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The 5250 Java example source code

  Pearson Plc <PSON.L> said the recent
  sale of its Fairey Engineering companies, in a 51.5 mln stg
  management buy-out, was part of its policy of concentrating on
  four key sectors.
      In a statement with its 1986 results, the company said its
  information and entertainments sector's Financial Times, FT,
  newspaper had record sales and profits.
      The FT is subject to a 70 mln stg investment programme,
  with the printing and publishing operation moving to a new
  plant in the London docklands next year.
      Its other key sectors are merchant banking, oil and china.
      Commenting on its Camco Inc oil service subsidiary, Pearson
  said it believes the oil business setback is only temporary.
      The group has been acquiring oil properties in both the
  U.S. And Britain which will begin to make a significant impact
  on profits in the 1990s.
      Far East operations of fine china subsidiary Royal Doulton
  Ltd are being expanded in the wake of record recent sales in
  Japan, it added.
      Pearson reported 1986 pre-tax profit of 121.1 mln stg, up
  from 109.3 mln in 1985. Turnover fell to 953 mln from 970 mln.

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