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Friki example source code file (stories.txt)

This example Friki source code file (stories.txt) is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" TM.

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The Friki stories.txt source code

Friki stories


+ read intermap file from data directory

This Release (2.1.1 final)

Next Release (2.1.2)

+ work out why (& fix) Marion's example crashes Tomcat [Marion Sturtevant]
+ more understandable "diff" output [Ilja Preuss]
+ serve arbitrary web files (esp. images and css) from a data dir subdirectory
+ make the Include directive look relative to the data directory
+ options to enable/disable console logging
+ extract layout choices to CSS [Frank Carver]
+ render utilities (e.g. java2html) [Markus Gebhard]
+ provide some more interesting example page/css template sets
+ make page repository more robust
+ pluggable storage strategy to allow for DB storage etc.
+ experimental plugin mechanism
+ pre-update, post-update hooks (for spelling checkers etc.)
+ pages to be of unlimited size [Danny Cook] ?


+ externally configurable format for read/write logging
+ allow link text for links [Michael Weisser]
+ improve diff facility to highlight modified sections and/or show in context
+ header markup (e.g. =level 1 header=, ==level 2 header==, or !, !! and !!! etc.)
+ auto convert email addresses to mailto links
+ sort recent changes most recent first
+ rearrange URLs for finer-grained security
+ options to hide system pages from searches
+ optional case insensitive search
+ smart search (lucene? - via plugin?)
+ deployment config for date format
+ preview option
+ alignment options for images
+ optional hiding of ip addressses/machine names in recent changes [Jason Menard]
+ make page names case sensitive (is this a Windows issue?)
+ edit-collision detection [ Frank Carver ]
+ spelling checker (via plugin?)
+ attach/recognize names of people, not just ip addresses/machine names (cookie?)
+ more attractive RecentChanges [Frank Carver]
+ auto convert "smileys" [Ilja Preuss]
+ upload and attach a file/image to a page
+ meta language (see Zope/Python or
+ a way of getting juicer Include to include all files matching a pattern - to ease adding of extensions

Done (2.1.1 beta 1)

+ remove the option of "simple" markup
+ Bring up to date with current Stringtree utilities
+ simpler build process [Dirk Schreckmann] [Steve Hutton]
+ new render engine with external spec
+ split regex wrappers into separate project jars ?
+ app name for tomcat console
+ test and fix the greedy block bug
+ allow "file:" URLS (and others, eg https: etc.)
+ internationalization of stored pages and page editing [Ilja Preuss] [Ulf Dittmer]
+ eliminate the needless "backup" of initially created pages
+ add a "diff" facility [Ilja Preuss]
+ fix "blank lines in preformatted table cells" problem [Dirk Schreckmann]
+ allow unicode upper and lower case letters in page names [Ulf Dittmer]
+ "config" mode when first installed
+ allow templates to be fetched from outside the web app
+ allow wiki.transform to be fetched from outside the web app
+ allow button spec to be fetched from outside the web app
+ update docs for new configuration options
+ allow interwiki file to be fetched from outside the web app

Done (2.1.1 beta 2)

+ stop read/write logging backing up the read requests page [Marion Sturtevant]
+ remove diff links from read requests page [Marion Sturtevant]
+ make logging of default pages/templates etc. a bit more useful [Marion Sturtevant]
+ rename (and check) installing of default pages from resource (dflpages vs dflPages) [Marion Sturtevant]
+ buildall.bat seems to build a OneDotThree with OneDotFour code in it [Marion Sturtevant]
+ escape $ in 1.4 regex wrapper (org.stringtree.regex.Pattern.replaceAll( [Marion Sturtevant]
+ stop the templating screwing up paypal buttons etc. [Frank Carver]
+ why does old/EmptyPage not get copied over properly? [Frank Carver]
+ fix searching error from sourceforge (rogue files in repository again?) [Tillmann Wegst] [Dave Watkins]
+ check the old --WikiName bug [Frank Carver]
+ run time command to re-load changed templates, transform etc. [Frank Carver]
  ( use http://.../friki?button?button=RESET )
+ exception on bullet item with no text ( ) [Dave Watkins]
+ default to not logging page reads, this causes too much trouble on busy installations [Lasse Koskela]
+ validity-checking (or documentation update) for directories in stored properties if repository is copied [Dave Watkins]

Done (2.1.1 beta 3 / rc1)

+ use a more-specific regex for mailto links [Frank Carver]
+ bullets followed by hands-off block loses the block [Marion Sturtevant]
+ RecentChanges doesn't show page links [Frank Carver]
+ logfile formatting to still work if a bunch of log lines are copied to a new page (what about diff link?)
+ ordered search results
+ patch for searching on MacOSX [Ulf Dittmer]
+ rationalise which jar files are in the source release [Marion Sturtevant]
+ better handling of non-Ascii characters in WikiWords & filenames [Ulf Dittmer]

Done (2.1.1 final)

+ allow broader regex in remote wiki links (to support javadoc URLs)
+ encode search URL in edit template

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