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Friki example source code file (FrontPage)

This example Friki source code file (FrontPage) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Friki FrontPage source code

'''Welcome to Friki 2.1'''

	''What is Friki?'':	Friki (pronounced "freaky") is "'''Fr'''ank's W'''iki'''".  

	''Right, So what is a "Wiki" ?'':	A "Wiki" is a web site, where ''any user'' can create new pages, edit existing pages, link between pages, and search the site.  You can even edit this page!  This may seem wierd, but it can be an extrememly powerful and flexible way to take notes, collaborate and work on the web.  All I request is that you act responsibly with all this power...

	''Do I need special software to edit these pages ?'':	No.  All you need is the browser you are using to read this.  See PageFormatting for details of what you can do on a page, then if you want to change something, click the 'EDIT THIS PAGE' button found at the bottom of every page. If you don't feel happy editing an important page yet, you can have a play in the SandBox, or why not create a new page with some information about yourself, first?

	''Anything else ?'':	Oh, yes!.  Once you have created or edited some pages, you  can use the built-in "search" facility to find them.  Enter a word into the search box below and click the 'SEARCH' button. Alternatively, you can just click the title of any page to see a list of all pages which mention its name.  Making links and creating pages is as easy as typing the name of the page while editing.

	''So what's special about this one ?'':	Friki is a pure-Java web application which can be installed as simply as dropping "friki.war" into any modern servlet container or Java application server.  Strictly that means anything which implements version 2.3 or later of the Java Servlet API.  Friki is small, fast and flexible.

	''Where can I find out more ?'':	Precompiled web applications, source code and other documentation for Friki is available from Support, consultancy, and configuration services are available from the author (FrankCarver) and EfficacySolutionsLimited.  The original Wiki implementation is in Perl and hosted at For more information I highly recommend the definitive book: "The Wiki Way - Quick Collaboration on the Web" by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham.  ISBN 0-201-71499-X.

        ''What pages are here, then ?'':        The easiest way to see is just to click the "SEARCH" button  which will list all the pages.  Alternatively, you can look at RecentChanges, to see which pages are "hot".

	'''Have a barrel of fun!'''


''This is the default Friki Front Page.  I recommend that you edit this page to make it more specific to your own content before releasing it for general use.''

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