate is not serializable.
    <action type="fix">split using null and max less than actual token count adds "null".
    <action type="add">ExceptionUtils cannot handle J2EE-Exception in a default way.

  <release version="1.0" date="2002-10-04" description="First release of Commons Lang">


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