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Java example source code file (GITTER_GUIDELINES.md)

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The GITTER_GUIDELINES.md Java example source code

# Gitter Guidelines

Many of the questions that asked on the Deeplearning4j Gitter support channel can be answered elsewhere. To respect the Skymind team's time, Deeplearning4j users are kindly asked to remember a few things:

1. Please use Google before you ask a question. The Deeplearning4j Gitter channel should not be used as a human-enhanced search engine. (We promise that you'll end up with a better open-source framework if you only ask us the hard questions...)
2. If you don't receive an immediate response, please post again and flag your question with the Gitter ID of one of the people in the channel answering questions. If you do receive a response and link, please spend some time reading and trying to understand the response and additional resources before you keep asking that question. 
3. To answer questions, we need to know about your OS, Java version, Maven version and we may even need to see your code and stacktrace. When we ask for code, please send us a gist using https://gist.github.com/. If you can't give us code, in many cases we can't help you. (It's also a great sign of commitment on your part!)
4. We're not perfect, and neither is our documentation. If you find ways for us to improve, please open an issue [here](https://github.com/deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j/issues) or email us at help@skymind.io and let us know what we need to fix. 
5. Neural nets aren't magic. They are inherently hard to tune. We get many questions from beginners on how to tune neural nets. If you must post a question related to tuning, please post to: https://gitter.im/deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j/tuninghelp

### Guidelines for Help with Neural Network Tuning:

In order to keep the main channel clear, please use https://gitter.im/deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j/tuninghelp for any tuning related questions. Tuning questions are those like "what settings should I use for my net?" or "why am I getting poor performance from my network?".
Providing help for tuning neural networks can be quite time consuming for the development team, and takes away from other efforts (such as adding features, improving performance, improving documentation or fixing bugs). In order to keep the support load under control, please be aware of the following policy:

1. Tuning related question should be in https://gitter.im/deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j/tuninghelp only
2. Before posting a question, at a minimum read both http://deeplearning4j.org/troubleshootingneuralnets and http://deeplearning4j.org/visualization. You may also find an answer to your question on one of the other pages: http://deeplearning4j.org/documentation
3. We generally won't answer questions that can be easily answered by searching Google or reading something like http://cs231n.github.io/ or http://www.deeplearningbook.org/
4. For some questions/issues, it may not be possible to provide a short/simple answer to your question. In these cases, we might decide to answer your question by improving our documentation, instead of answering your question directly in Gitter. Please understand that improving our documentation helps *everyone* and is a better use of the team's time than answering one-off questions.
5. Generally: feel free to open issues (https://github.com/deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j/issues) if you feel our documentation (troubleshooting/tuning) is lacking or doesn't answer common questions
6. Upon entering the room, only saying "hi" gets you a ban. Please keep the content relevant.
 Please note the below channels for different parts of the conversation:

Due to the community growing, we have also added new channels:
Contributors/building from source: https://gitter.im/deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j/earlyadopters

Tuning help/beginners:

Casual conversation:

If you require commercial support for tuning your neural network models, please contact us via http://www.skymind.io/contact/ or help@skymind.io

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